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Sunday, September 30, 2018

How Do You Know Your Groom Or Bride Is For You?

Before you place the ‘just married’ sign on the back of your luxury or traditional car, sit down and think
what that means. You’re heading into a with your husband or wife and from now on you will be with each
other for the rest of your life. So have you asked all the questions you need to? Don’t worry if you don’t get an
answer back to all of them, you need to start thinking about them first of all. Can you stand their annoying
habits? Can you really see them being a stable financial partner? Can you trust them emotionally to never betray
your trust? Are the aligned with what you want to achieve in life? Are they centered in your way of thinking?
These series of questions are merely the tip of the iceberg. Human beings are not simple, and they never will be
so don’t become so drunk on love that you stop thinking about the long term. Is there even a way you can truly
know if your bride or groom is for you?

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The road trip test

One of the best ways to really see if your future spouse is made of the stuff that will keep you by their
side unto death do you part, is the road trip test. Think about what a road trip is. People that care for
each other, be it friends, family or couples, are trapped in a car with very little luxuries and are traveling
around to unfamiliar places. Go on a road trip together, just you and your beloved one for about 4 to 6
weeks. Pretty soon into the trip you will begin to see and witness things that they do that could make you
challenge your assumptions about them. They could become incredibly rude and aggressive, or they could
become weak and have no idea how to take charge of a situation. You’ll see how well they manage with money,
how well they can navigate and solve problems and how knowledgeable they are about ‘street smarts’.

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A shared outlook?

Maybe the strongest thing that keeps a couple together the longest is a shared perspective on life. Having a similar
outlook on life means that you have something deep in common. It could be that you are both politically motivated
a certain way and want to change the world in that direction. On the other hand you could also be of the same faith
and thus share some thoughts and feelings about spirituality. Maybe this is why some people want to go onto websites
such as Muslim Dating. On the hand you may not want someone who is religious and shares a worldview that is based
on living in the now. Regardless of what comes after your outlook on life, if your partner has polar opposite views, do you
really think you will love them in 5 or 10 years time?

Some people get married quickly because they feel a connection with another person. Other times, couples are together many years before they are ready. It's really up to how strongly you feel about your partner and whether or not they can stand the test of time regarding personality and goals in life.

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Intern Maureen, shines at Macomb Community College

Maureen has been a great help to my company this wedding season while interning. She brings a lot to the table and is thriving in her intern role at You're The Bride. She is a team player, awesome trouble-shooter, smart, kind, organized and very conscientious of her work! I will be sad to see her go as her internship is almost over at the end of next month. However, I think the skills and new experiences she has learned will help her succeed in the world of events or whatever she plans to pursue.

I was pleased when her college advisor contacted me about an article she was featured in on the  Macomb Community College website. Enjoy!

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Stunning centerpiece! #flowers #centerpiece #pretty #beautiful #pink #elegant

Top 5 Themes For Your 2019 Wedding

Struggling to find a solid theme for your wedding next year?
No need to fear.
We have some ideas for you which might be an excellent path to celebrating your big day in style.
Some of these themes you might not have even considered before so we encourage you approach them with an open mind.
You could even put your own twist on these themes. It is your wedding, after all!

1. Vintage

Vintage themed weddings are definitely in vogue right now, but you shouldn’t go for the old-timey look just because everyone else is doing it.
You could save a lot of cash with this theme and that is no exaggeration.
If you want a Victorian or 1910/20s aesthetic, you could easily go to a thrift shop and use some of the older things you find as decoration.
Imagine the kind of dress you could wear, too!
All you would need is to ask your grandma if you can borrow her old dress, then that’s the something borrowed and the vintage theme covered.

2. Magical/Whimsical

You may have seen the countless “Harry Potter” themed wedding pictures online.
While this is a pretty solid theme to stick with, it is by no means the only one.
Here are some examples of other magical/whimsical themed weddings:
·        Alice in Wonderland
·        Narnia
·        Fairy Tale
Imagine it:
Giant mushrooms surrounding the guests, fairy wings on the bride…
Obviously, you can have your own take on this theme entirely and not work on any existing property.

