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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wedding Table Planning Made Easy

There’s only a week to go until your wedding and while all of the biggest tasks are (hopefully!) done and dusted, there remains several smaller yet essential tasks to complete over the forthcoming days. Chief among those is arranging the seating chart for the reception, a process that unfortunately is bound to cause a few headaches.

While there is a traditional seating arrangement for the top table, circumstances may dictate that an alternative plan is more appropriate, or the couple might prefer to have the top table to themselves. Also, the number and age profile of your guests, as well as their relationship with the couple (e.g. immediate family, extended family, childhood friends, work colleagues) will determine the majority of the table plan. It’s when you’ve leftover guests or uneven numbers that the process becomes tricky, as you’ve to try and find a place for them where they won’t feel uncomfortable or insulted.

This infographic by Commins & Co  from Ireland excellently advises on how to make the table planning task as straightforward and accommodating as possible.

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