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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Keeping Your Guests On Side On Your Big Day

When you’re putting everything together for a show-stopping day, you want to plan a wedding that you love, but also that your guests rave about for years to come. It can be a stressful process, so it's important for you to have some time of your own to relax at websites like Planning a wedding involves a lot of time and effort. You want everything to run smoothly and everyone to have a fantastic time. If you’re in the midst of designing your dream day, here are some tips and tricks to keep your guests on side.

Give plenty of notice
It’s no secret that many people lead busy lives. If you’re getting married, and you’ve set a date, give your guests as much notice as possible. When you go to a wedding, you may need to take time off work organize childcare and book transport and accommodation, so the sooner you know, the better.

Provide important information
As a wedding guest, it’s always helpful to know where you’re going, what’s happening when, and what you need to wear. When you send out invitations, include an information sheet with details of local hotels, directions and travel tips, and the dress code. You’ll also need to provide information about gifts, and it’s useful to have a timeline. If you’re getting married abroad, try and include as much information about hotels and flights as possible to help your guests plan their vacation.

Make sure there are enough toilets
There’s nothing worse than missing the first dance or the cutting of the cake because you’re stuck in the line for the bathroom. If you’re getting married at home, or you’re having an outdoor wedding, look into portable toilet rental. Think about how many people you’re inviting. If you’ve only got one toilet for 50 guests, there are going to be problems.

Don’t scrimp on the food
If you’re inviting people to your wedding, it goes without saying that they expect to be fed. You don’t want to your guests to travel for hours and then have to wait around to eat. If you don’t want to have your main meal until late in the day, ensure there are plenty of canapes or snacks available at cocktail hour.

Leave lasting memories
Every couple wants their guests to leave with incredible memories of the day. Provide your guests with mementos and add a personal touch. You could create individual place names with facts about each guest, make favors with their names on or arrange for extra prints to be provided at the photo booth. It’s always good for guests to have something to take home.

When you’re planning a wedding, you need to bear your guests in mind at all times. When they’ve made the effort to travel and spend money, you want to show them how grateful you are, and how happy you are that they are there to share your special day with you. Ensure you’ve got enough seats for everyone and that guests have access to toilets. Provide plenty of food, and give your guests something to take home with them and remember the day by.  In the run-up to the wedding, give guests as much information as possible to help them plan their trip.

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