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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Why Korean Beauty Took the World by Storm

Look to Korean beauty if you're searching for some inspirations to improve your skin. The characteristics of Korean skin are unique with a youthful and vibrant glow. People around the world often buy Korean products like Dear Klairs Korea when they want to achieve healthy and young-looking skin. What makes Korean skin attractive?

Here some reasons why:

Korean Beauty Inspiration

Koreans and their beauty have gained a cult following over the years. People are inspired and always asking why they look young and their skin soft and smooth. People like to emulate this even for a little.

One reason is that Korean beauty companies are keen on developing products that work. They also like to play with different textures and packaging aside from the product itself. Korean beauty products are easy to apply and original. They develop gentle beauty products from traditional ingredients from nature. These ingredients are used by many generations meaning they're tried and tested many times.

For this reason, you'll discover that Korean beauty care products are gentle on the skin and can prevent breakouts and irritation. Some of these products contain weird albeit effective formulas from nature such as bee venom and snail mucin. Are you a bit surprised by this? Don't be because ingredients like these are proven safe and effective for most skin types.

Developing a Fresh and Younger Skin

What sets Korean skin apart is how nourished it looks. It's not only healthy-looking because it is healthy even on the inside. The skin that radiates comes from having a healthy body from supplements and balanced meals. That's how Koreans take care of themselves.

They also like to start trends in the beauty department. Ever encountered the term "glass skin" when reading beauty articles? That's because Koreans have mastered it.They've developed products for preventing wrinkles, pigmentations, skin elasticity, and sunscreen. While these are products that other companies around the world are also offering, Korean brands are unique because of how they make it and from where they get the ingredients. Plus, they consider all sorts of skin type.

Perfecting the Korean Glow

It's not Korean skincare if there isn't food involved. Green tea, coconut water, and sugar are just some of the food ingredients used in Korean beauty products. Some of these ingredients have hydrating and soothing properties. Birch sap which is a new ingredient in the Korean beauty movement contains antioxidants and electrolytes.

Lastly, many Korean beauty brands incorporate green practices into their production. Some use recyclable packaging while others use natural ingredients like flower petals. They rely on natural ingredients to beautify rather than relying on harsh chemicals.

Don't just look at Korean beauties from afar. Take your skin pampering to the next level by purchasing natural skincare products from Korea. These products are meant for different types of skin and can do wonders if yours look a bit dull from pollution, aging, stress, and other conditions. Become the next beauty sensation and take care of your skin the Korean way!

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Inn at St. John's ~ Samantha + Jeff 6/23/2018

June 23rd, 2018, Samantha and Jeff were wed at the First United Methodist Church in Saline, Michigan. It was a lovely ceremony where the joyous new couple confessed their love to one another in front of their friends and families. Afterwards, this lively couple celebrated late into the night at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth where the staff made everything go off without a hitch.

The day started bright and early with the ladies getting ready in a hotel room at the Inn at St. John’s.

In another private room, the men were getting themselves ready for the big day.

At 12:30 pm, Samantha and Jeff did the "First Look" in the beautiful hallway of the Inn at St. John's which has windows throughout that showcase the gorgeous waterfall outside.

Afterwards, time was spent photographing the entire wedding party before the ceremony started at the First United Methodist Church.

Once the ceremony had concluded, guests and the wedding party arrived at the Inn at St. John's for cocktail hour. The wedding party took their private cocktail hour in the Esther room while guests enjoyed their cocktail hour in an area right outside of the reception ballroom.

Go 4 Baroque played delightful sounds for guests during this time.

Once it was time for the reception to start, guests started moving into the ballroom and were greeted by an energetic grand entrance by the upbeat wedding party. Touching toasts were given, a fantastic meal was served by the always gracious serving staff, and an adorable cake cutting took place.

Once these activities were completed, it was time for this lively wedding party to get the party started.

First Dance!

Samantha and Jeff were one of the most energetic, fun, and loving couples we worked with this season. We wish them all the best with their future together and cannot wait for the blessings that life has in store for them.