3. Circus

A surprising theme that has recently become popular is a circus theme.
This includes things like having a ringmaster officiator, a big top venue, perhaps even a few trapeze artists.
Okay, sounds a bit expensive but still, quite creative nonetheless.
Imagine the impression you’ll make if a magician or clown serves as the entertainment.
Not recommended if you suffer from coulrophobia – that’s your irrational fear of circus clowns.

4. Fantasy

Fantasy is such a broad topic that it offers many ideas for wedding themes that stand out among everyone else’s.
The two main themes to consider are:
·         Lord of the Rings: Think of the amount of ring puns you can make use of… Also, you can dress the pageboy as a hobbit – winning!
·         Game of Thrones: If you’re a fan of the HBO series, then you’d be best off not playing the Reins of Castamere once the reception starts. Some people might start to freak out.
Of course, you can create your own fantasy wedding entirely. At least with established ones, however, you have all the material there for you.

5. Las Vegas

Lastly, we come to a Vegas-themed wedding. So many opportunities can arise from this.
Guests can enjoy a spot of gambling as you hand out wedding favours in the form of casino chips.
Elvis Presley could even put in an appearance.
The possibilities are endless and good ol’ Sin City has so much inherent glitz and glamour that it’s hard not to say no to such an opportunity.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Making Your Wedding Venue Into A Paradise

When it comes to organising the biggest day of your life there are a lot of things to think about
and a huge amount of planning involves to make sure the day goes as smoothly as it possibly can.
One of the biggest decisions you need to make as a couple when planning your wedding day is where
it will be held, and the venue of a wedding can set the whole tone of the day and have a big impact on
the enjoyment you have with your family and friends. To make your venue the best it can possibly be on
your wedding day, here are all of the things you will want to think about doing.

Choose a great date

Before you think about anything else, you will want to ensure that you pick the right date for your wedding to be held.
The time of year in which you have your wedding can have a big impact on the overall tone and
feel of the day so it is important to think about what kind of wedding you want. If you are looking for an outdoor
wedding or one on the beach, you will want to plan the wedding day for the summertime when it is hot and the
days are much longer. However if you want a cosy and comfortable affair indoors with your family, an autumn or
winter wedding could be a really great choice for you all. Make sure that you think about this long and hard and
make a good decision because the rest of the day will depend on this.

Stay overnight

If you want to ensure that your wedding venue is the most beautiful it can possibly be for the big day, you might want
to consider cutting out travel costs and staying in the venue or close by the night before. This will allow you to go in
and check up on the decorations in the morning and you can even add some extra touches to it to make sure it is exactly
how you envisioned it being on this day. It will take the stress off you because you will have more control and you can be
sure that the venue is everything you dreamed it would be.

Choose your colour scheme

Colour is a massive part of a wedding and it will dictate many different things throughout the day. It will dictate your
bridesmaids dresses, suits, flowers, lights, centrepieces, table cloths and ribbons which will be used in the venture to make
it feel magical all day. It is therefore important that you take your time to pick a colour scheme which you both love.
You can find inspiration for wedding colour schemes online and you can also use paint sample sheets to come up with
which colours go together for the big day. This will be another factor which can make a big impact on the day so make sure
you don’t rush the decision before you are totally sure about it.

Pick a theme

If you are finding it hard to pick the colours right away, one of the ways to skip this decision can be to pick a theme instead,
and the colours will come naturally as a result. For example, if you choose to have a Christmas themed wedding in December,
your colour choices will immediately be narrowed down and you can think about bringing red, emerald green, silver, gold and
white into your wedding. When you pick a theme it can make things much easier in terms of decoration too because there are
always certain objects or decorative items which fit with a certain theme.

