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Friday, November 29, 2019

Traveling with Jewelry in Tow

Traveling usually requires a lot of packing and proper storage. This is especially true if you have a few important stuff such as cameras, money, and jewelry. It doesn't matter if you are going anywhere locally or internationally, as packing these things and keeping them safe should be your priority.

Below, we will discuss some things you should remember when traveling with pieces of jewelry. You might be planning on selling them and getting high-end jewelry retouching services soon, but wouldn't it be better to keep them looking amazing all throughout your trip? Retouching has its limits because, at the end of theday, your jewelry should look stunning in person.

Know What You Should Leave

It can be tempting to bring a lot of jewelry, but you most likely would not be able to use all of them if you bring too much. When it comes to accessorizing, choosing to go with simple yet statement pieces is always a huge plus.

Before leaving, determine which pieces you would want to take with you and which ones you would want to leave at home. You might want to bring a few pieces that you know would go well with almost all of your outfits so you wouldn't have to bring too many.

Try Substitution

If you are going on an adventure such as hiking, trekking, or swimming at the beach, then you might want to substitute your expensive pieces for the less expensive ones. This holds especially true for your wedding ring, as you most definitely would want to avoid losing it.

You can always consider leaving your wedding ring at home and replacing it with a more subdued band. Get one that you wouldn't be too scared of losing, but still remember to always take care of your belongings and take it off before going swimming or doing extreme activities.

Pack it Properly

The easiest way to lose a piece of jewelry is by carelessly stuffing it into your luggage and calling it a day. You should always consider packing your jewelry properly so you wouldn't lose or damage it when you are on the road.

If you travel often, then you might want to get a proper jewelry case or organizer. It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, as long as your jewelry is tucked safely, then that's all that matters. If you don't want to buy a case, then try being resourceful instead. Use straws to keep your necklaces tangle-free, index cards to keep your earrings organized, and buttons to keep them together. You can also repurpose your pillbox and try using it to keep your jewelry organized.

Traveling with a few pieces of jewelry shouldn't be that hard, as long as you have the right organizers and you pack in advance. Also, if you are riding a plane, then you would want to put your jewelry in your carry-on bag, as you would not want to run the chance of losing them along with your luggage. Keep everything simple so you do not have to worry about keeping it all safe.

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