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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Couple Of The Month - Shyran and David, Villa Penna


         Words from Shyran...

        "Me and David? What can I say…. when we first met it was not love at first sight, sparks didn’t fly, and I didn’t get butterflies lol. We met through mutual friends and family members and I barely talked to him but saw him around quite often. He would tell you that he noticed me at first sight but was aware I was not available. I guess you can say we became close years later when God gave us another chance.

          When our paths crossed again, it didn’t take long for us to make a connection. I knew it was right because it was effortless, natural, and at times so simple. Before we started dating we became the best of friends. It was a breath of fresh air. I still remember when he got down on one knee. Oh my it was romantic! There were roses, candles, champagne, and our favorite song playing from Adele. He was so nervous that he answered “yes” himself when he proposed. It was quite funny and so adorable. Of course the answer was yes, we both knew! He still makes my heart skip a beat. No matter how far we are, I know we will always find our way back to each other. David is my home and the best side of me.

          Our wedding? Oh dear! Well we are from different cultures so we have twice as much fun J He is British Chaldean and I am Pakistani. We speak couple different languages along with English of course. Both of our families are traditional so we are trying to incorporate both sides of the cultures. I have a Henna Party along with our Wedding. It is almost like planning two weddings. We have a wonderful bridal party which consists of 10 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen. My wedding is going to have neutral tones, blush pink, gold, ivory ect. We are expecting about 350 people. I am super excited to see how everything will turn out with our combined cultures. I know it will be a night to remember and we are so excited to start our journey together!!!"

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How To Say, "I Do"...

 Wedding planning and celebrations can last months, but the actual unity of the bride and groom only lasts a matter of minutes. Making those precious minutes count can be tricky, as there are countless routes to take while saying “I do”.

            The most traditional route that most couples choose to take is to have the officiant read both the bride and grooms prepared vows. These may be prepared with the help of one another, or done separately. If you’re having a more traditional wedding, this is a great incorporation of that theme. This form of reading of the vows is a very sacred act, especially if you are personally close with your officiant.

            Another vow option is to write them with your partner prior to the big day. Many brides don’t want any ‘wedding day surprises’, and enjoy being as prepared as possible for what’s to come. If this is you, collaborating with your husband-to-be is a safe, while still special route to take. Writing the words that will officially ‘tie the knot’ with your soon to be spouse is a celebration in itself. Taking part in this together will make the excitement feel very real, and bond you and your partner even closer!

            An alternative to the typical vow option is to surprise one another on the big day. There is something almost mystical about the anticipation of hearing what your bride/groom has prepared for you. Before you begin writing, agreeing on an estimated length with your significant other is a great trick. With the agreed upon length, there won’t be any uncertainty if one persons vows are drastically longer or shorter than the others. Knowing that your life-partner wrote their vows from their heart alone is endearing, and magical. If you’re hoping for spontaneity, this is a special and memorable route to take.

            Tying the knot can be a daunting step to take, but knowing that there are many options in making it as comfortable as possible is reassuring. There is no wrong option, as whichever path you choose is the right one for you and your loved one!

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Things you should do within the first year of marriage

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The First year of marriage is said to be the toughest of them all which is why you should plan on making the first year all about you! Most couples buy a home or move in together after getting married which can cause financial stress on your new marriage. Try setting up a jar where you can collect coins and every month go out on a little ice cream date, that way you can sit down and just talk to one another.

 Another thing you should do is make a list of things to do after you say "I do". It could be anything from going to a beach you have never been to, to going skydiving together. Just create a list and try knocking things off of it together! Working together as a team is very important in any relationship.

Pencil, Leave, Miss, Heart, Love, Note

Once you get married people tend to try less because they already know you love them. Make sure you still continue to show your spouse how much you love and care about them. Putting a little note in your spouses car or a flower can turn someones day around. There is no need to go out and spend a ton of money on a gift. Thoughtful gifts are much more appreciated. The first year is often trying as you are still getting used to living together for the first time perhaps and blending your lives together. If you feel it is too stressful you can look to counseling to help you through any difficult times. You may wonder, how much does therapy cost?

