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Monday, February 26, 2018

Reminiscing on our gorgeous "Timeless" cake from a 2012 styled shoot. Cake by @kaylielovescakes photo by @innercirclephotography shoot theme /concept by @yourethebride

Bridesmaids versus Groomsmen: Who Does What for the Wedding?

A wedding is not only a happy occasion when two hearts unite legally and spiritually. It is also a busy day that demands the time, effort, and patience of everybody involved. So much in the wedding depends on the entourage, whose presence and support can make the event an unforgettable one.

If you are a first-time bridesmaid or groomsman, chances are you may be nervous and feel overwhelmed with the looming task ahead. But there is no need to fret. You can actually get through this in one piece and even enjoy yourself while you are at it. After all, you signed up for this because of your love for the bride and the groom.

To help you along the way, check out the duties and responsibilities of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Help Choose the Wedding Attire

Months before the wedding, a whirlwind of activity will sweep the bridesmaids and the groomsmen along. They are there to help plan the wedding as bridesmaids, especially if the engaged couple did not hire the services of a planner.

One of the duties of the bridesmaids is to help the bride in finding her wedding gown. She may take them to dozens of boutique before she settles for the perfect one. It is wise for them to be patient and generously give her their input.

As groomsmen, it is also part of their duty to accompany the groom as he selects his tuxedo. Although there are men who are not too fussy with their clothing, he may need advice when it comes to fashion and choosing the right attire that will complement the bride’s.

Organize the Bachelorette and Bachelor Party

With the maid of honor and the best man taking the lead, bridesmaids and groomsmen are expected to plan and execute the bachelorette and bachelor party. This is usually done separately.

The bride’s party usually involves dancing, parlor games, and opening a bottle of champagne. The groom’s party usually goes for casinos or bars. It will involve drinking and, sometimes, strip clubs.

Assist the Bride and the Groom on the Morning of the Wedding

The bridesmaids sometimes change their attires and have their hair and makeup done where the bride is staying. They are there to assist the bride as she gets dressed and offer warm words when it gets emotional. They can also help in dressing the flower girls and other younger members of the entourage.

The groomsmen, on the other hand, must also be there for the groom. They can help him get ready and calm him down if he is agitated, which is quite usual.

Support Crew and Glamour Squad

Of course, bridesmaids are expected to be pretty and to make the bride even prettier. In the church or the ceremony venue, they can assist the flower girls and ring bearer as they line up before the wedding march. While the maid of honor does the bulk of the work, like holding the trail of the bride’s gown and helping her with the veil, the bridesmaids can also offer help by carrying the necessities for a quick retouch and emergency medicine.

The groomsmen are perfect gentlemen who are assumed to serve as ushers at the ceremony. They also usually distribute the programs to the guests. It is also not uncommon for them to make decisions and arrangements with the vendor, a job that requires them to be clear-headed and sober.

Aid in Receiving the Guests

In the reception, bridesmaids assist the bride and groom in thanking and receiving congratulations from the guests. They are to make sure that the bride manages her time wisely and can get to everybody.

Groomsmen typically escort guests, especially the elderly guests, into their designated seats. They are also the elected ones to transport the wedding gifts to the couple’s home.

The attendance of bridesmaids and groomsmen is truly valuable. They fly or drive to the wedding location, buy their own wedding attire, and lend a helping hand by doing their duties as part of the entourage. That is why the bride and the groom reward their efforts and give them tokens to show their warmest gratitude and appreciation.

It is not simply a token like gift cards or coupons. Etiquette dictates that the couple must find remarkable and thoughtful gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids that will let them know truly came from the heart.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Ways to Boost Your Confidence

You may have recently been asked to stand up in a wedding for your friend. Now normally this
is such an honor and so exciting to help her with wedding planning. However, you might have
some social anxiety and do not feel comfortable in social settings and meeting new people.
It can definitely be a challenge to work on your self-esteem and confidence. There are ways
to over-come this so you can work on it before the big day arrives so you can feel a little more
at ease with everything. 

