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Monday, August 8, 2016

August Couple of The Month: Sara + Rob, Eastern Market

We met on the dating app called Tinder. I downloaded it one day, to check out what all the hype was about. I swiped right on Rob, and started talking. He was working late on a trial in Grand Rapids on a case (he's currently in law school and works with lawyers) and I was working night shift as an RN in the ICU at the time. He asked me to go to a Tigers game, so on April 25, 2015, we had our first date. 

We had so much fun together, and instantly connect. So, 8 months later, on December 3, 2015, he asked me to be his wife. I had been working that day, talked to him a few times throughout the day, but he was "busy" and couldn't talk too much. He wanted to take me to dinner that night, since finals were coming up for him and he would start getting even busier. I came downtown after work, met him at the skating rink in downtown, Campus Martius, which I'd been begging him to skate every time we would walk by :) we get there, get our skates, and take a lap around. He starts to complain about his knee hurting, after only one lap! Being a nurse, I decide to try to pull over to the side of the rink with him to diagnose what's wrong with the knee, and if there's a chance we can proceed. Just before we pull off, he raises his hand up in the air. He almost always sees someone he knows, so I thought he just saw a familiar face. So we pull off, and he starts to bend down on one knee. Taking me completely off guard, I fall right in front of him. I see what he's trying to do, so I quickly jump up. He proposed in front of everyone on the skating rink! They all surrounded us and started cheering! I look over, and my friend Ali is among those in the crowd, catching it all on video! Then looking to the left, I see Rob's friend Michael Sharpe (who is an amazing photographer, you should check out his recent work from Yosemite!) who captures a beautiful picture in front of the big Christmas tree downtown, which I've attached. 

We have had so much love and support, and our families couldn't have blended better. With his parents being the most amazing in-laws a girl could ask for, a sister and brother in law that couldn't be more welcoming to me, we are planning to wed September 2, 2016. The ceremony will be at The Cathedral of St. Paul Episcopal church in midtown, with the reception being at Eastern Market, Shed 3. We each have 8 people standing, as well as 2 ushers, 2 flower girls and 1 ring bearer. The guys are in charcoal suits with plum vests and ties, and the girls in plum dresses. The reception is plum/ivory colors and we will seat people at cross streets (mostly in Detroit) that mean something to us, instead of table numbers. 

We are looking forward to celebrating with our friends and family, and I cannot wait to become Mrs. Robert Higbee!

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