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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Location, Location, Location...


           Church…? Beach…? Barn…? With all of the details that go into planning a wedding, the biggest and perhaps most challenging first step is to settle on a time, season, and of course, location. There are both pros and cons to every option, which makes coming, and more importantly, agreeing on a decision that much more difficult. Today, I'm here to help you weigh out those options, and provide you with some insight that may simplify making that daunting first step.

            A common dream destination for any bride-to-be is the Caribbean. What could be more romantic than tying the knot on a warm tropical beach, with all of your family and friends? Although mystical, it may lack in practicality if you hope to celebrate the day with all of your loved ones. The biggest, yet often neglected problem to this fairytale scene is cost. Unless you’re able to pay for the accommodations of all of your guests, it may be a financial challenge for them all to attend your special day. If your heart is still set on a beach setting, a less costly alternative is a lake ceremony. While it may not be a tropical island, being able to share your big day with everyone you love is what you’ll remember forever! In many cases, that may also allow more money to be spent on food, a dress, and a reception venue.

            Receptions are frequently the most memorable part of a wedding, especially for your guests. Unfortunately, you are again presented with the question of location. If you hope to be cost effective, choosing the same venue for both your ceremony and reception is a great trick. Many churches, golf courses, and resorts can provide a hall for the ceremony, as well as a banquet area for the reception. With weather always being unpredictable, choosing an outdoor venue may be cause for stress in the days leading up to your wedding. An indoor reception area is always a safe call, but making it unique is still important. One of the most creative and innovative reception areas is a refurbished barn. This venue provides a homey and unified atmosphere, while also giving guests easy access to the outdoors.

           The location is the building block to a fantastic and memorable wedding day; and although I’m sure your pre-wedding to do list still seems impossibly daunting, being able to settle on a venue will put your mind at ease. Whether it be a beach, church, or barn, celebrating your love with your friends and family is the most important element in making your day memorable. Everything will fall into place, and remember, you’re the bride! 

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