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Friday, June 30, 2017

Just about the best thing you can do for an outdoor wedding!!!!! Spandex is your answer for a windy day to keep linens in place. Your welcome!

Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Photos Stand Out

So, you’ve picked out the perfect wedding photographer, someone who will capture you in your best light and create high-quality photographs to mark the most important occasion of your life to date, but how do you get your photos to stand out from the crowd?

You might have noticed that looking at one couple’s wedding album is pretty much like looking at anyone else’s and that’s a bummer. If you want yours to be different, to be truly unique and special even after many years have passed, here are some creative things you can do to make your wedding photos stand out:

Ask Your Photographer to See Their Creative Portfolio

Most wedding photographers will have at least experimented with more creative, artistic styles and they will probably jump at the chance of being able to take more conceptual photos of your big day, so ask to see their portfolio and  pick out some unique styles you like and let them know that you’ll be happy for them to get a bit more creative.

Choose a Unique Location

Even if you’re getting married in a traditional setting, you can find an unusual place nearby where you’ll be able to get some interesting shots. A treehouse, an abandoned building, a bridge or a wildflower meadow – it really doesn’t matter, just try to find something a bit out of the norm if you want your wedding album to wow everyone who sees it.

Do Something Quirky

If it’s raining, put a pair of wellies on under your dress and get a few shots showing them off. If there’s a beach nearby, run into the sea together and splash around, or maybe even have your wedding guest surround you both in a human heart for a few high up shots that will definitely be different from the norm.

Take Some Before Shots

Instead of just taking pictures of the wedding and the reception, book your photographer to come along a bit earlier and get some candid shots of you and your bridesmaids having fun sipping champagne, doing your makeup and getting ready for the big day. Do the same for your groom too, and you’ll have at least a few shots in your album that a lot of other couples won’t have.

Take More Photos of Inanimate Objects

Your wedding is, first and foremost, about the two of you and the friends a and family who have come to share your special moment, but it’s likely that you’ll also have put lots of effort into decorating the venue, creating pretty flower arrangements and providing delicious food, so be sure to celebrate that by having your photographer take plenty of pictures of them too!

Multi-Generational Snaps

A really nice way to make your wedding photos stand out is by taking lots of multi-generational snaps of the bride and groom with at least one person from each generation of their family living. This won’t only provide you with great mementos of your wedding, but it will give you some beautiful photos to look back on when certain members of the family have passed.

Does your wedding album have the wow factor? What did you do to make it that way?

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Quirky Wedding Reception Ideas You'll Love

A lot of people plan to marry just the once, meaning they have to get it as right as possible the first time. This means including everything they had ever dreamed about, as long as their budget allows. Nothing is too weird for a wedding these days, with everything from theme weddings to underwater weddings like this one a consideration. With a wedding world as big as you’d like it to be, being as unique as you can be is totally acceptable!
No bride wants a wedding that is forgettable, and that’s a fact. They want to remember a classy day that gives them everything they’ve ever wanted. That said, going big is a must so check out these quirky ideas to make your wedding reception the fun celebration it should be!
Photography. One of the most popular aspects of a wedding is selfies. We live in a world full of them, so it’s only right that you incorporate them into your big day. From giant photo frames with lots of fun props, to buying unique and custom Snapchat filters to make your photos unique, you can do so much with wedding photography. Don’t forget your regular, professional photos, though. It’s nice to have fun candid pictures from the reception, but you definitely need the beautifully posed ones!
Guest Books. Guest books have been wedding additions for decades, but sticking to a pen and paper book may feel a little boring – especially as it’s something everyone does. Trying out a wedding piñata is a fun idea that everyone will get a kick out of. Have your guests write a memory or message on a piece of paper and put it in the piñata. You and your groom can than whack it on your one year anniversary. How cool is that!
Games. The reception is the time to mingle with your guests and they with each other. Sometimes, this can be awkward! Merging two families who don’t know each other is difficult but with games on the tables, ice breakers are easier. Why not go one bigger, and add in giant lawn games? Huge Jenga like this is a great idea, but you could go one better. Create labels and teams if you have enough guests for life-size chess!
Favours. Sugared almonds are on the way out and fun favours are in. Instead of offering ‘mint to be’ chocolates and standard personalised sweet packs (though these are fun!), why not have paper baggies with hangover cures on the inside for the grown-ups and boredom bags for the kids? You could include water, eye masks, mints for fresh breath and a chocolate bar for energy. These will go down so well with guests who love to dance your night away.

Quirky wedding ideas aren’t to be laughed at, they’re to be embraced. You have one shot (hopefully) to get this right and you should make your wedding a memorable occasion for absolutely everyone involved. Your day is going to be the best day of your life, give it some oomph!

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Sneak peak of my tv show on Channel 20 Detroit! Got the DVD today.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Simple Ways To Make Your Wedding Ceremony More Exciting


The reception doesn’t have to be the only exciting part of your wedding. Whilst often steeped in tradition, many people have found ways to personalise the ceremony itself to make it fun and memorable for all involved. Here are a few ways to add some excitement to your ceremony.

