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Friday, January 26, 2018

Stress You Don't Need Leading Up To The Big Day

When you’re heading full speed towards one of the biggest days of your life, things are going to be
tense enough already. You don’t need the stress that often comes with wedding planning, but many
brides simply don’t know how to stop it. Here, we’re going to look at the sources of stress leading up
to the big day and what you can do about it.

Battling alone?
Organizing a wedding is always going to be something of a hassle, but it can become a nightmare
when a bride is left to do it all alone. Make sure that your future spouse is taking their fair share of
the work by splitting the duties between you. Ensure that your bridesmaids don’t forget that they
have real wedding duties to fulfill, too. Planning a wedding is simply too much for one person to
do it all on her own, so don’t let yourself become the bridezilla.

Forgetting your relationship?
The project of planning a wedding is a big one that will consume a lot of your time and energy.
However, it’s important to not let it get too much in the way of your relationship with your fiancé.
You can risk feeling more like colleagues on a joint project than a couple. Spend time
talking with your groom, ensuring that you’re both as emotionally and mentally prepared for the
big day. Don’t forget to spend some time showing one another affection and simply spending time
with one another, too. Don’t lose focus on what this is all about in the first place. If the stress gets to
be too much to handle and you need to talk about your relationship issues you can contact

Where’s the money coming from?
The notion of the bride’s parents paying for everything isn’t as common as it once was, and many
might see that as a change for the better. However, money can be a serious stress. The best way
to get on top of it is to set a full budget in advance and fund it before you start spending a penny.
If you don’t want to save for a long time, bad credit installment loans can stop your financial needs
from holding back the wedding for too long. Seriously consider your priorities when dictating how
much of the budget goes on certain elements of the wedding, too.

Nervous about your in-laws?
In part, your future spouse should play a big role in helping to establish a relationship between you
and your in-laws. However, you have to put in some effort, especially with your mother-in-law.
Sometimes, this battle just can’t be won, and you have to settle for being civil. But make a genuine
attempt to build a bond with your mother-in-law. Asking her if she would like to be included in a
specific task regarding the wedding could set you off on the right foot.

You’re not going to be able to solve every dilemma yourself when your wedding day is around the
corner. If something’s stressing you out, rely on your partner and your bridesmaids. Giving you a
shoulder to cry on and a caring ear is part of their job, too.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

2017 Year-End Recap

It was another great year at You're The Bride. We are so thankful for our clients choosing us to share in part of their wedding planning journey and the big day. 

2017 marked our 18th year in business and we are so grateful to continue to do the work we love and bring so many events to fruition. We are inspired and motivated to help each couple have the best day ever!

We had some great highlights that we are honored to share with you from 2017:

We got to work at many fabulous venues, some that we have been to many times before and other new ones which is always exciting!

We planned an amazing bridal styled shoot in October and the pictures will be coming soon so we can begin submitting to magazines for publications. Unfortunately, editors don't really like you to share them as we always try to go print exclusive so we have to keep them under wraps for a bit longer. 

Event Assistant, Jessie, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Della Rose in November. 

Owner, Tracie was asked to be on a local tv show that aired on Detroit Chanel 20 called
Celebrate Michigan to talk about her knowledge of weddings and about the company. Re-runs are scheduled for 2 years. 

Owner, Tracie was interviewed on a talk radio show based out of NYC about the wedding industry. 

We contributed to many blogs and articles with our expertise on weddings. 

Client's Mary + Eric's wedding was featured in The Knot print and online.

We received the 2018 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice award.  

We hired a new Lead Planner, Samm Hanely, who is about to celebrate her one-year anniversary on February 18.

We also had an amazing intern, Christy (right), join our team from February to August. 

We planned and coordinated amazing events in rustic venues, tents, a farmer's market and fancy ballrooms!

Best of all we got to work with amazing clients whom are people in love and we love, love!
Thank you for choosing us to be part of your special day! xoxo

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ultra Violet - 2018 Pantone Color of the year

Ultra Violet is the Pantone color of the year and we are digging it. Purple is so pretty ! Click below
for some inspiration if you are using this color palette for your upcoming celebration!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Evening Weddings: Are They A Good Idea?

Most people choose to have their wedding during the day. However, there is another option that’s slowly becoming
more and more popular. As you can tell by the title, we’re talking about evening weddings. Yes, the idea of having a
wedding in the evening can be great for some, but not for others. So, how do you know if it’s the right choice for you?
Well, the best thing to do is look at some of the advantages they bring:

Arguably the best reason to have an evening wedding is that you can get married under a sunset. If you time it
right, all of your beautiful photos will be complete with a gorgeous sunset in the background. It’s such a naturally
gorgeous sight and not something you will enjoy with a daytime wedding.