Choose your flowers

Flowers are a big decision when it comes to picking the right ones for your wedding day and they will have a huge effect on
whether your venue feels classy and refined or bright and full of life. You can find ready made arrangements on websites such
as Interflora and you can choose from a large range of bouquets, or you can get a professional such as
to make a custom arrangement for you to use. Choosing the custom route is better because you will be able to choose the exact
shapes and flowers you want in your arrangements and the result will be completely unique to you and your big day, not just the same
as everyone else.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to making a beautiful wedding venue. It might be tempting to hang things from every single space in the
room, but you need to remember that people will want to eat and be able to see each other across the room throughout the day. Think
about keeping the tables simple with a centrepiece and some gems scattered across in your theme colours. You can add a few cute
polaroid pictures to each table to show your relationship with the different guests, but don’t go overboard. A classy wedding keeps it
simple and let’s those big features speak for themselves.

Hang some lights

Lighting is a huge part of making a wedding feel special, and there is no other type of lighting which is quite as magical as fairy lights,
if you have a venue which has beams in the ceiling you can hang the lights from here, otherwise you can find spaces in the room to
bring in soft lights and make the room feel magical and warm for everyone who comes to see you.

Make a playlist

Music is always a massive part of your wedding day, and the music which you decide to use on the big day can have a massive effect
on the atmosphere of the day and the way your wedding is perceived by everyone who visits. You could opt for a jazz brass or something
more classical, or you can simply bring along a set of speakers and an awesome playlist you have made yourself and have this playing for
the whole evening. Whatever you choose to do it will have a big impact on the event.

Pick out centrepieces

The centrepieces for your tables on your wedding day provide a huge part of the overall decor to the room and therefore you need to make
sure that you don’t rush making your centrepieces. You can think about using a simple bouquet of flowers to fit in with the rest of the colour,
or you can get a little bit creative. A lot of people opt for vases with battery operated lights inside which makes every table softly glow for the
duration of the afternoon. You can use a wide glass bowl and float flower shaped candles in the water, you could print off a photograph of a
place for each table to be named after… there are endless ideas and you can make a big impression by choosing something unique on your big day.

Make your favours

Wedding favours are a way of saying thank you to everyone who comes to visit you on your wedding day and it can be a wonderful little gesture to
give to your friends and family on the day. You could make personalised mugs with photographs on, have wine glasses embossed with their names,
give packets of seeds to be planted in their gardens… try to pick something which will suit everyone in your wedding party and make sure it represents
you and your partner as a couple.

Install some entertainment

There is a lot to be said about bringing entertainment into your wedding venue and it can be the best thing you do to make the day feel more fun and
special for everyone who visits you. Think about bringing in something such as a Karaoke stage into the corner of the room where people can come
during the evening and sing their hearts out to the amusement of everyone else. You could make a photo booth with an SLR camera set up in the
corner of the room and a box of props ready to be used by your family and friends. There are loads of amazing things you can add to make the evening
more fun and to get everyone to let their hair down for the night.

Make some art

Most weddings have a guestbook which is placed on a table in the venue and which people can come and sign during the evening to wish the new
couple well and to make sure they have a great memory to keep forever. However, you can do more than just a guestbook and have a canvas laid
on the table where your family members can paint doodles and write notes for you both. You can then have this hung up in your home as a reminder
that you are loved and that everyone you knew supported you on your big day.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

4 Things That Change When You Get Married

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People keep telling you things will be different between you and your spouse now that you have officially tied the knot. Of course, they must be wrong, you have been living together for months now, what could change? Well you might be surprised to learn that some things might be different now. Below we have listed five things change thanks to marriage.

1# Ohana means family. You two are officially your own little family. This means any type of embarrassment or awkwardness has gone out the window. You’re stuck with this adorable person, quirks and all.

#2 People view you two differently. By society standards, you have officially become an adult. Get ready for people to assume you have a bit more wisdom under your belt.

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#3 Money is no longer yours or theirs. Get ready for your spending habits to become completely transparent.

#4 Medical decisions are team decisions. This means you two will be handling all medical concerns together.

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Keep in mind even in bad times there is a silver lining you just have to find it. #quotes #inspirationalquotes #truth #silverlining

How Did You Forget That? The Top Things That Brides Often Forget About

Wedding planning is an overwhelming time for any bride to be. There is so much to think about. It’s too
easy to be distracted by one thing and another and even easier to forget the little things that some people
would notice. Without further ado here are the things a bride is likely to forget when planning a wedding.

