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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Unique Engagement Rings under $2,000

A promising future. You can’t envision your life without her, so you have decided to propose. And since she is so special, she deserves the beautiful and meaningful symbol of your love since she is going to wear this engagement ring on her left hand for rest of your lives!
Selecting an engagement ring is a task as you have to know her taste if she prefers classic or unconventional, whether she is drawn to dainty styles or minimum simplicity. We, at Diamond Delight are here to help you buy that perfect engagement ring.

A three stone engagement ring symbolizes the couple’s past, the present, and the future! When you propose with our stunning 3 stone engagement ring, it will echo the love you have shared, the love you are sharing now and the forever love you will have for one another for the rest of your lives .A larger center stone sits high with the other two neighboring stones sit slightly lower than center stone, so that one diamond which represents today can shine more, but its fire is intensified with the sparkle of the past and the future. The three stone engagement rings allow you to get innovative, and there are many different styles to choose from. Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is the most popular example of 3 stone ring, it features a center cushion cut diamond accented by a diamond on each side.


Every love story is different and Halo rings are classic designs that are different but with stylish twist. Halo settings feature a centre diamond or gemstone surrounded completely by smaller accent diamonds creating halo around center stone for a dazzling look.  It makes center stone appear bigger. In quest for bling, the single halo ring has now been recreated into double and even triple halo rings. For larger center diamonds, split shank halo rings pulls the eye to the center. A Halo ring says, you are the Center of my world, the one above all others! This ring styles symbolize the special bond that exists between two people. Kate Middleton's halo ring is most famous engagement ring. This halo ring simply oozes with a beauty and elegance that is simply timeless.


A Solitaire engagement ring is known for simplicity and is perfect for women who want classic and sophistication but want to still make a bold statement. The solitaire ring enjoys a high place in the most sought engagement rings with the diamond being the star to showcase its brilliance and dazzling beauty. For this reason, it is important to choose a diamond that balances size and quality within your budget and a shape that will help you to achieve the perfect balance.

Two stone engagement rings reflect everlasting love and friendship. Two stones rings are beautiful symbol of togetherness. In two stone engagement ring, both stones accent one another, and create a dramatically bold, stunning piece of jewelry that sparkles brilliantly.  As an engagement ring, each stone reflects a different part of the relationship. A two-stone ring is the perfect combination of style and romance. Whether the stones are round or any other shape, two stones cultivate a uniquely statement of style and sophistication. These unique two-stone diamond rings represents one stone to represent your love of your life - the other represents your love & commitment to them.

Pick one of our gorgeous engagement rings to promise your better half a forever.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Wedding Ceremony Music - Entrance, Exit and Everything in Between

We all know that a wedding reception is only as good as the musical act hired to entertain your guests
- but getting the music right for your ceremony is of equal importance. This are, after all, going to
include some of the key moments of your wedding: the prelude, where your guests first arrive, and
get their first taste of what kind of wedding it is you’re having (and whereabouts it’s taking place!); the
procession, where your bride, her close family and attendants formally enter the room; the recession,
where the bridal party (the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen) formally exit after the couple is
pronounced husband and wife; and, the postlude, where the remainder of your wedding guests are
played out of the room and encouraged along to the next stage of your wedding.

We’re going to break down these key moments, and suggest the types of music and musicians that will
make each of them particularly special.


As your guests arrive at the venue where your ceremony is being held, you’re going to want to achieve
two main things with your music: let your guests know where to go, and set the tone for your big day.
You’re going to want to aim somewhere between upbeat and lighthearted, and momentous and
life-changing - it’s a happy occasion, but an extremely important one nonetheless.

You might like to consider a wedding harpist or a wedding pianist for the prelude - it’s background
music, after all, so don’t pull out all the stops yet in terms of volume. Instrumental versions of popular
songs would go down well at this point (such as ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow or ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’
by Guns N’ Roses), as do classical pieces (such as the ‘Spring’ segment of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ or
Edvard Grieg’s ‘Morning Mood’)


For many, the procession will be the most significant part of the whole ceremony (after the actual tying
of the knot). The effect the wedding procession will have on your guests will be a mixture of awe, joy
and excitement, so choose a musical piece that will help elicit these reactions. Bear in mind, too, that
this piece will be forever tied to your guests’ memories of seeing the bride in all her finery for the first time,
so it’s got to befit that initial impression. A string quartet is the ideal choice for the procession,
performing a wedding classic suich as Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ or Wagner’s ‘Bridal Chorus’. For a
modern twist, you could hire an instrumental jazz band to perform the same pieces.