Always fun working with Bill from Dark Lake Video!

Here are a few pictures from the Rehearsal Dinner at Weber's Inn.


Ceremony: First United Methodist Church -

Venue:  The Inn at St. John’s -

Baker: Cakes by Rubina -

Hair and makeup: The Makeup Loft-Alli -

Flowers: Amore Flowers

Napkins: Chair covers and Linens -

Photographer:  Shutterdown Studios - (1 Photo at Top of post, remainder by You're The Bride) 

Videographer: Dark Lake -

Wedding Planner: You’re The

String Quartet: Go 4 Baroque -

DJ + Photobooth
: Encore -

Harp: Christa Grix

Organist:   Tammy Schoenfeldt

Transportation:  A Dream Limo -

Hotel:    Hilton Garden Inn -

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Do You Have to Put Mulch on Your Garden?

After the wedding chances are you will become homeowners or maybe even before. There is a lot to know about taking care of the home, maintenance, the  yard and much more. 

Maintaining your yard no matter what the season is a challenge. After all, who wants to have a dried and messed-up yard? If you want to keep your yard pleasant to the eye, make sure to hire commercial landscaping services in Nassau County. No matter what your yard issues are, you can rely on them and transform your yard into an eye-catching attraction in your neighborhood.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are natural green thumbs and those who are not. Gardening and landscaping can be a fun and fulfilling activity. Unfortunately, it might not be for everyone. In such cases, you might want to ask experts to help you achieve your dream landscaped yard.

All about mulch
It can be frustrating to water and weed your garden area, only to find your plants die in the end, no matter how you religiously take care of it. You can avoid such instances by mulching. Mulch is a gardening material used to cover the soil surface.

Mulch is usually spread out on the soil to prevent weeds from growing and sucking out the nutrients from your plants. At the same time, it keeps the soil moisturized, so you don't have to water your plants every day. Mulch can also make your garden area look more eye-catching.

There are two types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Both can provide positive benefits to your garden area in terms of keeping your plants well and alive, regardless of the season. You can buy mulches in gardening stores, while others are available in your yard.

Types of mulch
As mentioned, there are two types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Some of the most common types of organic mulch are the following:

  • Shredded leaves
  • Newspapers
  • Grass clippings
  • Manure and food composts
  • Hay/straw
  • Chipped or shredded bark
As organic mulch start to decompose, it will slowly seep into the soil and help improve its fertility. Plus, you don't have to buy organic mulch because it's everywhere. You can even make organic mulch on your own.

On the other hand, you can use inorganic mulch. It is mostly available in gardening stores, but you can also find it in your area. Some of the most popular types of inorganic mulch are the following:
  • Gravel and stone
  • Landscape fabric
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
These types of mulch can make your yard look attractive. However, there might be other procedures involved before putting these mulches on top of the soil. You should also consider the possible effects of using inorganic mulch. For example, plastic mulch tends to get hot during summer and might kill the plants if not applied properly.

Overall, keeping your yard verdant doesn't have to be so difficult. It's up to you which type of mulch to put on your soil. Each mulch type has pros and cons. That is why you should do your research first before choosing the right mulch for your garden. You can also contact a reliable landscape service in your area if you feel unsure.

Photo Credit:  Dan Cox Photography

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Monday, October 14, 2019

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Attire

Weddings are costly, but there are areas of your wedding in which you can save money.
Often the most expensive areas are the wedding attire. This can be the wedding dress, the
outfits for the groom and his groomsmen, plus other people on the day. Here are some tips
to save money on your wedding attire.

Hire The Suits
The suits can end up being very expensive, especially if you wanted all the groomsmen to match
the groom. As much as you can expect the groom’s party to be accommodating in paying for some
of the attire, to ask them to buy a whole suit could be too much. If it’s not something that’s already
in their wardrobe, going above a certain amount of money will be rude to assume. So with that in mind,
you can always hire the suits themselves and it will probably be more cost-effective if the groom has a
lot of groomsmen anyway. 

