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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Christy Talks About Her Exerience as a Intern

Intern Christy and I at her celebration lunch for participating in our internship program since February!
Each season I work with interns as they go through a pretty intense internship that I developed in 2010 to give them a hands on experience of being a wedding planner. At the end of their program I always give them a exit interview so I can hear what they thought about their experience including likes and dislikes which helps me determine if there is anything I can do to improve things for the next interns. Here are Christy's thoughts as she finishes her 6 month internship. 

1. What things did you enjoy about the internship?

I enjoyed being treated like an equal and being trusted with a variety of tasks. I found the knotties to be a helpful tool in getting me to think like a wedding planner. I enjoyed going to four weddings and feeling like a useful asset to the team.

2. Do you think it was a valuable experience if so why?

I did find this experience to be valuable. I feel confident in how I communicate with others over the phone. 

3. What did you learn about wedding/event planning?

I learned that it's not always easy working with different vendors at every wedding. You may have to ignore rude behavior and remind yourself that you are there to help the bride and groom.

4. What was your favorite part of the experience while interning at You’re The Bride? 

Seeing everything come together at the end of the night and watching all the guests and our clients enjoying their wedding was my favorite part. One of the best feelings is laying in bed at the end of the night with an aching body but knowing that your event was a success. 
5. What did you dislike about the internship? 

Sometimes it was hard to keep track of all the email chains and what assignments needed to be completed. I tried my hardest to write them down in my planner but occasionally forgot. I might suggest having a google sheets folder shared between you and next interns. The intern can be in charge of keeping it up to date and putting a check mark next to assignments that are completed. Then you can check it once a week to make sure nothing is missing. 
6. Do you have any suggestions on how to change or make the internship better?

Since google documents are so important I suggest having a shared folder where all of the documents are placed. This would make it easier to find documents in one location rather than mixed in google drive with everything else. 

7. Do you still have plans to either become a wedding or event planner while working for someone else or starting your own wedding business? Please note per the non-compete agreement that you signed you are not allowed to work for another wedding/event planning company for a period of 1 year within a 50 mile radius of You’re The Bride in Farmington, MI except with the prior written consent of the company/Tracie Morris.

I would like to spend my last year in school researching different event coordinating options. I'm thinking of working for a city, hotel, large company, really anything that would allow me to plan events. 

8. Are you interested in working any weddings with YTB as an Event Assistant in the future to gain more experience for a day rate?

I don't know where I'll be living after graduation so I may not be close enough to help work weddings.  

9. Are you interested in assignments as needed for a flat rate per assignment? This could be preparing wedding blogs, working bridal shows, similar tasks that you did during the internship, etc.*Of course this is on an as needed basis depending on how busy I am in the future and how soon I am able to start the next interns*

As much as I enjoyed all my work this summer I can't commit to doing assignments once it's over. I will have a heavy work load this next school year and spending a lot of time trying to find a job.

10. List any other comments/feedback you wish to share about your experience.

Thanks again for giving me this experience. I truly loved working with you and Samm and definitely plan on staying in touch.

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