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Monday, January 30, 2017

Blossom Heath Inn ~ Anna + John 10/9/16

Anna and her bridesmaids got ready for her special day at Blossom Heath, which is where their wedding and reception took place. She had her bridesmaids in a pretty coral color dresses and accented with pinks in the flowers. She and her girls toasted with champagne before the wedding even started to celebrate the wonderful day!

 The men also got ready at Blossom Heath. When they were done they too toasted to get the day started as well! 

Then it was time for a first look. Tracie pinning on John's bout getting him ready for the big moment!

The rings fro Tiffany & Co. After all they do live in New York! 

Anna walked into the hall and stopped just a few feet behind John. When John finally got to turn around his face lit up and they kissed!

She is such a beauty! 

Next was the ceremony. They held it outside by the water fountain in front of Blossom Heath. Flower petals were spread all over to give the whole ground color!Anna had two beautiful flower girls and two very handsome ring bearers.  Anna's father  and mother walked her down the aisle and gave her away to John. 

They said their vows, exchanged rings and then had their big kiss! 

After the ceremony was complete they had a cocktail hour inside of Blossom Heath. During this time Anna and John took pictures outside with their immediate family and bridal party. When pictures were done Anna changed into her second wedding dress! 

Beautiful place card set up by intern Abby!

Delicious cake from Hodell's.  Simple but so pretty! Since the groom is gluten-free
Anna brought him his own small cake.

Next was the grand entrance done to the song Marry You by Bruno Mars! 

Before eating dinner a toast was made by Anna's bridesmaid and maid of honor and best man. The groom then thanked everyone for coming and celebrating with them.  

After dinner Anna and John had their first dance to the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Next Anna and her father danced to My Girl by Temptations. John and his mother were up next dancing to What A Wonderful World. After this everyone joined them on the dance floor! 

So Anna and I both share a love for Pitbull so when they played one of his songs she pulled me out to the dance floor. It was super fun! You just can't say no to dancing with your bride and groom...what an honor! Love you Anna and John!

This is a pretty shot with all the tulle and lighting! 

 Patrick our photographer always has a great eye and takes a gorgeous shot!

This sparkler photo was the best! Took a little coordinating to make it happen but so worth it!

Photo Credit: 
Special Moments Photography

Venue- Blossom Heath Inn 
Hair and makeup- Bridal Beauty Detroit  
Wedding Invitations- You're The Bride
Flowers- Viviano 
Photographer- Special Moments Photography 
Photo booth- Pro DJ Services
Videographer- Pro DJ Services 
Wedding Planner- You’re The Bride
Officiant- Perfect Day Celebrations
DJ- Pro DJ Services 
Baker- Hodell’s Cake Shop 

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Friday, January 27, 2017


Do you consider yourself as a professional wedding photographer? And yet somewhere or the other, you are not satisfied with the snaps that you click – you feel it could have been far better. In these cases, you might wish to have the suggestions from the wedding photographers who have been busting the top of the charts. Guess what! Your wish is going to be true right here since there are some detailed hacks that could change the way you shoot in any wedding ceremony.
Hacks to give you the desired appreciation:
  • Get as close to your subject as you possibly can- Many photographers do the blunder of having their subjects far off, as they want to take the surrounding ambience as well- and that is the main reason why the picture does not come up so well. So instead of doing that, just try to focus primarily on the subject so that he or she is the prominent one.
  • Let the subject breathe- Instead of the crowd and the bustle, try have the photos clocked when there is no one around the subject- and that should be done not only to the couple but any other subject in general. The more space you give the subject, the clearer the picture is and then you will also be able to give attention to the details of the subject as well.
  • Shoot from unconventional angles- It might be a bit tough, but what good is shooting a wedding photography if you do not face any challenge? Try to find the angles which no one else would think of. For example, you can make the bride and the groom stand in front of a water puddle and take a pic of them along with their reflection- who knows! It might turn out to be an amazing one!
  • Look for the symmetrical patterns in the venue- or even the food! A photographer’s best friend is symmetry, and more so when he is a wedding photographer. So no matter where you see a beautiful symmetry, try to capture it- you are bound to be appreciated for the shot later on.
  • Know about the direction of light and how to manage it- For example if you are trying to take a sun kissed picture of the bride and the groom, then place them in a place where you have partial sunray and partial shade so that you can bring out the effect that you desire to have.
  • Start well and end well- Some wedding photographers cannot go for the consistency of their photos and that is the reason why their shoot is not picture perfect. But if you have to shoot like a pro, you have to maintain the quality of all the pictures that you take.
If wedding photography is all that you want to be an expert in, then all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you abide by the entire shoot moulding hacks that could create a whole new dimension of wedding photography.

Photo Credit :

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Detroit Yacht Club ~ Lauren + Stephen 9/3/16

Lauren started her big day at the Renaissance Marriott Hotel where she and her girls got their hair and makeup done. After they were done getting pampered it was time for their photo shoot! 

After the men got dressed up in their suits, ties, and boutonnieres it was time for their pictures! Stephen had his groomsmen Scott, James, AJ, Christopher, and Cameron by his side the whole time. They took pictures outside of the church while waiting for the girls to arrive. 

Before they knew it, it was wedding time! They had a beautiful ceremony at the Sweetest Heart of Mary church in Detroit, MI. Lauren's father walked her down the aisle and gave her away to her soon to be new husband Stephen. They had a traditional style wedding. Exchanged rings, said vows and kissed their way into being married! 

After walking down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Miller they went and made it official by signing the marriage certificate. 

After Mr. and Mrs Miller made things official they went downtown and took beautiful wedding pictures! They had some pretty amazing backgrounds with all the Detroit art in the back! 

Up next was pictures at the Yacht Club! 

The had their reception at the Detroit Yacht Club. They had beautiful centerpieces with flowers and candles. They even treated their guests with Murdick's Mackinac Island Fudge! The toasts were up next and followed by grace before they enjoyed their meal. 

Mr. and Mrs. Miller had their first dance to Coming Home by Leon Bridges. Lauren and her father had their father and daughter dance to the song to Brown Eyed Girl! Stephen and his mother did their dance to the song Old Days by Chicago. The rest of the night was spent dancing with friends, family, and all of their loved ones!

Photo Credit:
Elite Entertainment

Ceremony - Sweetest Heart of Mary
Venue- The Detroit Yacht Club
Hotel - The Detroit Marriott
Hair and makeup - Primp Beauty Concierge
Flowers - Viviano
Linens/Chairs – A Moment Forever
Photographer - Elite Entertainment
Wedding Planner - You’re The Bride
DJ - Elite Entertainment
Cake - Josef’s
Bus Transportation – Metro Cars
Pianist - Noelle Borgia 

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Twinning! #flowergirls #detroitweddings #cute #kids #children #instagood #black #twins #twinsisters #twinsies #littleones #memories Photo by Ashley Cova