Try planning a one year anniversary trip. Where is somewhere you both have never been before? Maybe spend the weekend there exploring. There are many great places to visit in every state you just need to go out and look. For example here in Michigan you could go take a wine tour in Traverse City, or go eat an amazingly home cooked chicken meal from Frankenmuth. When you go on a trip try getting a key chain or something small that you as a couple can collect and put in a memory box to show your future kids and family all the places you have been together.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Things the Groom should not forget on the big day!

Lets face it, men are usually late to everything! The first thing the groom should not forget is to set and alarm so he is not late on the big day. There is a lot of stuff to do the day of that you cant forget! Men always think they can get things done in a shorter amount of time than they actually do. I am sure you have all heard the, "it will only take me 5 minutes to fix that" and an hour later you are still waiting on them to be done. Its better to wake up earlier than later!  After all, your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. With that being said sometimes nerves can kick in and make you a little nervous. Something that helps with the nerves would be food. Don't forget to make time for breakfast and lunch. Eating too much can also make you feel funky so bring some tums or rolaids with you as well. Bringing something for a headache isn't a bad idea either! Not bringing the marriage license would give you a big headache as well so make sure not to forget that one! The most important thing to not forget would be the reason you are there. The day of the wedding can often be hectic so don't forget you are there to celebrate the love between a beautiful couple. Let the wedding planners take over and worry about all the little things and focus on your big day! 

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Six Months Before Your Big Day: What You Should Be Doing!

Now you only have six months before your big day, you should have a venue booked and a beautiful dress to wear. Here is everything you should be doing at six months before to ensure your wedding all goes to plan!

Ordering your wedding cake

It’s time to order your wedding cake! It’s often one of the most fun parts of wedding planning as you get to try so many delicious cakes while finding the one. There are so many options of cakes available for your big day. A lot of people are choosing cupcakes, instead of a traditional three-tier wedding cake. You need to consider how big you want the cake depending on the amount of guests that will be turning up for the day. Check out our guide about cake types so you know how big you will need it. Remember to see a couple of bakers before deciding which one you want to go with.

File:Pink decorated wedding cake tiered.jpg
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Sort out your invites

Another thing you should be sorting six months before your big day is your invites. By now, you should have a list of everyone you are inviting for the day and the evening. Hopefully, you have already sent them a save the date so they know to keep the date free. You can find many websites which will create the invites for you such as vintage wedding invitations from Pure Invitation. Or you could find a stationery company who will create custom invites for you. Remember to order some extra invites just in case you decide to ask some extra people to the day.

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Find some transport

Six months before the big day, you should be sorting out some ideal transport to come and pick you up and take you to the ceremony. And then drive you and your new husband to the reception.  There are so many different types of wedding cars that brides now go in to the church. If you decide to go in your own car, here is a handy video showing you how to tie a bow on the car so it still looks great.

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Find a hair stylist and makeup artist

Another thing you should be doing at six months to go is finding a hair stylist and makeup artist to help you look great on the wedding day. You should be able to meet up with different stylists for a free consultation where they will talk to you about potential styles that you could go for. You should get at least one trial if you decide to go with them for the wedding. Remember to check if your bridesmaids will be wanting hair and makeup as well.

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Start making your favors

You should also be starting to consider what wedding favors you will be giving out on your big day. It might be something you need to buy in advance, or you could make them yourselves. As it says here, give yourself plenty of time if you are making them yourself. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from a bridesmaid if you aren’t very creative!

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Hopefully, this list will help you keep to a schedule during wedding planning. Remember to book any extra evening entertainment at around six months so it’s all sorted.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Making Wedding Season Healthy For Your Body And Mind, No Matter Your Role!

Summer means sunshine, long days, favorite dresses… and weddings! That’s right; wedding season goes into full swing in the summer months. Some years you may not have just one or two to attend, but what feels like dozens. So, how you can keep wedding season healthy for both your body and mind? Read on to find out...

If you’re the one organizing….
Sometimes, friends and family close to the couple end up having a more frantic day! However, as much as you’re looking after the couple, be sure to look after yourself! If you don’t keep hydrated, you might get a headache. If you don’t eat, you might feel faint. Then you’re no use to anyone, and may even be a burden.

