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Monday, January 13, 2020

Getting Started in the Gentleman's Sport of Shooting

The gentlemen in your wedding party just like the ladies deserve a fun night or even a weekend away to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. There are lots of fun things the men can do from paintball, bowling, vegas weekend, shooting and more. 

The traditional activity of field shooting is becoming more popular every year. More and more UK citizens are enjoying the sudden crack of thunder and the scent of gunpowder as they fire their weapons at clay targets, fowl, small game, or deer.

But before you start purchasing those fancy men's shooting clothing (which you'll eventually need if you get serious) - it's good to get a firm grasp of the sport first.

Learn from a Friend

Shooting can cost a bit of money, so you need to familiarize yourself further before going all in. An experienced friend, with the required shooting and shotgun certifications, can start you on the path by giving you a feel for the equipment with a few private lessons (hopefully for free).

A beginner can use a borrowed shotgun from a certified owner as long as the owner oversees its use. A few backyard lessons, like shooting at mounted targets, should be enough for you to know what it's really like to handle a rifle or a shotgun. It wouldn't do to impulsively buy all the expensive equipment, only to find out that the sport was not for you.

Join a Club

Joining a shooting club is one of the best ways to experience the different aspects of shooting. Clubs have regular schedules and members can participate in various activities including trap shooting, skeet shooting, or sporting clays.

Clubs will usually let members borrow equipment for a fee. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the different types of firearms used in the various shooting disciplines. You can choose to narrow your focus on a single discipline, or experience different types of shooting for variety.

The social aspect of a club membership allows you to mingle and share stories with like-minded individuals. While shooting clubs have a reputation of being a boy's club - most of them will welcome female members. Women's shooting clubs are also on the rise, especially after Amber Hill's dazzling performance at the ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) World Cup series - winning gold at the age of 15.

Getting Certification

You'll need a firearm certificate before you can purchase a rifle or a shotgun.

Application forms are usually available at your nearest police station, or you can download them online. You'll need to disclose the type of gun (including calibre) and the ammunition you will be using, as well as provide two character referrals.

Your general fitness, including mental health, will need to be checked. Expect that the police will ask permission to talk with your general physician. You'll also need to provide details on where you might be shooting and your shooting club memberships. Finally, you'll need a safe and secure storage option for both your guns and ammunition - especially if you will be transporting them from your home to shooting ranges or hunting grounds.


Shooting and hunting are considered a gentleman's sport. Proper decorum and etiquette are expected at all times. Unlike in the US, shooting is held in high esteem in the UK, where every shooter serves as an ambassador of the sport.

Photo Credit:  Bre Thomas Photography

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