It’s no secret that many people struggle with their self-esteem. In fact, 8 to 9 of every 10 people
you see today probably struggles with low self-esteem. While that’s a staggering number, it can
almost be an encouraging revelation--if you, too, struggle with low confidence.

If you struggle with low self-esteem, you’re not alone. Instead of sticking with the crowd, however,
you deserve to gain more confidence, and stop being in that 85%. If you’re looking for ways to improve
your confidence, and boost your self-esteem, take some tips from this list. Each one of these ideas
may help you gain a better quality of life.

Take Care of Your Appearance
We spend time on the things we value, but we also tend to value the things we spend time on.
A lack of personal care may be contributing to your low self-esteem, and it may have been caused
by your low self-esteem in the first place. Rather than letting the cycle self-perpetuate, start caring
for yourself. If you’re a makeup wearer, start putting it on regularly and learning how to do it well.
Pluck your eyebrows. Clean your fingernails. Shower regularly. In other words, treat yourself like
someone who’s awesome. While it isn’t right or fair, people take good-looking people more seriously,
and respect them more. Be your best self. If you could stand to lose some extra pounds, try
Fastin Diet Pills and improve your physical appearance. Not only will it benefit your health, it will
help improve your self-esteem.

Stand Up For Yourself
Often, people with low self-esteem don’t know how to say no. They let managers pressure them,
family members guilt-trip them, or co-workers harass them, and they don’t speak up. If you could
benefit from some self-protection, start practicing healthy boundaries with friends, family, and
coworkers. Tell your boss you don’t have time for that project he or she should be doing in the
first place. Tell your family you love them, but you’re not coming over this weekend. Tell the HR
department of your company about any sexual harassment you may be dealing with, or contact
a los angeles sexual harassment lawyer. Start sticking up for yourself, one day at a time.  

Say No to Negativity

Another huge help in boosting your self confidence is to cut negativity from your life. Critical outsiders
come and go, but the critic you really need to get rid of is you. Make a pact to stop criticizing your choices,
your actions, and your physical appearance. Learn to graciously acknowledge when you’ve
failed, but remember that that failure isn’t you. Compliment and encourage yourself instead, and while
you’re at it, stop being negative about others as well. Positivity can help turn your life around, so take
a turn for the better. Whatever ways you find to bring confidence into your life, keep at it. Low self-esteem
isn’t a permanent part of who you are, so start learning a new life skill to replace it: the life skill of confidence.

Photo Credit : Lee and Stefanie Photography

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Face on a Flask

So you have the date set and have asked your closest buddies to be in the wedding.
Don't forget to get them a thank you gift for helping you before and on the wedding day.
Most guys don't really have any idea what to get their groomsmen. We have the perfect
suggestion that is not only practical but pretty darn cool and they will love it. What guy
wouldn't like to have their own personal flask? Better yet a personalized flask with their
caricature picture and name! These cool and unique flasks are available for
purchase at Groovy Guy Gifts. It would also make a perfect gift for the Dad's
or any other men that are lending a hand on the wedding day. 

Personalized Caricature Flask

You can place your order on their website  

Once you order the flasks you will need to email over photos of the guys.
The caricature artist will then draft up a photo for you to approve. Please
allow at least 30 days for the process and to receive your order once it is placed.
Visit the website for complete details. 

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Creating a Comfortable Living Room

You had the perfect wedding and now need to settle into married life. Here are some tips on creating
a comfortable living room inside your new home.

A living room is nothing without comfort, and simple miscalculations like poorly-arranged furniture
can ruin the ambience of a room. A living room should serve its purpose with suitable color schemes
and attributes that create a livable atmosphere you can be proud to call your own. Comfort is a
number-one priority, and if you build your own pillow you’re more likely to create a space that’s
conducive to relaxation. (This is great because you’ll get your hands on a customized pillow, and
you can even spice things up with a water cushion!)

Learning how to build a comfortable room isn’t difficult, but if you seek guidance, you’re in the right place.
This article will outline top tips to showcasing your personal style and creating a living room that suits your
individual needs and requirements. This will quickly make your living room the most favored room in the house,
as it should be.

