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Thursday, August 16, 2018

5 Tips On How to Stay Organized Leading Up to the Big Day.

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You’re beyond happy because you have found someone you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. You or your significant other has recently popped the question and now you two are excited to tell the world about it. Everyday seems a bit brighter and cheerful than the last, however you have started to feel stress creep into your bubble of joy. You make a list of things to get down in your head and it seems like the wedding tasks are never ending. Friends and family members are asking questions you have no answer for, and now you find yourself wondering half-jokingly if eloping would be easier.
Below we have come up with 4 tips on how to stay on track with your wedding planning.

#1 Get a white board. You can head to your local Target or Office Depot to pick up one of these guys. If you have room, get two separate ones. You will want one that has a calendar section and an empty section. By having a board every day that you can see, it will be easier to tackle the day’s objectives and be prepared for what you have coming up.

#2 Get a day planner. You may think to yourself that it would be silly to have a book schedule and a schedule on the whiteboard. However, this way you can jot future events, tasks, and meetings in your book. That way each month you can just transfer them from your book to the whiteboard.

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#3 Give yourself deadlines. By giving yourself deadlines to accomplish tasks, you will be more motivated to get them done today instead of tomorrow. This will also make sure you will not be stuck with a bunch of last minute details the day before the wedding.

#4 Set aside time to relax. If all you do is work, work, work, you are bound to slip up at some point. It might sound silly and something the older generations will continually snicker at, but self-care is always important. Giving yourself an hour a day to just relax and have fun will lead to a better wedding planning experience overall.

#5 Get yourself a wedding planner. You may have seen this one coming, but it is true. You may be thinking that a wedding planner is completely out of your budget. If that is the case, are you aware that many wedding planners, including You’re The Bride, offer different packages? Maybe you just want someone to assist with day of coordinating or maybe someone who will be there from start to finish, all of these options are possible with a wedding planner.

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