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Saturday, May 5, 2018

5 Tips for a Wedding in the Celestial Heavens.

A recent trend seen across multiple social media platforms is the romantic gift of celestial constellations from important and memorable dates. 

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When it comes to your significant other, these dates could be the day you two first met, your first date, or even when your official engagement was. A new trend is taking these romantic stars a step further by including the celestial heavens in all aspects of your wedding. Here are our 5 tips for the perfect wedding in the celestial heavens.

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·         The key to a celestial theme is to stick to dark and mysterious colors. The linens should be done in shades of navy, maroon, and charcoal. These colors will set the mood as being both sexy and romantic.
·         Metallic accents such as vintage gold and silver will help give the room some glimmer without being overpowering.  This will help remind your guests of the night sky filled with shining starts.
·         Tables named after famous constellations with a seating chart that resembles the night sky gives a unique touch to a simple setup.  
·         Your flower arrangements should be kept simple to keep the mood intimate. Anything too attention grabbing will throw off the mood of your reception.   

·         A simple way to incorporate this outer world experience is by using strands of fairy lights hung above to give the appearance of the night sky.

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 These tips give your reception space a much more intimate and romantic feel. Hopefully these tips have helped you become inspired when it comes to your own magical day. 

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