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Monday, July 31, 2017

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Planning A Styled Shoot

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Working with others can be a challenge, especially if everyone has their own way of doing things. This can happen in any industry. In the wedding planning industry this can often happen when doing a styled shoot. Vendors you work with may have different ideas of how to organize a shoot. I hope this post will give you an inside scoop of how to collaborate well with others and tips to get your shoot published!

Your first step is to know where you want to submit your photographs. Do this before talking to others so you can explain what style and theme you want to create and who you want to publish it. If you are doing something chic and classy in Chicago don't expect to be published in Southern Weddings. When determining a style don't go with what is trendy. Show potential clients what you can do by being creative. And if you want to stick with tradition, try and think outside the box and add your own flare to certain details. Choose your style, do your research, ask vendors to be a part of your shoot. 

Finding the right vendors should not be easy. It's important to hand pick the other vendors because they will be a significant part of your team. If you have a clear idea of what you want, make sure the vendor you choose can do what you're asking and that they can do that style. Take a look at previous work they've done to ensure that they can do what you want to accomplish. Also, don't be afraid to ask people to be a part of your shoot. If you're coordinating a shoot from Michigan and want a vintage oil lamps from New York then email the supplier! Let them know what it's for and that they will get credit for any work published. They may love the idea and want their name to be marketed in another state. 

Treat your vendors like a client. This is a great opportunity to show people what it's like to work with you. Provide everyone with a detailed schedule and timeline so they know what to expect before they even show up. Remember to keep vendors in the loop with progress of any pictures being published. Remind them that it could take months maybe even years to get published but reassure them that as soon as you hear any news they will be contacted.

With that in mind, don't feel bad if you're a wedding planner and you don't receive any clients from shoots. Planners may not get a lot of credit from a styled shoot because not many brides or couples look at the pictures and think about the person who coordinated everything. However, planners do build vendor relationships and get publicity from the shoots. If the photographer or baker gets hired because of the shoot then they can recommend their client to hire you for planning. 

Another tip is to include styled shoots into your budget. Even if vendors offer their services for free, some locations may need payments for table or chair rentals as well as labor fees. Shoots typically last a couple hours so I would also budget in snacks and water for all of the vendors.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Focus on Photographs: Achieving Beautiful Wedding Pictures!

As such an important day in your life, you spend a lot of time, effort and money on your wedding day getting it just right. And although the celebrations only last for a day, the memories remain forever. Photographs are the perfect reminders of all of the little details you’ve poured your efforts into, they help to capture the incredible moments throughout the day, and all in all are such an important thing to get right. Don’t try to cut costs when it comes to your photography, it should never be an afterthought. Here are some of the ways you can ensure your wedding photos turn out beautifully.

Spend Time Choosing Your Professional Photographer
When it comes to photography, it’s not just a case of pointing a camera and capturing the scene. It really is an art, and different photographers will have very different styles. To ensure your photographs match up with the vision you have in mind, you need to choose the right photographer. Read plenty of reviews, and spend time looking through their portfolio. You will also need to ensure the photographer you want is available on your wedding day, so booking way in advance is often necessary. And find out if their prices fit within your budget.

Speak To Your Photographer About Your Vision
A good wedding photographer will know all of the best shots to take to capture your wedding day. But it’s still a good idea to speak to them beforehand and discuss anything you have in mind. Perhaps you want to create a certain shot, or you want particular people to feature more heavily in your wedding album. Don’t forget to point out who these people are on the day, your photographer isn't a mind reader! If you can’t meet in person, a phone call or video call should help to put your mind at ease and ensure they know the type of thing you’re after.

Hire a Beautiful Venue
Your venue is the backdrop to your wedding, and so getting married at a venue with a beautiful wedding and reception space is of course going to mean beautiful wedding photos. When you’re choosing your location, have a look carefully at the setting. Maybe you’re after manicured gardens with colourful flowers, or perhaps a stunning staircase features on your list. Maybe striking architecture is what catches your eye. If you have a look on the website of the venue, you will see past wedding photos taken there which will give you a clue about how yours will turn out.

