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Thursday, June 9, 2016

DIY Done Right


           ‘Budget’ is one of the last words any bride wants to hear while planning a fairytale wedding. Allocating your money properly can be challenging, especially when you have high expectations (as most brides do). With the daunting ‘budget’ looming over your head, being able to cut down on simple costs will do wonders.

            Floral arrangements may be one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding. While they are a key factor into making the day beautiful, there are some great ways to execute extravagant arrangements, without breaking the bank. Sticking with one floral color throughout the wedding will not only make the decorations appear more unified, but will also help cut back on the costs. With that chosen color, adding greenery will also stretch your dollar, and flowers! With more greens in each arrangement, the cost of flowers themselves won’t be as high.

            Although it may seem small, table numbers can be another costly component in weddings. A great way to turn this expensive task into a DIY, is by using picture frames. Start off by designing your table numbers’ font, coloring, and size on an app such as Microsoft or InDesign, and then find a frame that will compliment the theme of your wedding. Ordering frames in bulk on websites such as Amazon or eBay is rather inexpensive, and can even become a fun activity for you and your bridesmaids!  Simply put a table number in each frame, and you’re done! This option looks elegant and classy, all while staying within a reasonable budget. You can even enlist your Mom, Mother in-law or Aunts to help you with a number of wedding projects. You can find more great sewing tips and product reviews from our friends at Teach You To Sew. 

            To many wedding guests, an open bar has become almost expected. Depending on the count of your wedding, this can be an extremely expensive aspect that doesn’t necessarily feel noticed or unique. While there really is no way to eliminate the cost all together, purchasing alcohol prior to the wedding is an efficient alternative to using vendor alcohol. In most cases, hiring a bartender (or two) is still going to be necessary, but supplying the liquor yourself is going to cut back on the costs drastically. Another ‘pro’ to this idea is that the guests themselves won't know the difference! This is an idea that many brides tend to overlook, but again, think of your (dreaded) budget and consider this cost-effective option!

            Although it is seemingly impossible to plan the perfect day while also staying within a reasonable price range, try and remember all of the little ways to cut back! They may seem small at the time, but they will add up and save you a substantial amount in the long run.

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