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Sunday, November 24, 2019

New Photography Trends: How you Can Use Them to Strengthen Your Business

As a professional wedding planner for more than two decades I have seen some couples have their friends photograph their weddings. Sometimes it works out great and saves the couple some cash. However, I have also seen it backfire when the images are overexposed and basically turn out awful. Hearing about this and seeing the images after the wedding first hand is quite heartbreaking. It is best to always hire a professional so you won't be dissapointed. 

Photography is rapidly becoming everybody's interest. The introduction of new camera technologies paired with advanced editing techniques caused even regular smartphone owners to take an interest in the field. It is no longer exclusive to professionals.

Now, anyone who has an "eye" on taking great pictures, especially the ones that could jiggle the social media networks like crazy, can claim the title "photographer" albeit unprofessionally. There may indeed be a thin line between professional and unprofessional photographers at first sight.
But there is a significant difference in the quality of images that they can produce if you look at them closely. You must choose the talent to employ, especially if you are using the pictures for your business.

There are a lot of things that a commercial photographer in the Philippines can do to your marketing strategy that regular picture takers are not capable of. One of the advantages of professional photographers is that they are well-educated and updated on the new trends in photography.

This might have a significant impact on your marketing efforts.


New Photography Trends Defined

There are very exciting trends in photography that you must keep an eye on. These trends could take social media networks and the entire online community by storm. That's why you must always be ahead of everybody else and take note of these trends because one or all could be critical to your business' success.

  • 360 Panorama.Got problems about a single photo not capturing the entire picture? This photography trend is the answer to that. Panoramas can capture the 360 degrees view and all the beautiful things in it.
  • Retro-Style.Good things never die; that's why the old and classic keep coming back. Black and whites and sepia are used over and over to personify a drama like no other.
  • Drones.An excellent overview can only be provided when drones are employed. The aerial shots that give a bird's eye view of a place can be very useful for a lot of things - from making weddings more impressive to keeping real estate agents at an advantage.
  • Macro Photography.The high tech cameras allowed close up shots of anything to look extremely impressive. That's why a lot of people are becoming fascinated by this trend as well.
  • Selfie.Possibly the most popular modern trend in photography, selfies are not only for personal use but are also proving to be useful in promotional copies, if handled properly.

Based on records, more photos are saved on storage today than ever before. The weight of which mostly lies on the countless numbers of regular individuals who keep clicking. Everything is recorded in pictures, unlike before, when people only get hold of the camera when there is a special occasion.
To separate everyday photos from the ones that are shot for special occasions, professional photographers are hired for the latter. Gone are the days when you would only ask a cousin or friend to shoot your son's baptism or let your sibling hold the camera as you pose for your birthday photo.

These days, special occasions call for professional photographers because there is a huge difference on the quality of images they can produce as well as the drama they can attach to the captured image as they hit the shutter.

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