Wedding favours

Brides can get so wrapped up in everything to do with their wedding that things like favours can be forgotten.
For anyone who isn’t sure what a wedding favour is here is a little explanation. A wedding favour is a token
of appreciation to your guests for attending your big day. Things like candied almonds are more of a traditional
gift. But these days you can get quite creative. Perhaps this is why wedding favours can be forgotten. But take it
from me your guests will notice.

Bridesmaid gifts

It is a lovely gesture to offer your bridesmaids and maid of honours a gift. This is normally handed over to them
during the speeches when the best man toasts the bridesmaids. This could be anything but the more personal,
the better. This is a brides way of saying thank you for all the help and hard work. Things like jewelry are always
well received.

The all-important photographer

Believe it or not, it can be quite easy to forget all about the wedding photographer for your wedding day. With so much
focus on the venu, the dress and the guests, you may forget that you want to capture the day as well. Speaking with
specialists like Lin and Jirsa gets you booking a good photographer early on, so that you know that this detail is at least
ticked off the list of jobs that need to be done.

Bridesmaid shoes and accessories.

Brides will have everything organised for themselves. But it’s easy to overlook the bridesmaids complete outfits.
The dress will have been organised but what about their shoes and accessories? When organising your bridesmaids make
sure you speak to them and either get involved in their choices or make them aware it is down to them.

Booking hair and makeup.

You may have been organized but up to the day of the wedding you realise you forgot all about your hair and makeup.
It happens. Again, it’s easy to focus on what you are wearing rather than the complete look. It’s always a good idea to
write a list for everyone in the bridal party to make sure you cover all the bases.

Wedding night accommodation

Unless you are have your wedding reception at a hotel where a room might be included in your package, it’s easy to forget
about where you will stay. Getting from the reception to a place to stay is also a very common mistake some brides make.
The best thing to do is discuss with your partner or friends everything to do with the wedding and try and tick off a list.

It’s hard planning a wedding. It’s easy to see why some brides can forget a few details. But the most important thing is to
enjoy the day. All of your guests will have fun spending time with family and friends and celebrating the love.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Are You Happy With Your Wedding Plans?

If you are getting married at some point in the near future, it’s likely that thoughts of the big day are
taking over your mind quite a lot of the time. You want to make sure that the day itself goes as smoothly
as possible, and you know that the more you plan, the more likely it is that it will go as well as you would like it to.
However, it can b hard to know whether you have planned it well, and whether you are going to
actually be truly happy with the plans. In this article, we are going to look at how you can make sure you
are happy with your wedding plans, by discussing some of the most important details you should be happy
with. As long as you are happy with the following, it’s likely you will be happy with the day itself.

The Colour Theme

Because of the intimate way in which the colour theme affects the whole day, you need to be sure
that you are happy with that if you are to be happy with the whole day itself. In all likelihood, you
chose the colour theme early on, and it might well be that you are not entirely sure whether or not
you are still going to like it. Of mouse, to a certain extent you need to just accept it as you have already
chosen it, but it’s also worth thinking about the fact that you can change little bits if it comes to it. Overall,
as long as you like the colours, you will like the day, so if necessary go back to the drawing board and make
sure that you really do. You’ll probably find that you do, and that there is nothing to worry about.

The Clothing

We all know that what you are going to be wearing as the bride is hugely important, and it’s possible that this
is taking up much of your mental space at the moment. You do need to be happy with your dress if you are to
enjoy the day, that much is clear. Of course, you are likely to have wobbles in your mind, little doubts about whether
or not the dress is right, but as long as you are generally happy with it you should be fine. You will
also want to make sure that you are happy with how your groom looks, and to ensure that it is worth going to
somewhere that does high quality menswear like John Henric US. That will ensure that your man is looking his
absolute best.

The Venue

Arguably, the venue is one of the most vital elements of the day, as it ensures that you are going to be happy with where you actually are. You need to be sure that you are happy with this choice early on, of course, as once it is booked in you will not be able to cancel it without great cost. As long as you do that, you will find that you are much more excited for the big day itself, so it is definitely important to make sure of that.

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