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Monday, May 30, 2016

A Lasting Impression


     Leaving a lasting impression on your guests is paramount while planning a wedding. Thanking them for coming to your special day in a creative and unique way can be difficult. While party favors may seem like something from the pre-teen birthday party era, giving your guests a token of your appreciation is a key, and often times overlooked aspect in making the night memorable.

     Mini champagne or wine bottles make a classic party favor for your guests. Although they won't last forever, customizing the bottles themselves make for a great souvenir that can later be used as decoration around the house. If you happen to be serving a specific type of drink at your reception, you could use that as the mini bottle for your favor to incorporate the special night! Another fun drink-related option is a customized bottle opener. Many brides even choose to incorporate both the mini bottle, as well as the opener into their favors. This is a great memorabilia that will be a timeless token of your celebration.

     You can never go wrong with a desert, either. A wedding-decorated cookie or brownie is always a sweet (literally), way to thank your guests, especially if you've already pushed your budget on other things! This tasty, yet inexpensive gift is one of the best tricks in the book. Including a card or note as well is a great way to personalize the gesture, and make sure that your guests feel appreciated! We like to recommend you wrapping the desert in some sort of tissue paper or bag, which makes it appear even nicer.

     With all of the unexpected stresses that come with planning a wedding, party favors should not be one of them. These unique thank you's are the perfect way to show your guests that you appreciate them sharing the celebrations with you. Whether it be wine or cookies, personalizing your favor is always important in making the gift memorable. This is a day that they, and especially you, will remember for the rest of your lives!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

May Couple of the Month ~ Kelley + Corry, Royal Park Hotel

A few words from Kelly....

He grew up in Lansing, I grew up in Clarkston, Michigan. We met in the summer of 2014 at a Karaoke Bar in Chicago. I'm an oncologist he is an investment consultant. We have an awesome beagle, Lucy Kozma-Walsh. She is in some of the engagement pictures. We are going to Ireland, London and Paris for our honeymoon at the end of July. We are super exited about the wedding, having a great time (most of the time) planning the wedding. So happy that our friends and family are all coming together.

We are pretty active people, I love to run. I forced Corry to to run an 8K race this winter, 'The Shamrock Shuffle" he loves to Golf. I went golfing with him last week for the second time in my life and got PAR on one hole, we will not mention what happened on the rest of the course! We love to travel, spend time with our friends and family.

 Corry proposed to me on Christmas Day in front of both of our parents and Lucy of course. It was perfect! Our wedding colors are blush, pale yellow and silver. We have 7 bridesmaids, 6 of my closest friends and my Sister in law Teresa. My maid of honor is Ling Pyng, a truly amazing person who I am so lucky to have found. Corry has 7 groomsmen. His Best man is Anthony Lottes who is an extremely talented musician. He sings regularly at Mojo's Dueling Piano Bar in Grand Rapids Michigan. We have two junior bridesmaids, Sophia and Elinor Windrow who are my very dear cousins. Our flower girl is my niece Eden Kozma.  

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Origins of Popular Wedding Traditions

Have you ever wondered about where all the wedding traditions we are so accustomed to came from? Why do we have flower girls, wear blue or eat cake on the big day? Interestingly, many traditions have roots in Ancient Rome. Scroll through this timeline by Personal Creations to learn the origins of 16 wedding traditions and find out why so many have stood the test of time. 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Location, Location, Location...


           Church…? Beach…? Barn…? With all of the details that go into planning a wedding, the biggest and perhaps most challenging first step is to settle on a time, season, and of course, location. There are both pros and cons to every option, which makes coming, and more importantly, agreeing on a decision that much more difficult. Today, I'm here to help you weigh out those options, and provide you with some insight that may simplify making that daunting first step.

            A common dream destination for any bride-to-be is the Caribbean. What could be more romantic than tying the knot on a warm tropical beach, with all of your family and friends? Although mystical, it may lack in practicality if you hope to celebrate the day with all of your loved ones. The biggest, yet often neglected problem to this fairytale scene is cost. Unless you’re able to pay for the accommodations of all of your guests, it may be a financial challenge for them all to attend your special day. If your heart is still set on a beach setting, a less costly alternative is a lake ceremony. While it may not be a tropical island, being able to share your big day with everyone you love is what you’ll remember forever! In many cases, that may also allow more money to be spent on food, a dress, and a reception venue.