Measure the Room
The first step on your agenda is measuring the room. This will help you determine how much space there is,
laying the foundation for what you can and can’t include. You will discover the type of furniture that will fit nicely
and eliminate furniture that’s either too big or too small. If furniture doesn’t fit comfortably, your room will appear
overcrowded, defeating the purpose. Once you have measured your room, you can devise a plan to incorporate
suitable items.

Develop a Plan
Throwing pieces together that don’t complement each other can cause clashes that create a messy vibe. There’s nothing
worse than a room that doesn’t go together, so it’s important to devise a plan with a focal point that draws you in. You should
create a wow factor, and, by doing so, you’ll rejuvenate your room. Whether your wow factor is a television, fireplace, or piece
of artwork, you can build other features around it to create an aesthetically-pleasing environment. Simple accessories should
match your focal point, creating complementary hues.

Make Room for Conversation
The next step to creating your dream living room is arranging furniture accordingly. Execute your plan, and feel free to improvise
on the fly. You should focus on setting up in a way that encourages conversation, with furniture that faces each other. If the seating
arrangement doesn’t facilitate conversation, it can look fantastic without achieving its purpose. People shouldn’t have to strain to
speak with compatriots, otherwise this is a failure of planning.

Don’t Overload the Room
People are sometimes under the deception that all empty space should be filled, but this is rarely the case. An overcrowded room has many pitfalls, but keeping an element of space and emptiness will create a tranquil feel and provide depth. If you do too much with your room, you might overwhelm yourself. Focus on negative as well as positive space for a well-balanced aesthetic.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

What do you think about adding fruit to your wedding reception centerpieces? We say why not?!

The Inn at St. John's ~ Erica + David ~ 11/25/17

Erica was referred to us by Linda at the venue and that makes us very happy! We love working at St. John's because it is a beautiful space, they offer delicious food and impeccable service.

Who doesn't love a holiday wedding? Erica and David chose Thanksgiving weekend for their nuptials. At this time the venue is all decked out and looking even better during this time of year. 

David and his guys looking so dapper!

Seriously these two are so cute!

Got to get the funky sock picture!

The ladies got all dolled up in Erica's suite adjacent to the ceremony and wedding reception space.

Love the dress shot!

Really love these special ones between mother and daughter. 

Waiting for the bride reveal to all the bridesmaids was super fun! 

The ladies were so excited to see Erica in her dress! 

It was super fun that my Assistant, Samm and I got to help coordinate this with the photographers.  After that was set we went back down to the space to finish set up. 

Love this picture with Erica and her two Mom's! Such love here! 

It's your wedding day so why not have a little fun and be silly ! 

They were truly a stunning group and Erica has such nice friends!

Now grab a kleenex as Dad sees Erica for the first time as a BRIDE!!

I so love this moment shared between a Daddy and a Daughter.....aww!

Now, we have to knock Husband-to-be's socks off next! 

Yep, she brought him to tears...perfect !! 

Ceremony time!

The Chapel at The Inn at St. John's is always stunning! We have done several weddings here over the years.

 Love seeing their happy faces as the New Mr. and Mrs.!!

Cuteness x 3 !

As you can see the families are HUGE Lions and Patriots fans so the ringbearers carried these down the aisle.

Now lets just talk about the reception space for a minute! It looked so amazing with black and silver accents. Even the waitstaff came up to me and was like we rarely see this color combo and they loved it too!

Girls got to have some bling and sparkle!!!

When setting this table up we were wondering how many bottles of wine did they have to drink to make those initials ? LOL worth it of course!

I love when we can carve out enough time to take a few pictures in the event space before guest arrival.  This gives the couple a few minutes to see all of the details they have been planning for months finally come to fruition. It's really a surreal experience but worth it if it can happen.

The Grand Entrance !  

Thanks Mark for wanting to take a picture of my bag! 

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Ceremony and Reception: The Inn at St. Johns

Officiant: Rev. Mr. C. Robert Dreyer

Cantor and Violinist: Stacy Mason and Ken on keyboards

Hair: By Friend Becky

Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride

Linens: 2 Gals and A Engineer