Don’t forget that the piece of music you choose as your recessional piece is the first piece of music to
break the silence after you’ve officially become a married couple. For this reason, it’s got to be joyous,
triumphant and emotive - you don’t want a dry eye in the house! Popular songs are the name of the
game at this point, preferably ones with strong themes of love and achievement, with easily
recognisable melodies like ‘All You Need is Love’ by the Beatles, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams or
‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. As with the processional music,
this needs to be a bold statement, so definitely use an ensemble of some sort:
jazz, classical, acoustic or even rock!


This is the last thing your guests will hear before they head over to your reception venue - so make
sure it helps them get in a celebratory mood! Remember that the ones left in the room will be your
closest friends and family, so naturally they’re going to want to discuss with wild excitement how happy
they are for you (not least because they’ve been holding their breath for the duration up to this point!).
Playing more up-tempo music will communicate to your remaining guests that it’s alright to relax after
the more serious portion of your ceremony, but also to get ready to get moving.

You’re going to want to keep the elation up for your postlude music, but the tone can be a little less
serious, as it’s mainly for playing your guests out. You could even drop back down to a solo musician,
such a pianist or acoustic guitarist - but make sure you opt for popular pieces, such as Sonny &
Cher’s ‘I Got You Babe’, Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s rendition of ‘Something Stupid’ or even the
traditional ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’.  

And now for some last minute tips for handling your wedding ceremony music on the big day:

If you choose a wedding band or wedding musicians, give them plenty of notice of what you want them to play, and at what point. Wedding musicians who advertise themselves as providing ceremonial music will understand how vital it is for everything to go smoothly, and will do everything in their power to get your chosen pieces note-perfect - just make sure you have somebody on hand to let them know when to strike up.

To save shelling out for more than one live music act on your wedding day (which will already be an extremely expensive do), discuss your options with your wedding reception band. If your wedding reception band featured, for example, a pianist or an acoustic guitarist, you can ask them to also provide you with your ceremony music. While this may cost a little extra than the amount for which they advertise themselves, it’s a safe bet that a separate act would cost a great deal more.

If you’ve elected to use pre-recorded music, then, granted, you don’t need to worry about musicians having time to learn your chosen pieces. However, it’s still just as essential that whoever’s been given the task of pressing ‘play’ knows their cues, as each piece serves a very different purpose. You don’t want your guests to hear ‘Here Comes the Bride’ when they know she’s already left the building. If you’re using a CD player, burn a specially prepared CD with the tracks already in the right; if you’re using a playlist, queue everything in the order it needs to be - and don’t accidentally press shuffle!

One advantage live musicians will have over pre-recorded music is consistency - they’ll be using the same instruments and have their own style which they’ll apply to each piece. While having an infinite such as the internet may seem like the way to go, you will be in danger of finding multiple versions of songs. Check carefully, before you add them to your playlist, that they’re the versions you want, and that they fit together - it might be a little jarring to follow a piano-only version of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey with the rocked-up version of Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’ (the aptly named ‘Canon Rock’).

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4 Next Day Wedding Must Haves & Dos

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You wake up in your perfect hotel room, amazing hubby next to you, and have a magical honeymoon planned out for the next week. However, to make your flight, you must be at the airport at 11:00am. This means it is time to jump out of your bed and get out the door. Here are some must haves to keep relaxed in between that next day exhaustion and blissful honeymoon.

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#1 Have fluids and food at the ready- have your wedding planner get your hotel room fridge stocked with water bottles and protein packed snacks that are ready for a grab and go morning.

#2 Bags ready to go- Any items you are taking that are not temperature sensitive can be kept already packed up and ready to go in the trunk of your car. Your hotel room should have only the necessities you need so that you are not concerned with triple checking every item in the morning.\

#3 Make time- set an alarm a little early so that you and your partner can have some time one on one before it is time to get out of your bed. Reflecting on the day before and the future you will have together will set the mood for the rest of your honeymoon.

