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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Let's Create The Perfect Aesthetic For Your Wedding

Many people want the perfect wedding and they don’t just want it to feel perfect. They want it to look perfect too.
They want to ensure that their wedding has a beautiful aesthetic that is going to dazzle and delight their guests.
They want to guarantee that their wedding is going to look incredible in the pictures that they will likely keep for the
rest of their lives. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, then there are a few different variables that you can
consider and that you need to get right. Let’s take a look. 

A Stunning Venue 

The first step is to find the right venue for your wedding. Think about all the different factors including whether you
want somewhere that you will be able to take pictures outside. A lot of people are going to love this idea and will
be keen to ensure that they can get some stunning shots out in the open. 

Many venues do provide this possibility with beautiful stretches of green by the venue or as part of the venue.
Wedding venues can also provide lots of exciting possibilities including the chance to have a theme wedding.
As such, it’s always worth exploring a few different options before settling on the right choice for you. 

Arriving In Style 

Don’t forget that photography will begin long before the actual ceremony. Your photographer will be taking photos
of you and your groom arriving at the wedding. That’s why you need to make sure that you choose the right
transportation option. From a limo to a classic sports car or even a horse-drawn carriage, there are a lot of fantastic
options here. Again, it’s about choosing the right one for you as well as the one that is going to match your chosen aesthetic and
perhaps the theme that you have decided upon. This is also going to be impacted by your budget. Some choices are
a little more expensive than others. 

Find The Perfect Photographer

Finally, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about how things appear on the day. It’s about how you remember it
and this is going to depend on the photographer you choose. When you are looking for a photographer, you should
always peruse what should be an easily accessible portfolio. This is going to help ensure that you are able to know
exactly what type of service you are investing in. Bear in mind that some photographers will provide a documentary-style
service. This means that you won’t get the typical shots where you pose. Instead, they will act like a guest at your wedding
and try and capture some of the moments that you may have missed. It’s far less intrusive and provides a more natural
product at the end. 

We hope this helps you see that there are a lot of different variables that are going to contribute to your wedding, what
it looks like and whether you will have the aesthetic that you have always dreamed of. 

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Grosse Pointe Yacht Club ~ Kiana + Behi 8/31/19

Kiana and Behi had a beautiful intimate wedding at The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club on August 31, 2019 consisting of about 80 guests.
The first look is always so memorable and exciting for the couple. 

Here comes the bride! 
The handsome groom!
Such a gorgeous couple. 

Kiana was escorted by her beautiful Mom up the stairs to begin the Persian ceremony. 

This flower girls were the cutest! 

The Persian Spread 

Love when the photographer's get creative with ring shots!

They did it congratulations !

Click here to watch the video trailer


Ceremony and Reception : Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Officiant:  Faye Ebadat:

CakeSweet Dreams 

Hair and makeup:  Kiana bringing in,  BM’s using other company, Refeyeance CONF by Bride 

Flowers:  Bellasario

Videographer:  Red Byrd Creative

Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride

TransportationBlue Lakes Charters & Tours


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Monday, May 4, 2020

How to Upgrade Your Wedding Day Fun

Long gone are the days when going to a wedding meant sitting in a church for five hours listening to a speech,
then heading to a reception for a few more hours and clocking off for the night. Nowadays, weddings can be full day affairs,
but they are full of fun and activity that continues well into the night as your guests dance and celebrate with you. Planning this
kind of wedding can feel overwhelming - how can you keep all your guests entertained and energized? The answer, of course,
is games. People love games, and events like a wedding gives us all an excuse to have fun and be a little bit silly again. Games
come in all shapes and sizes, and here are some of the best options to keep your wedding day full of fun.

Lawn Games

If you are planning any sort of outdoor wedding, lawn games are a brilliant idea. This is because they aren’t time specific, and
don’t need further organization. Instead of trying to gather everyone together for a group game, you can simply set them up and
let guests play with them as and when they wish. This can help keep them entertained whilst taking the pressure of you and allowing
you to enjoy your special day. Some great options include Cornhole (for more information on custom sets and cornhole bags, click here),
Giant Jenga and Connect Four - all of which will take your guests back to the fun of their childhood!

Word Games

These can be great bonding experiences for your guests to get to know each other, especially if you’re having a large wedding with lots of
different people. By the time you get out on the dance floor, you want everyone to feel like they’re friends - and word games are a great start.
You can set up a pub quiz with each dining table as a team, asking them questions about how well they know the bride and groom. A prize for
the winners never goes amiss either! Heading back to your college days, you could also play a version of ‘Never Have I Ever’, where everyone
who has done the statement has to stand up and/or drink. This will help your guests get to know each other whilst providing laughs and a bit of
risque entertainment as well.

Physical and Dance Floor Games

Challenges is a great game, where the groom (or bride!) challenges a small team to complete a set of tasks until a winner is left standing. The tasks can be anything from ‘bring me a sock that isn’t yours’ to ‘touch the nearest table’. The other guests will enjoy watching your friends make fools of themselves, and may even start cheering on their favorites! Once you get dancing, you can also spice it up with dance challenges. A great way to do this is creating dance-offs where guests have to dance in different styles which are given to them, for example the Robot, or Elvis Presley. After a couple of drinks, this will be a sure-fire hit to get people moving!

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Friday, May 1, 2020

The Secret To A Happier Wedding Day

We're sure your wedding day will be absolutely fabulous.

We're sure it will be a day that will live long in your memory. 

But there is one guaranteed thing that will make it a happier one.

Do you know what that is? 

Is it the venue?

Oh sure, the right wedding venue will certainly help. With the right outdoor and indoor setting, you will be able
to accommodate your guests, enjoy the local beauty, and benefit from the hard-working staff who will make your
day go well. Just take a look at the wonderful wedding venue at, for example. 

But the venue isn't the secret to true happiness on your big day!

Is it the wedding dress?

Your wedding dress will certainly make you feel happy. As you walk down the aisle and mingle among your guests,
you will feel like a princess. What you wear counts for a lot, but is it the one thing that will guarantee your wedding
day is a happier one? Well, no matter how beautiful it is, this isn't the overriding factor to accomplish true happiness
on your most special day. There is something even more important than that.

Is it the guests?

Will your guests guarantee you a happier wedding day? Maybe. Sorry to be vague, but there is something else that
is needed to ensure true happiness on your big day. You see, there will be guests at your wedding that will make you
very happy indeed. But then again, there will also be those guests that could derail your wedding day, perhaps with their negative comments and silly behavior. So, there is something else you need above and beyond your guests to
make your day a happier one. 

Is it the groom (or the bride)?

Yes, your beloved will make you happy. After all, they are the reason why you are getting married in the first place.
But are they the secret to a happier wedding day? Hmmm maybe, but there is something else besides that will truly
make this so.

So, what is the secret to a happier wedding day?

The answer is quite simple really. The secret to a happier wedding day is love! 

If you can still love your guests, even those who witter and moan, you will feel a lot less stressed about them.
If you can maintain your love for your beloved, even when they arrive late to the wedding or when they say
something embarrassing in front of your friends, you will override any frustration you might otherwise feel.
If you can still love yourself, even if you discover the dress doesn't quite make you feel as glamorous as
you had hoped, you won't care about such surface details.

Love: It's the one thing that will make your day a much happier one, even when things don't go to plan.
So, keep that in mind on your special day. If you have love in your heart for yourself and everybody
around you, it won't matter if not everything is perfect. So, remember that as nothing will be able to spoil
your big day if you let love rule!

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