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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Getting Married? Don't Forget To Tick These Off Your Wed-Min List!

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Whether you’ve just gotten engaged, are in the midst of planning or are in fact hurtling towards the last few weeks before the big day your wedding is a chance to reflect who you are as a couple. A wedding's also an opportunity to show everyone just how in love you are, after all, you're making a public declaration to the world that this is the person your soul has chosen to entwine itself with. It’s a chance to tipsily dance with your friends, be daddy’s little girl one last time and enjoy your first dance with your new husband all in one day!

Remember many wedding planners refuse to take bookings with under a year to go, but if you’re willing to compromise, have lots of DIY ideas and have sorted your venue then six months is really the minimum you need. Don't forget all the pre-wedding festivities like the bachelorette, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner and events for out of town guests that you’ll need to take part in!

Discuss The Budget

In reality, we know that this isn't going to be the first thing you do when he first proposes, after all, what could be more romantic than ‘I love you darling but let’s talk numbers’! Still, as soon as the excitement, happy tears and dinners celebrating your engagement have died down a little, then it's a good time to set aside one evening to talk about how you’re going to pay for this upcoming shindig. Traditionally, the bride’s parents paid for everything, but obviously, that’s now rather outdated. While some parents do still make a financial contribution, they are not obligated to do so, and in fact, many couples choose to finance their big days entirely by themselves. Whatever you do don’t forget about wedding insurance as should a vendor fall through, a makeup artist not turn up or the venue double-books the date you’ll be able to claim money back. Warning, do check the fine print on your insurance contract as many places will not honor a payout if the wedding happens to be canceled by the couple themselves.

Book Your Venue ASAP

If you haven’t already done so now’s the time to make a final decision on if you're getting married at home or having a destination wedding. There are positives, and negatives, for each choice and it depends on what you're after. For instance, destination weddings like those held in Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico are often guaranteed to have spectacular weather, out of season discounts and bespoke wedding packages. However, with plane tickets eating up a significant portion of the budget you may find that not everyone is going to be able to go.
U S vacation days are short, to begin with, and if you're hoping to get married mid-week that’s quite a few days off your nearest, and dearest are going to have to take. Older relatives and those in ill health may also struggle to attend so it may be worth considering getting married at home after all.

Once upon a time the bride always got married in her hometown, but many couples have put down roots elsewhere and if it makes sense to get married where you live then do so. When picking a venue look at its capacity, what’s included and what’s not, plus do they have an alternative space in the event of inclement weather. Don’t forget that they’re called April showers for a reason, so you don’t want your beautiful outdoor reception, or ceremony to turn into a damp, soggy mess or worse have people leaving early so if in doubt ask about marquees.

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Stick To A Colour Scheme

When people think of spring weddings, they automatically think of pale, dusky pinks, baby blues, lavenders and sage greens as well as hints of buttercup yellow. Fed up of having your future mother-in-law mooning over ‘the perfect periwinkle?’ Say no to flat, dull shades and mix up those calming colors with bold splashes and intense hues. Why not pair turquoise with hot pink? Rose colors with deep, almost mocha brown? Or lilac with an elegant midnight blue.

Customize Your Wedding Rings

What could be more romantic than creating unique, gorgeous wedding rings? Not every man chooses to wear one, but for those that do you could create a matching pair with engraved personal messages, your birthstones or even inscribed them with the day you met. If you do plan on creating bespoke wedding rings jewelers recommend you book a reputable firm around six months in advance. You may think that this seems quite a lot of time to set aside for just a round piece of metal,l however, made to measure jewelry takes expert craftsmanship, an understanding of gems and lots of personal conversations.

Don’t forget that if you’ve picked a popular time of year to get married, such as spring, or summer you won’t be the only couple on their books. Whether you already have a design in mind, are getting just the bride’s wedding ring created or are hoping to surprise your groom then you need to look for someone who knows about diamonds and precious gems. Before making an initial appointment, or consultation with your local jeweler it may be worth visiting to look at their styles as you may find that the perfect ring’s been waiting for you all along!  

Check Your Sound / Lighting Set Up

Don’t just stick to rustic mason jars, storm lanterns, and votive candles as while these look incredibly pretty they don’t give off much light. String floaty streams of fairy lights across the ceiling, arrange colored candles on the tables and use floating candles in fishbowl vases to create elegant, charming centerpieces. Ask your venue to suffuse the lighting down to a warm golden or peach glow; it'll look much better than a harsh, white glare. You could even include the lighting of a couple’s unity candle if you're having a non-religious ceremony as the emotions captured will look incredibly beautiful in photos. If your venue allows then why not release Chinese lanterns? Have a sparkler exit? Or just arrange for a private firework display after all, you only get married once!

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