#4 Entertainment for the ride- Some flights can span hours upon hours depending on your destination. Make sure your prepacked carryon has some fun ways to pass the time. Try to find activities that include both of you. Quirky card games or a favorite movie on your laptop is a great way to pass the time. Chances are, you two might end up spending most of the trip sleeping off the fun of your wedding from the day before. Hey, anything that makes the flight go by faster is a win in our book.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Planning Your Reception Entertainment

adult, band, crowd

While you are likely to feel like your wedding day goes by like a flash and there is no shortage of things
to do and people to talk to, you want to ensure that all your guests feel the same way. When the reception
arives, making sure that the entertainment is spot on will ensure that people are talking about your big day for years to come.
Of course, most entertainment centres on music, but you may also want to have some quirky extras which
set you apart from the crowd. So, here is a bit of an overview when it comes to planning your wedding reception

DJ Choice

Pretty much every wedding will have a DJ, but no two DJs are the same. And while your good friend may think that he
sins disks with the best of them, this is your big day and it is well worth hiring a professional. You need to ensure
that you properly brief them about the music that you want to be played. And you should also make sure that you are
thinking about your guests as well as yourself. Playing a few popular classics is not going to do any harm whatsoever.

Wedding Band

When you are hiring a wedding band, you can either go for variety or specialism. If you want them to be playing all night,
the former is probably the better choice, whereas if you have a specific type of music that you desperately want to hear,
you may well be better off going with the later. Take a look at Manchester&town=Manchester
for some possible options. Make sure that they know how to play your first dance song, as well as any other special tunes
which you desperately want to hear.

Other Types of Entertainment

The other types of entertainment which you choose to have on your big day really depends on your preferences. To start
off with, your food options could end up being a form of entertainment in themselves if you offer a buffet. Something like
a chocolate fountain gives people a good talking point straight away. There is also the type of entertainment which people
make themselves such as a photo booth complete with different outfits to dress up in. And if there are going to be a
loof kids in attendance at your wedding, it is a good idea to ensure that they are properly entertained. Hiring a magician
could end up proving to be a big hit in this regard. And if you have decided to have a theme wedding, entertainment options
should revolve around this.

The entertainment at your wedding can end up being what tips it over the edge into becoming a fantastic occasion which
people remember for years to come. Sometimes, it is the small details which can end up adding up to a big day.    

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Avoid These Beauty Disasters on Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to look perfect on their wedding day, but there are all kinds of things that can go wrong
There's no need to panic, though! If you keep calm and avoid some rookie mistakes, you won't risk
dealing with a beauty disaster once the big day arrives. Here are just a few things to pay attention to.

Makeup Ruined By Crying

Not everyone cries on their wedding day, but it does tend to be a highly emotional affair. If you think
you're at risk of the waterworks flowing, make sure you have good waterproof makeup. It's also useful
to carry tissues (or get someone else to carry them), and catch the tears at the corner of your eyes
before they have a chance to go anywhere.

Hair and Makeup Professionals Let You Down

This is a tough situation to navigate. No one expects their hair and makeup professionals to cancel or
go AWOL. However, there are some things you can to do to help avoid it. Choose trusted professionals
who you know have a proven and demonstrable track record. Carefully read any contracts and, if you can,
have a backup plan - just in case.

Redness from Recent Treatments

Your wedding day has arrived - but your face is blotchy from a recent facial or red from grooming your
eyebrows. Or your fake tan has gone wrong! Don't risk any of these problems on your special day.
A proper schedule for your beauty regime will help you get everything done in time.

Infographic Design By Sona MedSpa

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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The Wedding Planner: How To Get The Groom Super Excited

It’s not as if your hubby-to-be is indifferent about getting married. He’s about to get wed to the girl
of his dreams for heaven's sake. Still, like all men, he’s a guy with simple tastes. Grooms don’t
understand the fuss of dealing with the florist or choosing the perfect centerpieces. They want to
get down the aisle and say yes, which is fine but it isn’t the image brides have in their heads.

Ladies, let’s face facts and admit that we would love them to be more involved. Even if get stuff
wrong, it’s nice to see the passion. Well, your fella will be uber amped thanks to the advice
underneath. Fingers crossed you don’t create a monster!

