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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bridesmaids Dresses that Make a Statement

Who says that claiming your big day has to end with your personal attire, your theme or your décor? Your wedding party reflects the relationships you have built and nurtured as a couple. They represent you and as such, they should echo any statement you plan to make with your wedding, contributing to and magnifying what you want to communicate to the world without words.

What will you tell the world on your wedding day, and how can your wedding party help complete the message? Here are some ways to make a statement with your bridesmaid dresses.

Themed Weddings

Perhaps your statement is expressed through your theme. Carry it through to more than just your guest table centerpieces and ceremony décor. Having a fall wedding? Dress your wedding party in all of the colors associated with the season – create the appearance of scattered fall leaves with a combination of pretty butter yellow, espresso, tangerine and burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

Thinking of something more rustic chic? Consider gowns with lace accents in shorter styles. Mad about Medieval? Find high-waisted, floor-length dresses in jewel tones. Obsessed with the Roaring 20’s? Cap sleeves and rich beading, or simple halters and elbow-length gloves make it a party F. Scott Fitzgerald himself would attend.

Just Your Style

Some personalities are best expressed through fashion. Feeling very BOHO? Choose the perfect earth tone maxi dresses for your party and finish the look with fresh-from-the-garden bouquets and floral headpieces.

Are you and your intended lovers of all things vintage? Pick your favorite era then select an authentic style of bridesmaid dress to go along with it; anything from formal corseted Victorian gowns to A-line, knee-length chiffon dresses in 50s pastels. Don’t stop at the bridesmaids. Get the whole party in on the theme including your groomsmen, child attendants, and even your parents. Make your statement loud and clear.

The “You Do You” Approach to Bridesmaid Dresses

How do you communicate empowerment, self-worth, and an appreciation for what is unique about each of your attendants without words? Take the increasingly popular “her choice” approach to selecting bridesmaid attire. Give your gals a specific shade, or a range of them, and let them choose dresses that appeal to them and flatter their figures.

If your wedding is very formal, dictate the length, otherwise let them have fun with their search and feel amazing on the wedding day. Could you end up with three floor-length burgundy bridesmaid dresses and one smashing cocktail dress? Sure, but your overall palette will be preserved and your best friends will think you are the best bride ever.

When you know there is something on your mind and you must reach the world through your wedding, remember that those closest to you are eager to share the news too. Give them the opportunity to support you and live your message out loud. Make your bridal party an integral part of making your statement. Choose the right bridesmaid dresses to make your statement on the Big Day.


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We #love our #bride Sara's #bouquet do you? Photo by Jason Willis Photography. Bouquet by @blumzbyjrdesigns #yourethebride #pretty #purple #detroitweddings #easternmarketwedding #beautiful #summer #flowers #weddingplanner #detroitweddingplanner #michiganeventplanner #tietheknot #bouquets #bouquetofroses #weddingflowers

Tips on What to Ask When Interviewing Videographers for Your Wedding

Have you ever wondered why in fairytales, there’s never a part when a princess is organizing her wedding? Well, I believe it’s because she’d probably go through a nervous breakdown or several of them.

Organizing a wedding can be quite frustrating – chances are that you dreamed about your big day since you were a little girl and you probably have a picture in your mind of how your wedding should look like. So, you have set the bar pretty high and you have expectations which need to be fulfilled. If you don’t want those expectations to turn into disappointments, you need to start realizing your plans on time.

You definitely want your big day to be well recorded, so you can reminiscence about the day you declared the most important type of partnership you ever will for years to come – and that’s why you need a good videographer.

Previous Experience

When starting an interview, you should first take a look at your interviewees’ portfolio. Different artists have a different approach and you should make sure that you like their style. The first question to ask is whether their work is in the form of a documentary or is it cinematic. Naturally, check if they are flexible to meet your terms and requirements.

Quality of Audio Production

Inexperienced videographers can make a living hell out of your life and, therefore, you need to ask them about every detail when it comes to their services. Some of them don’t have proper audio coverage and the only thing they use for recording audio is their video equipment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your video will be a disaster, but you shouldn’t take your chances – placing a microphone into the groom’s pocket for example is a smart precaution.

Work Hours

So there are no any misunderstandings and additional stress during your wedding, you should remember to check for how long your potential videographer will be present and whether there are other weddings they need to film that same date.

Is There Video Editing Involved?

You won’t be very thrilled if all that you get is raw footage that’s only mildly edited. You need a creative video editing service company who will turn your movie into a realistic version of your wedding fantasy and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Therefore, you must remember to ask your interviewee whether or not this is included in their service.

How Long Before You Get Your Movie?

Some videographers take longer to hand over the complete version of you wedding video and that’s just fine – you should let them do their magic. However, make sure to determine a deadline when you hire them because these things can take forever if you don’t set a concrete date.
Like everything else regarding your wedding, you need to be comfortable with your choice when it comes to videographers, which is why I insisted on taking your time. That way, you can hold as many interviews as you need until you find the right person for the job.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Zingerman Corman Farms ~ Mary + Eric 10/2/16

On Sunday October 2, 2016 Mary and Eric tied the knot at Zingerman's Cornman Farms in Dexter, Michigan. Mary and her bridesmaids started off the day in a little white house on the property where they got their hair and makeup done.

Eric and his Groomsmen got ready in the bottom level of the barn 

 Once everyone was finished getting ready the Chinese door games started. First, the bridesmaids each came up with a question about Mary that Eric, with the help of his groomsmen, which they had to answer correctly, or else they would have to do pus-hups for every wrong answer.  Luckily, he answered them all correctly. Then they had to hold a yoga pose (tree pose) for 5 seconds, and then serenade the bridesmaids and moms loud enough so that the bride could hear. The couple gave the mother's personalized gifts. 

Finally, Mary and Eric are able to have their first look.  After all of the Chinese door games, they took pictures all around the farm. 

The bridal party had the most amazing flowers! 

Seriously, look at this bouquet isn't it gorgeous? We just love the colors and texture! 

As the guests began to arrive Mary and her bridesmaids went back inside so no one would be able to see her. The ceremony took place right outside the house. The front of the house was decorated with a beautiful garland. 

Once it is time for the ceremony to start Mary came from the side of the house. After the ceremony guests began to move to cocktail hour which was in the bottom level of the barn. The barn was decorated with candles, flowers, and pictures of Mary and Eric.  

They did it !

Log sawing tradition! Our bride is strong! 

 The Youre The Bride team was busy setting up everything inside the tent, barn, and house for Mary and Eric's big day.

Soon after, the guests moved to the tent for the reception. Each table was decorated with a colorful flower arrangement. We  also placed sprigs of rosemary inside the napkins to add a nice touch of color. Mary and Eric made their grand entrance to the song Walking On Sunshine. Dinner was served soon after. The newlyweds spent the rest of the night dancing with friends and family.

A costume change during dinner for Mary's heritage.

Singer, Tasha, from the Blue Water Kings Band getting down! 

A little photo booth fun with the newlyweds!

Venue: Zingermans Cornman Farms -
Hair and Makeup: Vox Salon
Flowers: Merci Beacoup -
Photographer: Beth Joy Photography - 
Videographer: Two Penny Productions - 
Wedding Planner: Youre The Bride - 
Officiant- Scott Crownover
Band: Bluewater Kings Band -
Cake: Zingermans Roadhouse -
Photobooth: Fancy Flash Photobooth - 

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