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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

3 Environments That Can Benefit From Great Design

Everything you see around you contributes to your overall experience. They are elements within the environment that should complement who you are and what you need with clarity and purpose.
This applies everywhere in the community, from the homes you live in to the establishments you frequent. With a renewedfocus on interior design, even a trendy metropolis like Salt Lake City will blossom like never before.

Here are a few design tips for three common places to greatly enhance their impact.

Your Home

It's nice to live in a place where you can comfortably stay all day long, while feeling a sense of pride at what you see. Incorporating the elements of harmonious design will allow you as a homeowner to bring a level of cohesiveness to the look and feel of your home.

Any great designer will advise against randomly putting nice things around your house or apartment without a central vision. Take a moment to reflect on your sensibilities and interests. Incorporate them when deciding on your focal point or central design anchor. Try mixing and matching patterns that contrast to promote a rhythmic flow and balance.

If you are inhabiting a space where you can easily move through things that belong together, a strong sense of harmony will extend itself to you.


The majority of the classrooms today have one major flaw - its inherent design hasn't changed for more than a hundred years; a product of society's rapid industrialization. What they needed then were obedient workers specially fit for the monotony of factories.

Times have changed, however. Well-designed classrooms have shown to improve learning progress by 16 percent for primary school pupils alone. This should implore classrooms to shift their focus from the teacher to the student, allowing for both individuals and collaborative ways of learning.
For starters, group desks and chairs together to form small islands of learning, create spaces for both teachers and students to flow freely around the classroom, and choose the furniture they can easily move.


The workspaces you go to almost every day should not look and feel like dull prisons. Try searching for the offices of some of the best companies around today - even though they have varying personalities, all of them are full of life.

With businesses that depend on the brilliance and productivity of their employees, youshoulddesign offices in vibrant and stimulating ways to make them want to stay in their jobs. This is also a unique opportunity for companies to express their core values.

For example, business owners can promote transparency and collaboration with open office design, while providing avenues for individuals to focus on their own. It's always important to note that too much of a good thing will eventually backfire, so consider your choices well.

Whenever you design a space that will involve human interaction, always think about story and purpose. Strive to deliver an experience that will best suit the needs of those coming through its doors.

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