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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Keeping Your Guests On Side On Your Big Day

When you’re putting everything together for a show-stopping day, you want to plan a wedding that you love, but also that your guests rave about for years to come. It can be a stressful process, so it's important for you to have some time of your own to relax at websites like Planning a wedding involves a lot of time and effort. You want everything to run smoothly and everyone to have a fantastic time. If you’re in the midst of designing your dream day, here are some tips and tricks to keep your guests on side.

Give plenty of notice
It’s no secret that many people lead busy lives. If you’re getting married, and you’ve set a date, give your guests as much notice as possible. When you go to a wedding, you may need to take time off work organize childcare and book transport and accommodation, so the sooner you know, the better.

Provide important information
As a wedding guest, it’s always helpful to know where you’re going, what’s happening when, and what you need to wear. When you send out invitations, include an information sheet with details of local hotels, directions and travel tips, and the dress code. You’ll also need to provide information about gifts, and it’s useful to have a timeline. If you’re getting married abroad, try and include as much information about hotels and flights as possible to help your guests plan their vacation.

Make sure there are enough toilets
There’s nothing worse than missing the first dance or the cutting of the cake because you’re stuck in the line for the bathroom. If you’re getting married at home, or you’re having an outdoor wedding, look into portable toilet rental. Think about how many people you’re inviting. If you’ve only got one toilet for 50 guests, there are going to be problems.

Don’t scrimp on the food
If you’re inviting people to your wedding, it goes without saying that they expect to be fed. You don’t want to your guests to travel for hours and then have to wait around to eat. If you don’t want to have your main meal until late in the day, ensure there are plenty of canapes or snacks available at cocktail hour.

Leave lasting memories
Every couple wants their guests to leave with incredible memories of the day. Provide your guests with mementos and add a personal touch. You could create individual place names with facts about each guest, make favors with their names on or arrange for extra prints to be provided at the photo booth. It’s always good for guests to have something to take home.

When you’re planning a wedding, you need to bear your guests in mind at all times. When they’ve made the effort to travel and spend money, you want to show them how grateful you are, and how happy you are that they are there to share your special day with you. Ensure you’ve got enough seats for everyone and that guests have access to toilets. Provide plenty of food, and give your guests something to take home with them and remember the day by.  In the run-up to the wedding, give guests as much information as possible to help them plan their trip.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Couple of The Month ~ Rachel + Drew, Hotel Baronette

My name is Rachel and in March I will be marrying the love of my life, Drew. After college both Drew and I moved to Novi for work where me met through mutual friends. His college roommate from Western Michigan grew up with a close friend of mine from Michigan State. We attended a New Year's Eve Party as a group and went on our first date the following Saturday.  

 Drew has his Masters in Supply Chain Management from MSU and is a supply chain engineer at Sandvik, a global engineering company that designs and manufactures high tech alloys and machining equipment. I have a degree in Computer Engineering from MSU and I am a Field Sales Engineer at Bear VAI Technology where I sell electronic components to automotive companies. 

I had been hinting, Drew would say not so subtly, about the future and he had been very tight lipped about making any plans until after grad school.  The day Drew finished his masters program; a group of our friends went to our friend's lake house to celebrate. This also happens to be the friend who introduced us! I was making dinner in the kitchen and when we were “mysteriously” alone I turned around from the stove and Drew was on one knee. It was amazing to celebrate with all our closest friends for the rest of the weekend. 

We will have our ceremony at our parish, Our Lady of Victory, in Northville.  The reception will be held at the Baronette Hotel in Novi, which we picked because it's attached to one of our favorite restaurants, Toasted Oak. We have seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen, including our siblings, college roommates, and closest friends. Our theme is classic with a touch of industrial chic, which fits very well at the Baronette. Our colors are greyish purple, dusty rose, black, and ivory. 

Photo Credit: Lars Hjelmroth, Detroit Photo Company

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Meet You're The Bride Intern, Christy !