Choose a venue with a difference

Whilst some people have their heart set on a church wedding, those that aren’t religious may prefer to get married elsewhere. You needn’t settle for a registry office – registrars can be hired to marry you practically anywhere. For a taste of outdoors, why not get married on a beach or in a forest or in the gardens to a stately home. If you don’t trust the weather, you could try a historical building such as a manor home or a castle. You could even get married in your garden if you wanted to. The likes of Las Vegas meanwhile are renowned for all manner of crazy venues from drive-thru weddings to the High Roller (the largest observation wheel in the world).

Have it videographed

When looking for a photographer, why not look for one that can also videograph your wedding? You can then relive the moment in all its glory for years to come. The ceremony and the first dance are the two most popular videographed parts of the wedding.

Get creative with music

When the bride is walking down the aisle, choose a piece of music that means something to the two of you rather than a generic ‘wedding march’. You can also have music before the ceremony, as well as at the end, giving you lots of chances to have themed music if the two of you can’t decide on just one song. Some people will hire a musician or group of musicians to perform the music such a singer or string quartet. It’s worth listening to these musicians first so that you know you’re paying for someone talented. Also consider acoustic or classical versions of pop songs – they could provide a personal touch whilst keeping things sophisticated.

Have a drink

You don’t have to wait until the reception to have a drink. Handing champagne to guests either on the way in or way out of the ceremony could a nice extra touch. Of course, be careful of having too many drinks before the reception – you still have the meal and it’s many toasts to come, not to mention the party afterwards.

Create a background slideshow

One creative feature could be to have a slideshow of photographs in the background as the ceremony is taking place. This could be romantic photographs of the two of you, as well as photographs of family and friends. Some may find this distracting whilst the vows are being given out, you could simply put on a slideshow in the background until the ceremony starts or alternatively after the ceremony.

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How To Turn Your Honeymoon Destination Into The Perfect Wedding Venue

Honeymoons are thought to be the easy part of any wedding plan. For a start, they are often booked and put aside for months in advance. You might simply walk into your local travel agent office, find a brochure with a gorgeous sandy beach on the front and book it. But if you’re a bit more particular about your choice of honeymoon destination, this can soon turn into a huge research project! Of course, if you know where you want to go and you’ve done your homework, then you’re still left with having to find a wedding ceremony and reception venue. Or are you?

More and more couples are choosing to marry overseas because it opens up the whole event. Just think of the wedding photographs! All those beautiful landscapes form the most stunning backdrops for the happy couple. You can enjoy a beach wedding ceremony and a reception outdoors knowing that the weather won’t let you down. Of course, if you’re in a hurry to start your honeymoon, then what could be more convenient than the resort you married in?

There are some downsides to destination weddings though. Don’t worry - they can be overcome. The first one is your guest list. Many of your relatives and friends simply won’t be able to make that kind of journey. They may not have the time, the visas, or the health required. Another problem occurs when you realize that all of your guests are now on honeymoon with you!

To overcome these problems, choose a destination with options to move on to a different part of the area. This will offer more than enough privacy. Of course, everybody knows to leave the two of you alone after the reception anyway! A Virtual ceremony can also be arranged for the missing guests. Simply set up a Skype conference call so that everyone can attend and see what is happening.

The other problem with destination weddings is planning. After all, you’re not likely to go there before the big day to book everything. It’s a strange country and perhaps even a strange language for local services. Choose a professional Wedding Planner company like the one at that can arrange and prepare everything in your chosen resort on your behalf. This means everything is booked with your approval in your language without you having to worry about extra travel.

Now all you need to worry about is getting you, your outfits, and your wedding party to the resort on time. Coordinating everyone is easy if you share a calendar or scheduler. You can each check your passports and complete your visa applications together. Then you can all book the flights together too. It will ensure nobody forgets. As for transporting your outfits? Carry on can be a little restrictive. A big dress may be a problem. It’s worth considering a lighter outfit, especially for hotter climates.

Try to book flights to arrive a day or two before. This gives you plenty of time should the flight be delayed or canceled. Enjoy your beautiful big day.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Garden Theater Detroit ~ Maria + Humberto 6/16/17

On Friday June 16th, 2017 Maria and Humberto tied the knot at The Garden Theater in Detroit, Michigan. You're The Bride was hired for rehearsal and day of management. Our team did a great job of setting up decorations, centerpieces, and overseeing the many details throughout the evening. 

The Garden Theater was not only the location for the ceremony but the reception as well. As soon as the ceremony was over we assisted Andiamo's in an hour room flip.

Everyone was impressed with the creative graffiti guest book.

The Tocco-Torres wedding was the perfect blend of Polish, Italian, and Mexican, just like the happy couple. The Cristal Mariachi band played as Maria and Humberto walked down the aisle as well as during cocktail hour. Guests participated in the traditional Polish breaking of the bread ceremony and attempted a swing at the piñata. Dinner was served buffet style with three stations from each country. Tacos! Meatballs! Pierogis! Oh my!

