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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Activities You can do as a Parent to Help Your Child Handle Stress

Stress is not just for the working adult. A child can experience stress, and it should be taken seriously. Even if you feel like your child has nothing to worry about, they do. The world can be confusing for a child, and friends, school, and other challenges can stress your child. Online counseling and counseling can help your child if they are experiencing an excessive amount of stress. However, for more mild cases, there are some activities you can try to make your child less stressed. Here are a few.

Encourage Journal Writing

Give them a diary, or pull up a blank document on the computer. Tell your child to write down times where they’ve felt stressed. Have them write about the circumstances, what they felt at the time, and what they can do to handle the stress next time. Reward your child for regular diary keeping.

Play With Your Kid Outside

Exercise can help your child reduce stress and feel better. An hour of play is recommended for your child to be at optimal health. Go to the park and play baseball with your child. Go on a little walk with them and show them nature. Play a game of jump rope. The options are limitless and can help your child achieve their goals.

Help Them Plan How to Handle Stress

One of the best ways to get rid of stress is to end the cause. If they feel overloaded with homework, have the child come up with a plan. Perhaps they can do the hardest assignment first and then work their way down until their easy assignments or nothing. Or they can take a break every time they accomplish their goals in order to get some rest.

Use Imagery

Children are creative. Why not let them handle their stress through imagination? Have them think of a story where their stress is about to destroy the world, and have them show how they defeat the stress and save the day in the end.

Encourage a Hobby

Once their work is done, allow some time for your child to enjoy a hobby. Playing a bit of video games is good in moderation. Or let them play with building blocks. A child needs something to unwind and to stimulate them all at the same time. A hobby can be a good way for you to do just that.

Talk to Them

Finally, the best way you can help a stressed child is to listen to them and talk to them with maturity. Even if you feel like their problems are overblown, your child doesn’t feel this way and may be upset if you dismiss their problems. Sit down and talk to them. Empathize and perhaps tell your own stories of being stressed as a child. Your child not feeling alone is one of the best ways to help them with their stress.

Encourage these activities even if your child isn’t stressed. Learning how to handle stress as a child can help into adulthood. If you need support or believe online counseling might help, contact

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