Start At The Beginning

Sounds obvious, right? It is super basic but it’s amazing how many women run away with their
wedding without involving their soon-to-be spouse. There is a mixture of excitement and
he-will-not-care-anyway. Of course he cares, but he feels left out which is why the groom leaves
the heavy lifting to his blushing bride. By involving your man from the start, there is a better chance
he will want to make decisions. The website Brides even has a list of how men contributed in the past.
Try a “must-have”s and “must not”’s list to set realistic expectations.

Give Him Control

Yep, the idea of delegating power on your big day is pretty scary. What if someone gets it wrong?
What if there is a blip? Remember that trust is essential if your marriage is going to work, and it
starts as early as planning a wedding. So, give him the opportunity to control an area of the event
and have faith. The suits are a perfect chance to delegate because he is going to wear one. Plus,
you can drop names such as Chookhare and Sons and then you know it will be fine. The music is
another area guys love to dominate. Therefore, let him pick the first dance song.

Involve Him In Non-Party Planning

This seems harsh, but some guys don’t have a flair for party planning and are happy to admit as
much. Of course, it doesn’t mean he can’t lend a hand. After all, there’s plenty to do and not all of
it revolves around the reception. Take the honeymoon. Men can be romantic at times, especially
when it’s a big surprise. So, let him pick the destination and keep it a secret from you, his fiancĂ©.
As long as you’re together as it’s sunny, there won’t be an issue.

Space Out

Doing things as a couple can be grating. He doesn’t understand and you are annoyed and fights
happen. As common an occurrence as it is, it’s best to avoid arguments. There’s a lifetime for that.
For couples that are getting under one another’s feet, there is an option: split up.
Get your bridesmaids and his groomsmen and do girls versus boys. After all, there’s nothing wrong
with friendly competition. That way, you can both vent and give each other space without screaming
in public.

Do you think your man will be super excited to be a part of the planning?

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Great Lakes Culinary Center ~ Kim + Richard 6/2/2018

June 2, 2018, Kim and Richard tied the knot at the wonderful Great Lakes Culinary Center in Southfield, Michigan. Two self-proclaimed foodies, this venue was practically made for them. GLCC has a gorgeous outdoor ceremony space, festive reception area, and amazing food that made everyone unable to eat their meals without saying yum at least once.

The gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids got ready for the celebratory day at the Westin in Southfield. Lots of giggles, smiles, and special moments were shared during this time.

Meanwhile, the gentlemen were being photographed at the Marriott in Southfield.

Their outdoor ceremony was held at 5:30 in the evening. It was a perfectly sunny day. The outdoor space had DIY signs that the YTB team placed against tree trunks and corn hole was nearby to keep guests entertained before and well after the ceremony. Kim’s bridesmaids were dressed in beautiful mid length gowns in a light grey shade. Richard groomsmen were dressed to appear both modern and polished. Kim was walked down the aisle by her father. During this time and throughout the rest of the day, the bond between Kim and her parents was incredibly heart touching. It was clear it was one of the biggest days of her life, and that her wonderful parents being there made the day so much more special.

It was special that Kim's Aunt officiated the beautiful outdoor ceremony.

The dĂ©cor of the reception area was gorgeous. Many of the couple’s dĂ©cor was DIY and brought both a whimsical and sophisticated atmosphere to the reception. Their flowers were elegant without being overbearing, their cake stole just the right amount of spotlight, and joy was on everyone’s face.

Once the sun went down, the giddiness of the day had gone away and it was time for the party. The couple’s friends and families had no problem going out on the dance floor and celebrating the night away.

We wish Kim and Richard all the best in their new adventures as husband and wife. They were a dream to work and their joyful attitudes and complete devotion to one another made for a lovely wedding and an even lovelier marriage.

Ceremony and Venue: Great Lakes Culinary Center -

Hair and makeup: Bridal Beauty -

Flowers and Linens:  Lasting Touch –

Cake:  Sweet Dreams -

Chairs: Display Group -

Photographer: Sublime Moments -

DJ and Photo booth: Encore -

Transportation: D and D Executive Transportation -

Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride –

Hotel:  Courtyard by Marriott Southfield -
            Marriott Detroit-Southfield -
            Hampton Inn West-Bloomfield Southfield -

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