Pretty Lights
One of the great things about an evening wedding is that you get to use a lot of pretty lighting. You can experiment
with so many cute lighting options in the evening. Things like fairy lights and lanterns look so gorgeous if you have an
evening wedding outdoors. Then, if you look at sites like Sparklers Online, you could start getting more creative and using
sparklers. Also, you could include fireworks at this point too. Light up the sky with fireworks as you walk out of your wedding
ceremony to cheers and jubilation.

Less Expensive
You might not know this but evening weddings are cheaper than traditional daytime ones. This is largely because most ceremony
and reception locations are expensive during the peak hours of the day. When planning your wedding, you’ll quickly realize that a
lot of places ramp up the prices from midday onwards as they know this is when most people get married. So, if you get married in
the evening, then you could end up saving a fortune on your wedding day. This means you’ve got money left over to go towards an
even better honeymoon!

Okay, so we’ve established there are some pretty great reasons to have an evening wedding. But, are they completely brilliant or are there
some negatives we’ve skipped over? In reality, there are a few things that might put people off an evening wedding:

  • Less reception time: if your wedding is in the evening then it means you have less time at the reception because it’s later in the day.
  • Some people can be annoyed at this as they want to party all day and night.

  • Harder to have a traditional church wedding: due to the lateness of your wedding, some churches might close or just not hold ceremonies at this time.
  • This may be problematic if you want a traditional ceremony.

You see, there are pros and cons to this idea, but is it right for you? Take a look at the good and bad points before making this decision for yourself.
I think it’s a great idea to do something different, particularly if you don’t care for traditions. Or, it’s good if you want a relatively big wedding but without
the big costs.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hawthorne Gardens ~ Amelia + Kurtis ~ July 15, 2017

Amelia contacted Tracie in November of 2016 as she was looking for a wedding planner to help plan her wedding since she was living in Houston, Texas.  Her fiancee plays for The Houston Texans and there were only limited dates to have the wedding due to his training schedule. After a few location changes we ended on July 15 at Hawthorne Gardens in Marshall, MI. The ceremony took place in her home town of Albion with a reception to follow.

I totally love that Kurtis wrote Ameila a list of all the reasons he loves her....I mean c'mon that's awesome for a guy to do! 

Amelia with her proud parents and sister !

Seriously can these kids be any cuter? 

Check out those socks!

Looking very dapper!

Good looking group of guys to support Kurtis on the big day!

Of course we had to have cheerleaders for the couple since Kurtis plays for The Houston Texans!

And footballs ! 

Finally got to send my bride Amelia down the aisle after months of planning with her.

Yes! They did it....the new Mr. and Mrs. !


I loved all of these images and it was too hard to pick just one so I posted 3 !

I just love the water fountains pictures, especially this one!

She is so stunning!

The tent and grounds looked amazing at Hawthorne Gardens. It was a beautiful day for a tent wedding!

The inside of the tent looked amazing in shades of gold and pink. We used gold sparkle linens on the specialty tables to give an extra pop!

Of course we had a Tailgate Themed Cocktail Hour. Thomas's Catering provided delicious snacks while the guests waited for the bridal party to arrive. 7 layer chips and dip, tater tots on a skewer with dipping sauce and more!

Italian ruscus is always a nice touch!

We carried the Mr. and Mrs. theme throughout the design of the event.

Go Texans and Go State (Where the couple met) !

Everyone loves a game of cornhole!

Ok now the cake cutting had to be one of my favorite moments of the day. Kurtis is so funny the way he eats his cake, barely sharing any with his new bride. LOL

He was loving the cake and jamming to "Love On Top" by Beyonce that played during this moment.

Ok now he gives her a little bite!

I kept telling them it would be a bomb-ass dance party with Elysium as our entertainment for the evening and it sure was! Everyone had a great time!

Isn't she the cutest?


Officiant:  Pastor Kenneth Ponds

Catering/Bar: Thomas’s Catering

Hair and makeup: Bridal Beauty

Bakery:  Sally 517-315-8221

Videographer:   The Imaginerium

Stationery: Family Friend

Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride

Transportation: Leisure Limousine

Hotels:   Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn
Shuttle:   Father of the Bride
Catering Tent:  The Canopeum

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