Of course Sparty and Purdue Pete were there to try and steal a dance with the bride!

Congratulations Maria and Humberto! Thank you for letting us take part in your special day!


Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride
Venue: The Garden Theater
Catering: Andiamo
Hair and makeup: La moda Salon
Flowers: Lisa Hanson and Gerych's
Bakery: El Barzon
Photographer: Jeffrey Lewis Bennett Photography
Videographer: Two Penny Productions
Flipbooks: Flip n’ sweet
DJ: Mary Ann Ross
Transportation: Lavda’s Limo
Mariachi Band: Mariachi Cristal 

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Make The Bride Proud: 5 Things To Remember When Planning A Stress-free Bachelorette Party

So you've been assigned the job of planning the bachelorette party for the bride and her girlfriends! - Congrats! That's a big responsibility. These are the memorable moments of spending time with your best friend before they start married life.
This is an exciting time, but it can also be very stressful because you want to make everything perfect for the bride to be.
If you need a helping hand, here are the top 5 things to remember.

1. Speak to the bride
Ask her what she wants! - It's really that simple. Don’t fry your brain trying to come up with something without knowing if she will actually like it or not. If you want her to have the time of her life - find out what she expects.
Ask is she has any restrictions, or anything that she would really like to do. Also find out if she had a date in mind, as this can determine your location, along with who she wanted there. - You’d hate to end up inviting her new enemy along!
Now you have all the important information, respect what she has told you. - It's her party remember - no one else's.

2. Choose a theme
You should come up with a theme for the party, even if it's something as simple as choosing the bride's favorite colors. This will just make it a whole lot easier when buying costumes, decorations and also planning any activities. This will save you from trying to come up with a whole idea from scratch. Instead, you have the basic guidelines to follow when shopping for all the bits and pieces.

3. Create a countdown
Come up with a checklist that you can cross off as you get things done. This will keep you a lot more organized, and being able to visually see yourself make a line through the tasks will play a big role in keeping your stress levels down - which is very important! Some people overlook the stress that bridemaids have when planning a bachelorette party, but if you're having trouble, it's okay to ask for help.

4. Make the reservations
Whatever you plan on doing, whether that be a fancy dinner, a night out clubbing or even to watch Hunks The Show (hubba hubba) - make sure to mention you are booking for a bachelorette party, (and do it well in advance) as many places offer special packages or even VIP treatment. And if you're gonna do it - go all out and get the best.

5. Collect the money
Don't think that you're supposed to pay for this bachelorette party all by yourself - because you're not. All the girls (besides the bride) are supposed to chip in all together so it's fair.
So when planning everything, any purchase that you make - write it down, and even store all the receipts in an envelope. That way when everything is sorted, you can invite the ladies round and show them everything you've had to spend, and then divide it up between you all equally.

As long as you plan everything out properly, there is no reason it shouldn't be a fun experience.

You should be honored that the bride chose you - she obviously trusts you a whole lot.

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Want to Avoid Logistical Headaches on the Big Day? Here's How

There are so many logistical issues and organizational decisions that need to be made when you are planning your wedding. If you want to avoid these going wrong and resulting in wedding day headaches, you need to give some thought to the following things.

Don’t Leave Planning Until the Last Minute

This is the first thing that’s important to point out. If you are going to leave everything until the last minute, then it’s almost certain that you will miss something out or do something that will later cause you problems. Instead, you need to plan early. But that doesn’t mean that absolutely everything needs to be done early on. In fact, it can often be better if you things like sending out invitations until a little later. People can forget they’ve made that commitment if you send them too early and ask for a quick response.

Have a Plan for Getting People to Where They Need to Be

You need to have a clear plan in place for how you are going to make sure that everyone gets to where you want and need them to be on the day of the wedding. If you can’t make this happen, the day will be more likely to end in chaos, which is not what you need at all. If you are organizing a wedding that is going to be taking place somewhere unusual that’s difficult to get to, you could  hire yourself a limo bus. These can fit lots of people on, and they can help you to make sure that no one gets lost or doesn’t get to where you need them.


Delegate and Accept Help

Many people who organize their own weddings tend to want to do everything themselves. In a way, this is pretty understandable. You want to be in charge of what happens, and you want to be the master of your own destiny. However, you need to delegate to those around you. And you also need to accept help from those around you who want to help you out. There is not much that can be achieved by rejecting the help of others and thinking that you can do everything alone because that’s never usually the case.

Don’t Hire Friends Where Pros Are Needed

There is always a temptation to hire friends when you need something relating to your wedding to be taken care of on the cheap. But if you allow your friends to do the jobs that are best left to the professionals, then you are opening yourself up to all kinds of problems that you don’t need to make. It’s one of those things that lots of people forget about. But you could later find that you have a huge blunder blunder on your hands. That’s not what you want, so if the job is specialised in some way, hire someone with the right skills to handle it.


Everyone wants to their wedding day to go exactly according to plan. There’s nothing at all strange about that. However, it will only happen if you keep the things discussed above in mind.

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