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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Seven Stress-Free Wedding Ideas

Before saying “I do” for a lifetime of love and devotion, you need to take care of everything first. There’s still the wedding planning, the cake and wine tasting, dress hunting, coordinating with caterers and flower shops. And the list goes on even more if you decide to do a DIY wedding for a personalized experience.

Hey, there is nothing to fret about. With the savvy tips and tricks on this list, you can avoid high stress levels before and during your big day. Are you ready to discover the secrets?

Before the D-day

Stay Focused and Organized

Write down all your plans so you don’t waste time recalling what to do, whom to contact, and when to set a schedule. Choose your priorities beforehand, and set realistic limitations especially when it comes to budgeting. Set deadlines and stick to them—say no to procrastination. Keep all your pertinent documents and other papers in one place that’s easily accessible.

Ask for Help

Do not be afraid to ask your family and friends for a reasonable amount of help. Remember that you cannot do all the things you listed on your to-do list alone. As you delegate, you can free up some time for other important wedding details that require more of your attention.

Set Aside Time for Communication

When it comes to sidestepping the stress of planning one of the most important events of your life, communicating with everyone directly involved is crucial. That is why you need to allocate enough time for a regular meeting, maybe weekly or bimonthly, to talk about significant updates, issues, and ideas with your core group. It’s also a good way to ensure that you're all working on the same page, which can be a good way to avoid the common mistakes in planning a wedding.

Have a Break!

Despite the busy schedule, you need to think about your wellness—and not to mention beauty. Take a break from all the hustle and bustle of your wedding. Try to ease the tension and stress even with simple pleasures.Wedding planning can take a toll on you so it's important to take time out to connect with each other. Too often couples are overwhelmed and having that stress spill over into a new marriage is not healthy. The first year is often the toughest so if a new couple is having difficulties they can talk to a licensed therapist at

For instance, you can have a date night with your partner without discussing the wedding details. Or you can treat yourself to a little tender, loving care to a spa. What’s important is that you can take care of yourself while taking care of your wedding.

During the Wedding Day

Choose a Wedding-Day Coordinator

Come on, you are the stars of this show—both you and your husband. You shouldn’t play hostess and run around the perimeter to make sure things like buying affordable wedding decors and coordinating with caterers have been well taken care of. Instead, appoint a day coordinator, or alternatively hire one, so you can celebrate all the moments of your big day.

Prepare for Emergencies

God forbid your dress’s zipper won’t budge or a bridesmaid suddenly has a headache. That is why it’s a good decision to anticipate and prepare for the most common emergencies during weddings. Just pack your getting-ready bag with the essentials in advance, and you’ll get through it smoothly.

Stick Together

Yes, you and your future spouse are both independent people who can talk to your guests separately. But you shouldnt be apart for a long period. There may be things that need both of your insights, and you don’t want to scour the area for your MIA husband. It’s a big sea of people filled with warm socialization, so you don’t want to waste your time looking for each other.

Plan Now, Enjoy Later

These may sound simple, but they can be your lifesaver. Take note of these things, create your own system, and keep everything under the radar. There’s a thin line between hopelessness and enjoyment, and you don’t want to test the border.

What are you waiting for? Begin doing the first trick, if you haven’t started yet, to pull off a stress-free wedding. And don’t forget to savor every moment along the way to your magical happy ever after.

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