Don’t Forget Guest’s Photos!
This day in age, everyone has a phone with an incredible camera, or a great quality digital camera. So you might be shocked at just how good some of your guests photos of the day turn out! Ask people to send you their snaps, or create a group/ hashtag on social media so that people can share and you can easily access them. Even leaving some disposable cameras on the table can lead to some really funny snaps, so it’s definitely an expense worth considering. You could hire a photo booth company for some more silly and light-hearted snaps of the day, plus with all of the fun props it makes good entertainment for guests too.


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The Engagement: Perfect Pampering Ideas for Couples

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If the days leading up the wedding has been all about everything else but the two of you, it’s time to put the wedding planner down for a day or two. When the big day arrives, you’d want to be as relaxed, rested, and happy as possible - rather than relieved that all the planning is finally over. Here is everything you need for the perfect pampering session for you and your bae to give yourself the time to enjoy each other’s company again.

Plan a spa night

A trip to the spa is a wonderful idea - but it’s expensive and requires you to leave your home. Eliminate this by throwing one at home; it’s almost for free, and you can stay in your robes all day long. Make sure you have some soft and luxurious robes to roll around in, a couple of cuddly towels, and a basket full of indulging lotions and facial masks for treating each other.Here are some tips on do's and don't for sauna usage so you can have a wonderful experience.

As you’re different people, you tend to come with a set of preferences to lotions and creams; try to have a mix of something that both of you would like. That some creams are better for men than for women is, of course, a bunch of marketing nonsense - but if it makes him feel more manly or something, humour him by throwing in a few of these.

The only difference is that they smell a bit muskier and claims to be better suited for men; whatever, give him what he wants and enjoy the smug feeling of knowing better.

Go suit-shopping

You know how all of your girlfriends are having fun, sipping champagne, and commenting on the wedding dresses you try on? Put yourself in their shoes and go suit-shopping with your groom to-be; he’ll feel properly spoiled, and you can lean back, have a sip, and make sure he looks as handsome as possible on the big day. Have a look at this site, by the way, for something to drool at while you’re deciding on renting a suit or buying one for the occasion.

Image credit: Pexels

Make a day out of it by going out for a meal afterwards and maybe scheduling your spa session for later in the evening. It’s a silly mindset that only the girl should be treated like this before the wedding day - especially when there is so much you can do to have fun and enjoy it together. Spend time on looking at mens’ wedding bands that come in different styles for inspiration, and send him to a classy barber shop to make him even more handsome.

You’re marrying the man, after all, so he better look his absolute best on the day.

Even though you’ve been taught that wedding planning is stressful and every bride in the movies seem to have a nervous breakdown sooner or later, it’s not necessarily how it needs to go down. You’re in control and shouldn’t let the expectations of others steer you in either direction; just remember to put your feet up, watch a good movie together, and enjoy each other's’ company as you’re going to do for years to come.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Rent this 3-tier wedding cake card box for your event.

Notice the flower detail on Maria's dress? She asked if she and her girls could stand on the right so the appliqué could be shown. Of course I said yes as it's all in the details and joked with Maria that this now represents a Jewish wedding and she was ok with that!

Travis Pointe Country Club ~ Maggie + Phil 6/3/17

On June 3, 2017 Maggie and Phil said I do! You're The Bride was hired for rehearsal and Day of/Wedding Management. The YTB team of Tracie, Samm, and Christy were there to finalize details, set up decorations including a memory table, candy at each place setting, setting up place cards, placing a linen made by Phil's Mom on the cake table, and ensure that everything went smoothly.

Maggie and Phil were married at St. Mary Student Parish in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This city is special to the couple because they attended and met at U of M Ann Arbor!

The reception was held at Travis Pointe Country Club. Which was very fitting because Phil had proposed to Maggie during a golf match on the 9th hole.

The blue, white, and greenery were a perfect combination of colors for this hot summer wedding. The big open windows created vibrant natural light that filled the space. Each table was decorated with vases overflowing with gorgeous white roses and blue hydrangeas sitting on top of a square mirror.

The happy couple shared their first dance to "You Are The Best Thing" by Ray Lamontagne. When their dance was over, the house lights went off and the colorful party lights turned on. It didn't take long for guests to join Maggie and Phil on the dance floor. Friends and family stayed and danced throughout the entire evening. Only taking a break to get some silly pictures at the photo booth or to grab a slice of pizza that the bride and groom had arranged as a late night snack. Kids especially took great pleasure in the glow sticks that our team passed out. 

