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Monday, November 28, 2016

5 Invitation Ideas For Your Motor City Wedding

Trying to decide where to get wedding invitations for your motor city wedding? Look no further, Basic Invite has 5 invitation ideas to inspire!

With over 200 wedding suite invitations, 180 plus color options, 40 different colored envelopes, and more then 100 font choices, Basic Invite is the ultimate one-stop shop when it comes to creating and purchasing custom wedding invitations.

The Classic Look The classics, the staple of all things, the place where it all began. The classics are important no matter what form or function it’s regarding. When it comes to inspiration and style the classics are always a great place to look especially when designing your wedding invitations. Classic looks embody tradition and that timeless look that will make your wedding invitations tasteful and memorable. Think black and white, simplistic design, and beautiful calligraphy - at Basic Invite those are the classics.

Modern Style Incorporating something new into your wedding theme can make for an innovative and fun style. Everyone loves something fresh and inventive so, transfer that mindset into your wedding invitation designs. Modern is all about bold, loud fonts, playbill-esque layout, and funky card cuts. Transfer your love of out of the box style and make your wedding invitations your own.

Gold & Silver Foil Gold and silver foil is like the brand new paint job of wedding invitations. That extra touch of shine and glimmer brings an otherwise simple invitation to life. Foil makes any invitation look elegant, rich, and fine.

Art Deco This is where creativity comes into play. Just like racing stripes on your Charger or chrome rims on your Jeep. Art Deco is all about making a statement. Taking the usual and making it unusual in the best way. Mix and match colors for an elegant statement or choose a design with lines or a border to make your invitation come to life.

Photo Finish There is so much history and culture in the motor city. So many landmarks and opportunities for unreal photos of you and your loved one that can later be used as the backdrop to your wedding invitation. This is your chance to truly customize.

You can also create save the dates online to match your wedding invitations and customize affordable bridal shower invitations to start your motor city wedding festivities off in style!

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