            Receptions are frequently the most memorable part of a wedding, especially for your guests. Unfortunately, you are again presented with the question of location. If you hope to be cost effective, choosing the same venue for both your ceremony and reception is a great trick. Many churches, golf courses, and resorts can provide a hall for the ceremony, as well as a banquet area for the reception. With weather always being unpredictable, choosing an outdoor venue may be cause for stress in the days leading up to your wedding. An indoor reception area is always a safe call, but making it unique is still important. One of the most creative and innovative reception areas is a refurbished barn. This venue provides a homey and unified atmosphere, while also giving guests easy access to the outdoors.

           The location is the building block to a fantastic and memorable wedding day; and although I’m sure your pre-wedding to do list still seems impossibly daunting, being able to settle on a venue will put your mind at ease. Whether it be a beach, church, or barn, celebrating your love with your friends and family is the most important element in making your day memorable. Everything will fall into place, and remember, you’re the bride! 

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy First Anniversary Laura + Ronnie, Royal Park Hotel Wedding

Wow a year has already passed for this amazing couple! They had a beautiful ceremony and reception at the amazing Royal Park Hotel in Rochester. We are reminiscing on their magical day today! Read more below by clicking on the link.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Meet You're The Bride Intern, Abby

We are so excited to introduce summer intern Abby!

 My name is Abby currently a student at Macomb Community College. I have big goals for myself and I am very excited about my future. I am working towards my Associates degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration. My Bachelor's degree will be more focused in the business field but have not decided what my concentration will be in. One day I would love to refurbish an old barn and turn it into a classy venue with a vintage twist. I love the whole boho, vintage style. I am absolutely in love with love and love seeing people be happy. After I have had my fun with my barn venue I would love to be able to open a non profit that is geared towards helping animals because I am a huge animal advocate. I am very excited to spend my summer interning with You're The Bride and hope to spread my wings into becoming the wedding planner I know I can be.

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Meet You're The Bride Intern, Hannah

So excited to welcome Intern, Hannah whom will be with us for just 5 weeks. During that time she will get her feet wet VERY QUICK in the world of weddings! She is currently a sophomore studying Strategic Communications with a minor in business at the University of Kansas. She is extremely passionate about Public Relations, and Advertising, and aspires to pursue a career within Event Planning. Originally from East Lansing, Michigan, she is ecstatic to be working with You’re The Bride and learn as much as she can about the fast pace field of Wedding Planning!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Meet Event Assistant, Shealyn

Very excited to announce my new Event Assistant. I have been searching to fill this position for a while now and am so happy to have her join the team! Very ironic that Shea knows one of our former 2012 interns Samantha,  Pam from Blumz  and she was an Intern at Garland Resort in my hometown of Lewiston where You're The Bride is their preferred wedding planner partner. I think she was meant to be! We have our first wedding this weekend and we are both super excited. I will be introducing our two new interns very soon as well so stay tuned! 

Shealyn brings a wealth of knowledge to events with her background and education in hospitality, venue management, rentals and event planning. She received her B.A.A. in Commercial Recreation, Event Management and Hospitality Services from Central Michigan University – Fire Up Chips! Shealyn is calm, confident and composed which shows her ability to handle anything thrown her way. She enjoys the ability to dream and create in this amazing industry. Seeing the creation of a space from start to finish and watching it all come to life is what drives her through each and every event. There are few things in life that she enjoys more than being a part of a wedding day. It brings a smile to her face and warmth to her heart knowing that she has helped create a beautiful wedding for brides, grooms, and their families.

When she’s not helping to create an unforgettable event, you can find Shealyn out and about with her family and friends. Her loves include reading a good book, watching the Harry Potter movies for the millionth time, attending as many concerts as possible, traveling, and a nice glass of red wine.

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