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Monday, July 10, 2017

What to Do on Summer's Rainy Days


          Most couples getting married are so consumed with all the tasks on their wedding to-do lists that it is nice to take a break from time to time and just enjoy your life outside of wedding planning. On a rainy day you can find so many other things to do to take a much needed break from the world of wedding planning! 

            Summer is a time for outdoor fun - but you can’t be out on the boat or hiking in the woods every day. Sometimes it rains! And while a few of you die-hards may insist that camping and hiking are just as fun in the rain as they are in the sun (they are not, and you people are crazy), the rest of us will spend our rainy days looking for something else to do. So what do you do when it rains on a summer weekend, or during your summer vacation? Here are a few ideas.

Catch up on your reading

            You never have time to read during the rest of the year, and during the summer, you feel like you should be outside instead of inside with a book. Well, guess what: this rain has finally given you the chance to catch up on your reading. So grab a book (or an ebook) and get started. With a good book, the rainy hours will fly by.
            Get engrossed in fiction if that’s your style, or look for a nonfiction book. You can read nonfiction that moves with the pace and excitement of fiction, or you can study up with something a little more technical - summer is a great time to learn new skills, and there’s no better way to learn a new skill than from a book.

Gaming with the family

            When was the last time you played a board game with the whole family? Those game nights aren’t just a fiction created by the photos in 1950s advertisements. Real families really do play board games together, and it’s a ton of fun. Get your loved ones together and choose a game that has something for everyone. An older game might be a good place to start, as they often have simpler and more familiar rules, but don’t be surprised if family game night becomes a tradition - and if you move on to newer and more complex games. Board games are a big business these days, and there are lots of very complex and challenging games aimed at hardcore board gamers and adult players.

Have a cook-in

            Summer means cookouts, but rainy days can put a damper on your barbecue. That doesn’t mean that you and the family can’t have a great time cooking and eating together, though!
            You can make barbecue food indoors with your stovetop, and the indoors is well suited for other meals, too - like breakfast. Pull out your griddle (if you don’t own one, here’s a list of the best electric griddles money can buy) and make a big family breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, or whatever you crave. A nice big breakfast with a happy family is a cozy and wonderful way to start a rainy day.

Indoor athletics

            It’s summer, and you have a lot of energy (or maybe your kids do!), so a rainy day can be a real buzzkill. If the idea of books and board games makes the whole family antsy, maybe it’s time to do something athletic - inside.
            There are a ton of high-energy activities that are done indoors, and they’re available in summer just as they are in winter. Maybe you’re already a fan of one of the many great indoor sports, or maybe you’re not - in which case, summer is the perfect time to learn about one (you’ll never have more time to start a new hobby than during a rainy staycation, and your kids have the most free time in summer).
            Rock climbing is a great choice - it’s an outdoor activity by nature, but there a ton of indoor rock gyms that are perfect for rainy days (or for practicing before you take your passion outside, where the floors aren’t soft or made of rubber!).
            Your local dance studio is a great rainy day choice, too. Look at the schedule to see if you can get into any group lessons or activities. Maybe you’ll want to become a regular!

            This is hardly an exhaustive list. You’ll have a ton of options for indoor fun: martial arts studios, trampoline gyms, and so much more. There are even indoor theme parks! Summer is fun, and that fun doesn’t stop when it rains.

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