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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate / How to Decorate on a Budget

Whether it's a bachelor pad, dorm room, or family house, your dwelling won't have a real "home-like" feel until you decorate it. Even if your home already has furniture and your personal effects, it needs to have a certain amount of décor. Here are a few tips for decorating your home without breaking the bank.

  1.  Go through Thrift Stores
Your first good bet to finding decorative items is to visit your local thrift store. There will be lots of odds and ends which you can use as home décor. Nowadays, you can even shop for second-hand items online and have the items delivered to your doorstep for a small fee. Be sure to have an idea of what look you're going for, and resist the temptation to buy pieces simply because they're cheap. Purchase only the items you need to complete the look you want for your space.

  1.  Go to Estate Sales
An estate sale, also known as a Tag sale, is a quick way for families to turn possessions into cash. These are not to be confused with the usual garage sale, and the items are usually of a higher quality. Estate sales are a great way to snatch up family heirlooms at rock-bottom prices. Go to the estate sale early, since these are on a first-come, first-served basis. In some cases, the more treasured items will be put on auction.

  1.  Print your Art
If there are priceless works of art you wish you could have, you can actually (sort of) have them adorning your walls. The trick is to find one or several famous artworks you like, download high-resolution images of them, then have them digitally printed out. To get this done, you can avail of printing services in Utah.
Another way is to create your art digitally, printing it out on a canvas and having it framed.

  1.  Don't Rule Out Garage Sales
As American as the outdoor barbecue, the garage sale remains the go-to venue for finding decorative items. Antique lamps, fine china, and various knickknacks can also be found here at low prices. Garage sales are also great sources of period memorabilia. If the family having the garage sale liked to hoard stuff (and the average American actually does), you can get items from the 70s, 60s, 50s or even earlier periods. If you're going for a retro décor style, garage sales are excellent sources.

  1.  Display your Collectibles
Stacks of classic comic books, action figures of your favorite childhood heroes, baseball cards mounted in display cases can also make for excellent décor. Not only do these items make for attractive décor, but they're also unique conversation pieces.

  1.  DIY Décor
In this digital download and streaming age, you can hang on to your space-consuming CDs or DVDs, or you can re-purpose them for décor. Instead of throwing them away, cut up your unused CDs and DVDs and give them new life as mosaic tile for gluing onto a decorative plate or vase. Before you cut up your old CDs or DVDs, check their rarity first, or you could be throwing away a collector's item worth thousands of dollars.

These are only a few budget-friendly strategies for decorating your home. Before you raid the thrift shops and garage sales, decide on your look and your budget. Make a list of specific items you need for the look, if possible. Look to stuff you already have around, as it's likely that you already have unique items you can use as décor.

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