You also need to look after yourself in the run-up to the wedding. The Bride will not be happy if you come down with flu two days before her big day! At least one month before, have a big detox. Replace your morning caffeine kick with honey and lemon in hot water. Start taking vitamins, minerals and supplements. Consider drinking a little Matcha powder each day. Get enough rest. All of these things will make you healthier, and therefore less likely to get poorly. They will also give you far more energy and get you in great shape for your dress or outfit!


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If you’re the Bride…
If you are the Bride, you need to think first of all about your mental health. Stress, in small and manageable quantities, is fine. But too much and you will be hurting yourself, and you can make yourself ill. So, find certain jobs that you can bear to let someone else take control of! Don’t make the invites yourself. Hire a specialist company to make pocketfold wedding invitations or something simple and similar. Don’t try and do the food yourself, hire a company to do it! Hire a wedding planner if organisation isn’t your thing!
On the big day, don’t forget to eat! Ask a bridesmaid to keep an eye on you, and remind you! You’ll have so much going on, it will be pretty easy to forget. Also, be sure to stay hydrated. This is even more important in the summer, as the weather is likely to be hotter. Even if that means a hassle of lifting your dress a few times to use the toilet. But that’s what bridesmaids are for, right?!

If you’re the one attending….
Being a wedding guest sometimes only involves one day’s commitment. At most, there will be another couple of events also. Perhaps a hen party, or engagement party also. However, even at their most, that is only a few days when you’re at the mercy of someone else’s food decisions! Avoid crashing by avoiding the ever-popular sweetie tables you see at many weddings these days. Also, send dietary requirements far in advance. If you are currently maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet, be sure you let them know. Give them lots of notice. Telling them late could cause lots of hassle and may even cost them more money.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Spicing Things Up

            Food may be one of the most important and memorable aspects of ones wedding, especially to the guests. Every bride-to-be hopes to please everyone, while staying within budget, while also leaving a lasting impression. Those three goals may seem hard to achieve, but spicing up your signature meal is easier than it seems!

            If aiming to stay within budget, an earlier ceremony will not only be cost effective, but also serves as a great excuse to host a brunch-themed reception! This unique route is a great twist on any wedding, and the food options are both mouth-watering, and budget friendly. Serving coffee with baileys, Bloody Mary’s, and Mimosas is a great alternative to the traditional cocktail hour, as well as Hors D’oeuvres such as bagel bites, quiches, and pastries. If you also plan to serve a sit-down meal, eggs benedict, potatoes, and fresh fruit are classy, unique, and cost efficient! While this option isn’t necessarily traditional, it is distinct, and will leave a lasting impression on your guests!


            Another food-related alternative is to opt for a dessert table, rather than a traditional wedding cake. While this route may not make a huge difference in the pocketbook, it is memorable, and provides you and your guests with endless options! Going with a dessert table is an especially great idea for large weddings. Feeding 200+ guests from one cake can be very challenging, as well as expensive. In addition, pleasing all of those guests can be even harder... A well-versed dessert table is a sure way to please (most) guests, while also standing out amongst other weddings. Event then, if you still have your heart set on having a traditional cake, you can always have a smaller-sized cake for you and your husband-to-be!

            While many brides believe serving a full meal is necessary, it has become less and less ‘expected’ amongst guests, especially if timed correctly. If you’re hoping to stay within budget, planning your reception during a 'non-meal' time (such as 3:00pm), is an often times overlooked idea.  In order to still provide delicious food for your guests, a heavy cocktail and Hors D’oeuvres reception hour is a creative alternative! Not only will your guests leave stuffed and content, but you can also allot much more cost into making the food impeccable. Finger foods such as wontons, brie, caprese salad, and bruschetta are both delicious and elegant.

            Opting for a less traditional, more unexpected meal option will have many bonuses, including cutting back on costs. These unique alternatives are memorable, classy, and tasty!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Easy Ways To Make Your Wedding And Honeymoon Uniquely Yours...