My name is Christy Aho. I am originally from Dearborn, Michigan. I am working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at Taylor University in Indiana in hopes of pursuing my long-held desire to become a wedding planner. My hobbies include running, drinking coffee, reading, and watching The Office. I am looking forward to learning more about the details that go into wedding coordinating and gaining a better understanding of the planning process. 

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Throwing a Fairytale Wedding Fit For a Princess

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Have you always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding? Gorgeous surroundings, big white dress, and feeling like a princess? If a beautiful, elaborate wedding is what you’re aiming for, here are just a few things to think about.

The Gown and Accessories
Your dress will really make you feel like a fairytale princess on your wedding day. Traditional ball gown style dresses with fitted bodices, and full skirts give you a real Cinderella kind of look. Sweetheart necklines look very classic and flatter most figures too. Any diamante or bead detailing will catch the light and give it an added sparkle. If you’ve fallen in love with a plainer dress, a beaded sash can help bring in some added interest, you could find out more about this on sites like Finish with some gorgeous diamond earrings and a tiara or hairpiece to bring everything together.

The Venue
To throw a fairytale wedding, you need a venue which is elegant and glamorous. It could be a church, castle, hotel or something else like either way give yourself plenty of time to check out different venues. You will want to see the ceremony room, the reception room as well as the grounds. These are important for catching those all-important fairytale wedding photos! You could look online at venues such as, this will help to see what’s out there and narrow it down. Then once you have your shortlist, arrange a viewing and find out which dates are available.

The Flowers
Fairytale weddings very pretty and romantic looking, so pale pastels work well as your accent color. Pinks, lilacs, light blue, and white are all options, and you can choose gorgeous blooms in the shade of your choice. Lots of flowers will make your venue and tables look stunning, although this can be pricey. One way to get around this is to have your arrangements made featuring a few more expensive flowers such as roses, lilies or peonies, And then fill out the rest using beautiful but slightly less expensive blooms.

The Decorations
The decorations are where you can really have fun when it comes to wedding planning. You could give a subtle nod to Disney by opting for Beauty and The Beast bell jars each with a single rose inside. You can even buy classy wire carriages for the tables which hold flowers and look really effective. Lots of lights will give the room a stunning enchanted look, you could opt for flameless tealight candle and strings of fairy lights.

The Transport
There’s nothing that says ‘fairytale’ quite like a horse and carriage! It’s a fantastic way to really make an entrance to your wedding, and will most definitely have you feeling like a princess. For an equally grand yet more modern twist, luxury vintage wedding cars are another great option. Be sure to book early as these kinds of services fill up quickly. You don’t want to end up disappointed on the day.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Venue

You’ve got your ring. Check.
You’ve got your fiancé. Check.
You’ve got your wedding to plan. Check… almost.
Wedding planning is difficult. Central to that is the venue you choose to host the big event. It is the critical backdrop to your wedding, and it plays a major role in overall ambiance.
Are you looking for the rustic feel of a barn or the classical elegance of a hotel? If you’re in Michigan, you may want to look into the Townsend Hotel. If you want something more traditional you might want to look at a historic home or castle in your city.  Are you a more modern couple? You may want to look into a loft. There are so many different venues that you can choose from - whatever your taste pulls you to, there are few things you should keep in mind when making your decison:

Estimate the Number Of People
When choosing a venue, you need to estimate how many people you expect to come. You want to be sure the venue you choose is able to handle your wedding size, large or small.  Almost all wedding venues will have a minimum guest count , and it is a good idea is to keep your estimate to a more conservative number. It is easier generally to add a guest to the count than to remove one. You don’t want to end up paying for guests that won’t be attending.
The Budget That You Have
When you are planning your wedding you need to sit down with your fiance and determine what your budget is going to be.  You need to look at what you can afford as well as the going rates for your desired wedding location.  By having your budget ready, you can avoid the heartache that comes from seeing the perfect location you can ill afford.  When budgeting, you need to assign no more than 50% to the venue.
Choosing Your Date

