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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bridal Event at Rogers & Hollands ~ Laurel Park Place Mall

This event is taking place starting this Thursday ! Check it out if your looking 
for a special gift or ready to propose to that special someone!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Guide to Monograms

What will you be putting your new monogram on ? The possibilities are endless from incorporating it into your wedding invitations, placing them on cocktail napkins and much more. Here are some additional ideas for you from real weddings we have planned and coordinated.

  1. Cake Boxes
  2. Toasting Flutes
  3. Cake Serving Set
  4. Bags for you bridesmaids
  5. Your Luggage 
  6. Pillows
  7. Your Purse
  8. Thank you cards
  9. Handkerchiefs
  10. Towels
  11. Silverware 
  12. Scarves 
  13. Garter

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Photo Credit: Simply Bridal 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Intern Kimberly Talks About Her Internship Experience with YTB

What things did you enjoy about the internship?

I liked that it was a substantial internship and that I was given a variety of tasks to do so it was always interesting. I liked writing the blogs because I like to write and while researching the blogs I learned a lot about many subjects,  I knew nothing about being the Event Assistant for Day-of-Coordination services so it was always great because weddings are beautiful and full of love and that’s why we do it right?

Do you think it was a valuable experience?

Yes. There was always something new to learn. I kept learning up until the very end. It was challenging at times and there were times when it was imperative to be able to think on your feet, but that’s what kept it exciting.  I also like that this experience was full spectrum, so I got to see some good sides of the job AND some bad sides of it. If someone is serious about getting in this industry and becoming a wedding planner there is no better internship because they will definitely be doing it all.

What was your favorite part of the experience while interning at You’re The Bride?

The Style photo-shoot that I was able to be a part of was amazing.  I also got to meet PAWS, the Detroit Tigers mascot at one of the weddings and that was the highlight of my year. This industry is very people oriented, so getting to meet and work with amazing vendors and meeting families and helping to create their special day was so rewarding.
What did you dislike about the internship?

I had an unfortunate experience while doing vendor calls and then with a vendor or two so without a doubt that was my least favorite part of the internship.  It was a learning experience.
 Do you have any suggestions on how to change or make the internship better?

I do think it’s a lot of work for one intern especially if there are other commitments involved. I also had summer classes, a small part time job and I am married so for me it was a little difficult to schedule in social time without neglecting my other duties. I guess it’s more of a comment that a suggestion. I think I was mostly able to strike a nice balance, but it’s definitely better if future interns have less commitments and/or the work is split up between 2 interns (which I know it was in the past, so I think that’s a good idea.) *I honestly don’t know how you did it before you started the intern program*

Do you still have plans to either become a wedding planner while working for someone else or starting your own wedding business?

Yes. I would also like to branch out into other non-wedding related events such as corporate events.
Are you interested in working any weddings as an Event Assistant in the future to gain more experience for a day rate?

Are you interested in possible other assignments as needed for a flat rate per assignment?

*Of course this is on an as needed basis depending on how busy I am in the future and how my next interns work out for me*

List any other comments/feedback you wish to share.

I think the weekly “knotties” assignment was very valuable as I learned so much from just trolling through the message boards on The Knot and on occasion, Wedding Wire. I learned so much about etiquette.

Kimberly Renteria-Dix
Wedding Coordinator Intern
You're The Bride
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Lady of Good Counsel Plymouth ~ Rose + Brandon 7/26/14

Rose and Brandon hired You're The Bride to provide day-of-coordination services for their July 26th nuptials just a month prior to the special day. YTB started our day at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Plymouth, MI bright and early to set everything up for the ceremony and afternoon reception. The reception was held at a hall on the lower level of the church immediately following the ceremony. The room had large floor to ceiling windows which cast the room in natural light and provided gorgeous views of the perfectly manicured lawn outside. The YTB team went to work right away and set up the tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, and all other decor to create the happy couple's vision for their reception.

When photographer Jamie from Gingersnapography Family Photography arrived with the bride, we helped coordinate the First Looks. We hid the groom as Jamie and Rose scoped out the perfect location for the first look shots. When it was time, we brought Brandon out to an anxiously awaiting Rose. 

Before the ceremony the bridal party had a little fun taking photos on the lovely church grounds and everyone looked amazing.

As the ceremony began, the YTB team finished putting the finishing touches on the reception space below. 

After the ceremony, guests found their way downstairs to the reception space and the party got started! 

The happy couple made their grand entrance and everyone enjoyed a nice lunch. The speeches were heartfelt and sweet and everyone was smiling as they raised their glass to the new Mr. and Mrs. Ekblad. 

After lunch the ceremonial dances were started and Rose and Brandon looked so in love as they held each other close and danced for the first time as husband and wife. 

The dance floor was opened and the afternoon reception time didn't hinder the party at all. The dance floor filled with friends and family who were ready to dance the afternoon away.

The day turned out beautifully and everyone had a blast. 

Congrats Rose and Brandon! You're The Bride is honored to have been a part of your special day. We wish you all the happiness in the world. 


Day of Coordinator-You're The Bride-Tracie and Kimberly
Caterer-Fat Chef in a Little Coat Service-Dave
Florist-Keller and Stein
Baker-Back Home Bakery
Officiant-Father Lee Acervo
Makeup and hair-Indigo Salon & Spa
DJ- Shea Sounds 

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