There are those of us who like to think that we’re a bit more creative than most people. We like to do things differently. To make things ours and inseparable to us. Can be true in fashion, in our tastes and more definitely when it comes to our wedding. Here are a few ways we can do that.

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Where to have the ceremony
One of the biggest decisions that any couple is going to make about the wedding is where to have it. The chances are that most locations you’ll look at will have seen weddings before you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find those locations that add a drop of uniqueness to your proceedings. There are all kinds of places for all kinds of couples. You might want to get married somewhere rustic, surrounded by nature. Or down by the sea. Even midair. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the usual arrangements or a church or hotel.

Do it yourself
Planning a wedding in every detail can be an exhausting affair. But for some people, hiring professionals for certain tasks just isn’t enough. There’s a lot in the wedding that you can take care of yourself. Menu designs. Floral arrangements. The little bits and pieces that make up the décor. Doing it this way is going to take a lot more organizing, of course. For that reason, it’s best to get preparing a lot further away from the wedding than usual. However, if you want your wedding to fit you to a tee, customizing it can be the perfect way.

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Tell your story
One of the most romantic ways to make a wedding all the more personal is by telling the story of you and your betrothed. Wedding slideshows are a great idea use to do this for excellent effect. However, you might want to switch it up as to how you present it. For example, think about hosting it before you arrive at the altar, instead of at the reception. Just imagine it as a heart-warming build up to the crescendo of the ceremony. Not another thing keeping everyone from their dinner.

The honeymoon
A lot of people will want to have the traditional honeymoon. Jetting or driving off to some sunny beach to relax and be pampered. However, that’s just not us for a lot of people. If you want something different, by all means take it. It might just be a secluded staycation in a lodge near a ski resort. Could be getting yourself an RV and driving to wherever takes your fancy. It could even an adventurous holiday with balloon rides and kayaking and all sorts. Do whatever fits you as a couple, not just what you’re expected to.

From the place to the décor and what we present. Even as far as the kind of place we decide to go on our honeymoon. We don’t want it to be the same as everyone else’s. We want to make it unique.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

DIY Done Right


           ‘Budget’ is one of the last words any bride wants to hear while planning a fairytale wedding. Allocating your money properly can be challenging, especially when you have high expectations (as most brides do). With the daunting ‘budget’ looming over your head, being able to cut down on simple costs will do wonders.

            Floral arrangements may be one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding. While they are a key factor into making the day beautiful, there are some great ways to execute extravagant arrangements, without breaking the bank. Sticking with one floral color throughout the wedding will not only make the decorations appear more unified, but will also help cut back on the costs. With that chosen color, adding greenery will also stretch your dollar, and flowers! With more greens in each arrangement, the cost of flowers themselves won’t be as high.

            Although it may seem small, table numbers can be another costly component in weddings. A great way to turn this expensive task into a DIY, is by using picture frames. Start off by designing your table numbers’ font, coloring, and size on an app such as Microsoft or InDesign, and then find a frame that will compliment the theme of your wedding. Ordering frames in bulk on websites such as Amazon or eBay is rather inexpensive, and can even become a fun activity for you and your bridesmaids!  Simply put a table number in each frame, and you’re done! This option looks elegant and classy, all while staying within a reasonable budget. You can even enlist your Mom, Mother in-law or Aunts to help you with a number of wedding projects. You can find more great sewing tips and product reviews from our friends at Teach You To Sew. 

            To many wedding guests, an open bar has become almost expected. Depending on the count of your wedding, this can be an extremely expensive aspect that doesn’t necessarily feel noticed or unique. While there really is no way to eliminate the cost all together, purchasing alcohol prior to the wedding is an efficient alternative to using vendor alcohol. In most cases, hiring a bartender (or two) is still going to be necessary, but supplying the liquor yourself is going to cut back on the costs drastically. Another ‘pro’ to this idea is that the guests themselves won't know the difference! This is an idea that many brides tend to overlook, but again, think of your (dreaded) budget and consider this cost-effective option!

            Although it is seemingly impossible to plan the perfect day while also staying within a reasonable price range, try and remember all of the little ways to cut back! They may seem small at the time, but they will add up and save you a substantial amount in the long run.

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