This couple had the best hashtag that was fitting with their last name. 

Congratulations Maggie and Phil! Thank you for letting us take part in your special day! The couple
makes their home in Wilmington, North Carolina although they have strong roots to Michigan and Univeristy of
Michigan. Go Blue !


Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride
Ceremony: St. Mary Student Parish
Venue: Travis Pointe Country Club
Hair and makeup: Fran Coy’s Salon
Flowers: Lily’s Flowers
Bakery: Gwen’s Cakes
Photographer: Amanda Mae Photography
DJ: DJ Slimz Mobile Entertainment
Transportation: Golden Limo 

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hey if your looking for a fun wedding band consider these guys so fun!!

Keep Your Guests Entertained

       If you've ever been a guest at a wedding then you may have experienced the lengthy wait between the ceremony and reception. This is typically the time the couple leaves to take pictures with family and the bridal party. For the bride and groom this time may go by fairly quickly, but this is not usually the case for guests. To help keep guests at your wedding from groaning and complaining I have researched a couple fun activities either for the wait or during reception. During your planning process, if you find that your cocktail hour may take a couple hours then you may want to consider one or two of these ideas. Even if your cocktail hour will only take an hour feel free to add one of these ideas for a wow factor.


Sit down with your fiancé and write down a couple questions that only apply to one of you. Then have guests guess which one is about you and which one is about him. If your guests fill this out during cocktail hour have the DJ announce the answers during the reception or have an envelope on each table with one correctly filled out. This can be a fun thing to do as a couple and a good break from the stressful planning. 


Have guests write down marriage tips and advice. Place a jar or cute basket at the bar for completed slips then have your wedding coordinator or maid of honor grab it at the end of the night. Even guests who aren't married could have good ideas of how to better love each other.  

Date Nights

Another idea is having guests write down their favorite restaurants or date night ideas. This can be very helpful throughout your many years of marriage to try new things as a couple. Instead of going to the same restaurant every weekend draw a card and see where it will take you!
Images from

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Of course you'll probably have a professional wedding photographer or videographer, but make your guests feel important by giving them a role in your special day. Place a list of picture ideas you and your fiancé would love to see from their perspective and give them the freedom to be creative with their shots. To see them all be sure to give guests a hashtag on Instagram to find them easily.  

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Inn at St. John’s ~ Lauren + Ryan 2/18/17

Lauren was referred to us by Deanna at Whimsical Occasions. We love referrals it means a lot! 
She and Ryan are busy Doctor's and had been planning their wedding but realized they wanted some assistance on the day of with set up and coordination. Lauren booked us for our Day of Wedding Management package for her wedding at The Inn at St. John's this past February. 

The flannels are perfect for a winter wedding although the weather wasn't too chilly that day which is surprising for Michigan as you never know what you will get in February.

Lauren looked stunning in her dress with a little bit of sparkle on her belt to complete her look. 

Ryan looking dapper with his handsome groomsmen!

A bittersweet moment as she takes that long awaited walk down the aisle with her father.

We really liked the dresses Lauren chose for her bridesmaids so different than what we usually see.
They can be worn again!  

The reception room looked amazing! We set up place cards, a popcorn bar, memory table, toasting flutes, cake and knife server, bathroom basket, lit candles and made sure everything was perfect before guest arrival. We also moved the ceremony flower arrangements to the reception so we could get double use out of them near the headt able. After dinner Samm and Tracie cleaned and packed all of the silver charger plates for the florist along with packing up all of the couple's belongings.

We always love the first dance such a special moment as Mr. and Mrs.! 

This group sure kept the dance floor packed!

Click here for the video 


Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride
Ceremony: Cross of Christ Church

Venue: The Inn at St. John's

Hair and makeup: The Makeup Loft

Flowers: Wedding Flowers by Heidi

Bakery: Buttercream Bake Shop 

Photographer: Alyssa McElheny 

DJ: An Ultimate Sound

Transportation: Millenium Limousines

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