Buy A Pre-Loved Dress
As well as hiring, buying a pre-loved dress (pre-owned) is certainly a viable option if you want to save
money where possible for the wedding day. There are some stunning pre-owned wedding dresses available,
and you won’t just find dated ones on there. There’s likely to be ones that are mere months old and are now
looking to go to another home. It is nice to hold onto a dress, but you’re unlikely ever to wear it again, and it’ll
just be sitting in your wardrobe collecting dust. It also will end up losing value, the longer you hold onto it.
Find a used wedding dress and save yourself some money in the process whilst giving a dress another
opportunity to shine.

Shop High-Street For Bridesmaids
Bridesmaid dresses are another expenditure that can end up costing quite a fair bit. Again with dresses,
you can’t really expect them to buy their own as you’ll probably want them to all look the same or fairly
similar in color and fit. So look to the high-street when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. They are going
to be a lot more affordable and a lot less than most bridal shops or bridal specific shops. Many high-street
stores are now trying to expand their style of clothing, and so they’re always going to want to make bridal
wear more affordable. 

Go Cheap And Cheerful For Children
With children that are involved in your wedding day, whether they are pageboys or flower girls, you don’t need
to spend too much on their outfits. They are going to look cute in anything, and it will only get ruined once they
start playing outside or eating. You can get plenty of formal attire for children, but that’s very affordable. 
Saving money on your wedding attire is easy, and when you save money in this area of your wedding, you’ve got
more to play with when it comes to the day itself and in making memories. No wedding should ever get you into
debt anyway!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tips For Your Wedding Dress Photos

Your wedding day has finally arrived! Make-up is done, hair is pinned, mimosas are gone… what’s next?
You finally get to wear the dress you’ve been dreaming about. But before you get dressed, your photographer
will want to snap some pictures of your dress on your own. Your wedding dress is one of the most memorable
details of your wedding day. You will want some photos that make your dress the star of the image.
We’ve gathered some tips from professional wedding photographers to make sure you and your wedding
dress are camera ready all day long!


The space that you get ready in makes all the difference for your pre-ceremony dress photos. If your venue
has large windows with lots of natural light, you can be sure that your dress photos will be magical.
You can also utilize barn doors, a chandelier, a grand staircase, or any other unique features that your
pre-ceremony space has.

You can also enhance the photos with additional details like personalized hangers, laying out your jewelry,
or pairing your heels with your gown. 
The dress is not the only focus though! Photographers love to capture the bride’s giddy expression just
moments before she puts on her dress.


Know every detail about your dress before your wedding day! Asking your gown shop details regarding
fabrics is essential. Choosing a dress with wrinkle resistant fabrics may make your wedding morning
a little less hectic. While, knowing if your dress can be steamed or ironed means you can be prepared
with a mini iron if any wrinkles form. 

Bonus tip: Ask your dress consultant the proper way of getting into the dress. Some dresses are better
to step into, while others slide down the easiest. 
Use Caution

Your wedding dress is definitely one of the costliest purchases of your wedding day. That is why it is best
to use caution so it stays picture perfect all day, and for years to come. 

  • Carry a bleach pen in case of emergencies. Again, talk with the dress
  • shop to make sure the color is safe.
  • Use a deodorant and antiperspirant to keep you and your dress
  • fresh – especially important for warm days.
  • Keep your dress protected in a garment bag whenever possible.
  • Ask your florist to recommend flowers that won’t stain dresses or to
  • remove any pieces that might.
  • Do your makeup before getting into the dress. Carry a drape cloth,
  • towel or button up shirt to protect your dress during touchups.
  • Sip clear or light colored drinks – save the wed wine for another day.
  • Assume that all doorways, benches and other surfaces have dirt on them.
  • Use caution as you move throughout the day.
  • Purchase a few yards of similar fabric if you love the look of seated
  • pictures but want to avoid mess.

Have Fun
Most importantly, realize that your dress may get a few spots on it. Don’t let that ruin your wedding day!
You day is about marrying your best friend, everything else is just the icing on the cake. Enjoy your time with
your new spouse, your family, and friends. 

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