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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Things to Plan for on the Morning of Your Wedding

Pre-ceremony preparations can be hectic. You’ll have to interact with several people and deal with last-minute concerns, no matter how much you want to just focus on your own dolling up. So, before all the higgledy-piggledy process begins, remember to get these things planned out and ready on the morning of your wedding.

Turn on your playlist

Liven up the room and get people in the mood to get moving by popping up music. Play something lively but not loud. A little dancing will help set the atmosphere for the party later.

Food and drinks

This may sound basic, but it’s something you may just forget! Remember to grab a bite and drink lots of water. This also goes for your entourage and the vendors who will be with you, like the make-up artists and photographers.

Letter to your soon-to-be husband

In the hours leading to the ceremony, try to find a quiet moment to sit down and write even just a short letter to your future husband. A message penned on the day will bring out more emotions rather than having it ready days before. Who knows? You may even be able to add something to your already beautiful vow.

Charge your phone

Your wedding day will be one of the busiest days in your life. While it would be great if you could go tech-free for this day to really be in the moment and it would be ideal to have someone else hold your phone, make sure that it’s charged and functional. Throughout the day, you will most likely need information stored in your calendar, phonebook, inbox, or notes.

Gifts for your groom and bridal party

If you have prepared gifts for your groom and your squad, make sure to have them ready in the morning. You can have your present for your future hubby delivered to his room, while your gifts for your bridesmaids can be laid out somewhere they could easily see as soon as they arrive.

“Getting ready” outfit

Before donning your gorgeous gown, slip on that pretty wedding day satin robe that will sure make your photos more dramatic. Hang it nicely in your make-up room so you can conveniently put it on and you’re good to move around comfortably.

Signed checks

While you may have had fulfilled your payables through a series of deposits prior to the wedding, there will be vendors you will need to pay after the delivery of service or on the day of the event. Get your signed checks ready in the morning and assign trusted individuals to hand them to the designated contacts. To make it confidential, place the checks inside sealed envelopes.

Clean up crew

A place full of people getting ready could mean a messy room. Get someone who will work on cleaning up the space after you are all done preparing. It’s easier if you’re getting a hotel room since you can simply call room service, however, remind everyone to be responsible of their own belongings and assign someone who will secure your valuables upon clean-up.

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