If possible, you should try being flexible with your wedding date and look for off-season dates.  These dates increase the chance of you being able to get the venue you want at possibly a lower rate.  Your negotiating leverage will include the day of the week, the time of year and the length of your engagement.  If you’re thinking of a popular wedding venue in your neighborhood, make sure to call in advance – most often these places are booked quickly especially during wedding season.  You’ll also want to make sure the date you want is available before scheduling a walkthrough of the premises.
Schedule A Venue Walkthrough
You should be able to contact any potential venue and schedule a walkthrough with any one of their representatives. During your walkthrough, you will be able to ask any questions that you may have about the venue.  If possible, try and get a walkthrough when the venue is set up for a wedding so that you will be able to assess the space and have a clearer picture of the wedding you want and if the venue will be able to accommodate it. A note of advice: take notice of the flow of events and activity. Are the rooms near one another? You’ll want as seamless an event as possible.
Choose Your Colors and Themes Later
Many people make the mistake of having their theme and colors decided before they have a venue.  It is best to wait until you have secured a venue and then choose the theme and colors that complement the venue.
Pay Attention to Lighting
If the venue you choose is dark, your photographer may have a hard time capturing all of the details that you have worked hard to plan.  When looking at venues, consider asking if they offer additional lighting services should your photographer need it. If they do not then you might have to hire an external vendor for uplighting, projected gobos and intelligent lighting.
Look For Real Wedding Pictures Of The Venue
Looking at wedding planners' and photographers' websites for images of weddings in the venue you are considering is important.  Because they won’t be staged, they’ll offer you a better idea of what the venue is capable of.  These pictures will also help you determine the sizing of the venue.
Ask For Referrals
A lot of venues will have a good relationship with their past customers and will be happy to provide you with referrals.  If you are able to contact past customers you need to ask them about the service, how the food was, if they had any difficulties and wither there was anything they would have liked done differently.
Consider The Weather
If you are looking at having an outdoor wedding you need to find out if the venue has any contingency plans.  This is important because you can never be sure what the weather will be like on your big day.
Have A Tasting
If the venue offers catering you need to ask for a tasting before the wedding.  You should bring along a few people to help you so that opinions are consistent.

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Meet Event Assistant, Samm

Samm is very excited to be joining the You're The Bride team. She has worked in the event industry since 2012, both as a Wedding Coordinator and as an Event Assistant at some of Metro Detroit's premier event planning companies. Her love of weddings grew from the very first time she saw the movie "The Wedding Planner" starring Jennifer Lopez, and she hasn't looked back since.

She has an Associate's degree in General Studies from Mid-Michigan Community College. Samm is working towards a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality/Event Management at Macomb Community College.  

She is very excited to work alongside Tracie and continue to learn! Her favorite things include glitter, binge watching Bones on Netflix and baking.  She is very excited for the season to start and cannot wait to make wedding dreams come true with You're The Bride. 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wedding season makes you feel like you are running a marathon most weekends so I'm training lol. Putting some miles on my bike while watching Days of our Lives makes it go by faster!! #weddingseason #behindthescenes #detroitweddingplanner #exercise #biking #stressreliever #move #cycling #yourethebride #dool #daysofourlives #guiltypleasure

Getting Married? Don't Forget To Tick These Off Your Wed-Min List!

Flickr Image From: Lori

Whether you’ve just gotten engaged, are in the midst of planning or are in fact hurtling towards the last few weeks before the big day your wedding is a chance to reflect who you are as a couple. A wedding's also an opportunity to show everyone just how in love you are, after all, you're making a public declaration to the world that this is the person your soul has chosen to entwine itself with. It’s a chance to tipsily dance with your friends, be daddy’s little girl one last time and enjoy your first dance with your new husband all in one day!

Remember many wedding planners refuse to take bookings with under a year to go, but if you’re willing to compromise, have lots of DIY ideas and have sorted your venue then six months is really the minimum you need. Don't forget all the pre-wedding festivities like the bachelorette, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner and events for out of town guests that you’ll need to take part in!

