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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Find The Perfect Gift For Every Woman In Your Life

Whether it is a holiday, special occasion, or just a token of love, it can take a lot of time to choose a special gift for the ladies in your life. According to statistics from, chocolates and flowers are the top two gifts that women usually get. If you want to be different, try some of these suggestions the next time you need to buy for a special lady:

Personalized Makeup Bag

Most women keep some of their basic makeup supplies with them wherever they go. Often times, these various bottles and tubes end up at the bottom of their purse. It may take them 20 minutes to dig out what they need. A personalized makeup bag would be ideal for work and travel. Choose a material and neutral color that would go with her whole wardrobe. A monogram makes the bag even more special. And, while you’re at it, throw some makeup in there too!

Wine Rack

If you are buying for a female wine connoisseur, you may consider gifting her with a lovely wine rack. They come in an array of styles and materials that would match any kitchen or wine cellar. Wine racks are a chic way of storing and displaying her growing wine collection. Some companies will personalize your gift for a nominal charge.

Electronic Reader

For the avid reader who is always on the go, you cannot go wrong with giving her an electronic reader. You can find several popular brand names at prices that will fit just about any budget. Most now also include the ability to browse the internet and play simple online games as well! Instead of having to lug around books and magazines, your lady can get subscriptions and order books to read on her new gadget. Many titles can be read for free!

Limoges Boxes

Gorgeous Limoges boxes were first made at porcelain factories in Limoges, France. They are hand-painted in styles borrowed from nature. Other themes include romantic portraits and scenes from Imperial France. They have gilded hinges that open to allow for storing special trinkets. Limoge boxes are collected by enthusiasts around the world,

Unique Umbrella

How many times have you been forced to walk in beating rain without an umbrella? You may have arrived at work or an important appointment looking like a drowned rat. A beautifully-made umbrella is a thoughtful gift that will make this situation avoidable. Choose a color and style that matches your recipient's personality. A quality umbrella will quickly become part of your lady's wardrobe. She will be ready--no matter what the weather is.

Handmade Journal

There is something therapeutic about chronicling your day and recording your deepest feelings. According to an article from, journaling provides holistic benefits to body, mind, and spirit. It makes an ideal gift for the woman who loves to write or draw little illustrations. They come in any kind of material, color, and style imaginable. Pick out one for your lady that reminds you of her personality. Adding a monogram or customized quote is always a nice touch.


Watches are as lovely as they are practical. The good thing about them is that you can find quality timepieces within your budget. Each style of watch says something about the lady who wears it. There are simple watches with leather bands, or intricate gold watches enrobed in diamonds. A watch is perfect for professional women who really need to manage their time.

Her Tool Kit

The independent women on your gift list do not want to call a man every time they have a household repair. Get her started on her maintenance list with a personalized tool kit. Go to a home improvement store and purchase a blank paint can. Using paint made for metal, paint your bucket a subtle shade of pink. You can stencil the word "Tools" on it or the recipient's name. Now, fill the bucket with some commonly used tools such as a hammer, pliers, level, etc. It is a pretty way of getting a tough job done.

Car Organizer

What could be more frustrating than digging for some spare change on a toll road? A car organizer keeps everything where it needs to be. It is a thoughtful gift for the lady who has to spend a lot of time on the road.

An Original Work Of Art

There are little shops popping up all over the place that specialize in customized art gifts. If you like ceramics, you can go to one of these shops and customize dishes, vases, or ornaments for your lady. There are art shops that teach you how to do paintings in oil, water, or chalk. When you give her a piece of art done by you, it will make the gift even more sentimental.

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