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Friday, September 28, 2018

Top 5 Themes For Your 2019 Wedding

Struggling to find a solid theme for your wedding next year?
No need to fear.
We have some ideas for you which might be an excellent path to celebrating your big day in style.
Some of these themes you might not have even considered before so we encourage you approach them with an open mind.
You could even put your own twist on these themes. It is your wedding, after all!

1. Vintage

Vintage themed weddings are definitely in vogue right now, but you shouldn’t go for the old-timey look just because everyone else is doing it.
You could save a lot of cash with this theme and that is no exaggeration.
If you want a Victorian or 1910/20s aesthetic, you could easily go to a thrift shop and use some of the older things you find as decoration.
Imagine the kind of dress you could wear, too!
All you would need is to ask your grandma if you can borrow her old dress, then that’s the something borrowed and the vintage theme covered.

2. Magical/Whimsical

You may have seen the countless “Harry Potter” themed wedding pictures online.
While this is a pretty solid theme to stick with, it is by no means the only one.
Here are some examples of other magical/whimsical themed weddings:
·        Alice in Wonderland
·        Narnia
·        Fairy Tale
Imagine it:
Giant mushrooms surrounding the guests, fairy wings on the bride…
Obviously, you can have your own take on this theme entirely and not work on any existing property.

3. Circus

A surprising theme that has recently become popular is a circus theme.
This includes things like having a ringmaster officiator, a big top venue, perhaps even a few trapeze artists.
Okay, sounds a bit expensive but still, quite creative nonetheless.
Imagine the impression you’ll make if a magician or clown serves as the entertainment.
Not recommended if you suffer from coulrophobia – that’s your irrational fear of circus clowns.

4. Fantasy

Fantasy is such a broad topic that it offers many ideas for wedding themes that stand out among everyone else’s.
The two main themes to consider are:
·         Lord of the Rings: Think of the amount of ring puns you can make use of… Also, you can dress the pageboy as a hobbit – winning!
·         Game of Thrones: If you’re a fan of the HBO series, then you’d be best off not playing the Reins of Castamere once the reception starts. Some people might start to freak out.
Of course, you can create your own fantasy wedding entirely. At least with established ones, however, you have all the material there for you.

5. Las Vegas

Lastly, we come to a Vegas-themed wedding. So many opportunities can arise from this.
Guests can enjoy a spot of gambling as you hand out wedding favours in the form of casino chips.
Elvis Presley could even put in an appearance.
The possibilities are endless and good ol’ Sin City has so much inherent glitz and glamour that it’s hard not to say no to such an opportunity.

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