Discuss The Budget

In reality, we know that this isn't going to be the first thing you do when he first proposes, after all, what could be more romantic than ‘I love you darling but let’s talk numbers’! Still, as soon as the excitement, happy tears and dinners celebrating your engagement have died down a little, then it's a good time to set aside one evening to talk about how you’re going to pay for this upcoming shindig. Traditionally, the bride’s parents paid for everything, but obviously, that’s now rather outdated. While some parents do still make a financial contribution, they are not obligated to do so, and in fact, many couples choose to finance their big days entirely by themselves. Whatever you do don’t forget about wedding insurance as should a vendor fall through, a makeup artist not turn up or the venue double-books the date you’ll be able to claim money back. Warning, do check the fine print on your insurance contract as many places will not honor a payout if the wedding happens to be canceled by the couple themselves.

Book Your Venue ASAP

If you haven’t already done so now’s the time to make a final decision on if you're getting married at home or having a destination wedding. There are positives, and negatives, for each choice and it depends on what you're after. For instance, destination weddings like those held in Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico are often guaranteed to have spectacular weather, out of season discounts and bespoke wedding packages. However, with plane tickets eating up a significant portion of the budget you may find that not everyone is going to be able to go.
U S vacation days are short, to begin with, and if you're hoping to get married mid-week that’s quite a few days off your nearest, and dearest are going to have to take. Older relatives and those in ill health may also struggle to attend so it may be worth considering getting married at home after all.

Once upon a time the bride always got married in her hometown, but many couples have put down roots elsewhere and if it makes sense to get married where you live then do so. When picking a venue look at its capacity, what’s included and what’s not, plus do they have an alternative space in the event of inclement weather. Don’t forget that they’re called April showers for a reason, so you don’t want your beautiful outdoor reception, or ceremony to turn into a damp, soggy mess or worse have people leaving early so if in doubt ask about marquees.

Flickr Image From: Jonathan Day

Stick To A Colour Scheme

When people think of spring weddings, they automatically think of pale, dusky pinks, baby blues, lavenders and sage greens as well as hints of buttercup yellow. Fed up of having your future mother-in-law mooning over ‘the perfect periwinkle?’ Say no to flat, dull shades and mix up those calming colors with bold splashes and intense hues. Why not pair turquoise with hot pink? Rose colors with deep, almost mocha brown? Or lilac with an elegant midnight blue.

Customize Your Wedding Rings

What could be more romantic than creating unique, gorgeous wedding rings? Not every man chooses to wear one, but for those that do you could create a matching pair with engraved personal messages, your birthstones or even inscribed them with the day you met. If you do plan on creating bespoke wedding rings jewelers recommend you book a reputable firm around six months in advance. You may think that this seems quite a lot of time to set aside for just a round piece of metal,l however, made to measure jewelry takes expert craftsmanship, an understanding of gems and lots of personal conversations.

Don’t forget that if you’ve picked a popular time of year to get married, such as spring, or summer you won’t be the only couple on their books. Whether you already have a design in mind, are getting just the bride’s wedding ring created or are hoping to surprise your groom then you need to look for someone who knows about diamonds and precious gems. Before making an initial appointment, or consultation with your local jeweler it may be worth visiting to look at their styles as you may find that the perfect ring’s been waiting for you all along!  

Check Your Sound / Lighting Set Up

Don’t just stick to rustic mason jars, storm lanterns, and votive candles as while these look incredibly pretty they don’t give off much light. String floaty streams of fairy lights across the ceiling, arrange colored candles on the tables and use floating candles in fishbowl vases to create elegant, charming centerpieces. Ask your venue to suffuse the lighting down to a warm golden or peach glow; it'll look much better than a harsh, white glare. You could even include the lighting of a couple’s unity candle if you're having a non-religious ceremony as the emotions captured will look incredibly beautiful in photos. If your venue allows then why not release Chinese lanterns? Have a sparkler exit? Or just arrange for a private firework display after all, you only get married once!

Flickr Image From: Paul Sturgess

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