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Friday, June 20, 2014

Wedding Planning Myths Busted

Who says you have to play by the rules? Here are some common wedding myths that we think its okay to ignore. 

You have to wear white

Throughout history women have worn white to their wedding for various reasons. Nowadays it is done out of mere tradition as the connotation of purity no longer accompanies the wearing of a white dress by a bride. You shouldn't feel obligated or pressured into wearing white just because everyone else does it. Just be true to yourself. If that means you march down the aisle in a blush pink or canary yellow wedding dress then so be it. All that matters is that you feel beautiful and confident as you walk toward your future husband who will no doubt be smiling from ear to ear.

Friends are just as good as professional Vendors

Sure your friend is a good photographer and is willing to cut you a huge deal to do your wedding. You are friends after all and you can even consider their services your wedding gift.
What can be better? What can go wrong? Well, where problems arise is in the details. A vendor will have done many weddings before and will have a proven track record for showing up on time and delivering on a product or service that they promised. They will also have a contract that legally obligates them to perform those duties to the best of their abilities and in the most professional manner. A professional vendor will have the proper education, training, experience, credentials, reviews, equipment, work samples, and professionalism that you deserve on your wedding day. The discount or free service that your friend will give you might not come with that same guarantee. You don't want your DJ friend drinking on the job right? Well sometimes friends don't think the rules apply to them because you are friends. Save yourself the potential headache and hire a professional.

Wedding Planners are an unnecessary expense

That could not be further from the truth. Wedding planners are there to help make sure your special day is as stress-free for you as possible. Wedding planners offer assistance with a wide range of services from budget tracking to reception ideas, and can even get vendor discounts that you will otherwise be unable to attain on your own, which could end up saving you plenty in the long run. Looking for a reliable limo service? Chances are your wedding planner has a recommendation that they know will take good care of you. Wedding Planners offer a series of packages with tiered services. So even if you don't need help with all of your wedding planning, you can still hire one for day-of-coordination. You definitely don't want to deal with a lighting problem at the reception hall while you are getting ready to walk down the aisle. Let a planner take care of all of those "what if" scenarios and sit back and enjoy your special day.

DIY in an inexpensive alternative

Going DIY is a great way to put a personal touch on your wedding. Its always nice to hear people say how much they adore something that we spent hours creating. DIY can definitely be a creative outlet and really show your personality more so than renting or purchasing already made decorations. However, most people don't think about how much money they are spending on supplies or how time consuming its going to be. Make sure you consider the cost to DIY versus the alternatives. It may be your cheapest option, but it may also end up costing more in the end.

Your wedding will "break the bank"

The first thing you need to do is be realistic about what you can afford versus what you have been planning in your head your whole life. Always make a budget first before you start booking venues and vendors. With your budget in hand you can write down everything you want for your wedding and prioritize whats most important to you. Make a list of items you are willing to spend a little extra on and find ways to cut costs in other areas. The most important thing is to stick to your budget or as close to your budget as possible. That champagne fountain that seems like a must have now might seem silly a year later when looking through your wedding album. The last thing you want is wedding remorse.

A DJ is better than a Band

This is all about personal preference. While I certainly prefer a DJ to a wedding band, it doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other. You might be under the impression that all wedding DJ's play is "YMCA" and "Shout" and any other cheesy song that is played at every other wedding. If you are planning your upcoming nuptials I recommend checking out both options, regardless of preconceived notions. You might be dead set on a DJ and end up being blown away by a professional wedding band that can belt out that Journey hit as good as that DJ can spin it. There are also hybrid DJ's who are also professional musicians and are incorporating their special skills on the saxophone or keyboard into your music experience. Its the best of both worlds.

Wedding food all tastes the same

I once had someone in the industry tell me that wedding food isn't important because no one will remember it anyway. I couldn't disagree more. Maybe that was the case 20 years ago, but nowadays with "foodies" everywhere its safe to assume that guests are looking forward to trying and comparing your food to every other wedding dinner they've had over the years. Catering companies are getting in on the action too. They want their food talked about and any wedding guest could be a potential future client. What better way to sample a caterer than a friend's reception? Food is important and it will be talked about after your wedding is over. Make sure you give them something to talk about.

You should splurge on your wedding dress

Thanks to shows like "Say Yes To The Dress" and "I Found The Gown" on TLC, women have what they call "champagne taste on a beer budget" when it comes to wedding gowns. If money were no option I would have the most glorious Pnina Tornai dress anyone has ever seen. Of course I would never be able to afford even one of her most modest dresses. Some women are perfectly fine with paying $5,000 on a dress that they will wear once. For the rest of us, that's not even an option. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a dress for around or under $1000. Just remember to only try on dresses that are within your price range. Going outside of your price range to try on a dress that you love will just leave you heartbroken if you can't afford it. By doing this you also risk comparing all other dresses to it, which may also leave you panicking to find a dress at the last minute. After all, like I said in the beginning, its not really about the dress, its about how you feel in it that counts.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable in Detroit

Our friends at George Street Photography wrote this guest post
for us. Enjoy their tips on ways to make your wedding more sustainable.......

First comes the proposal, then comes the planning! But beyond the time and budget investments that go into preparing for your big day, it’s all about one thing: the love you share with your soulmate. So, why not put your love and creativity to work for the environment? In recent years, green weddings are gaining popularity amongst eco-conscious couples who hope to use their wedding as a platform for something greater.

Wondering what you can do to be kind to Mother Earth on your big day? From organic bouquets to farm-to-table menus, here are a few tips to planning an eco-friendly wedding!

Gorgeous & Green-Friendly: It might seem hard to believe, but there are so many ways you can be eco-friendly when selecting your wedding gown! If you’ve dreamed of donning your mother’s dress since you were a little girl, you can choose to reuse the heirloom for your own wedding, or if you’re able, use fabric from the gown to create your own ensemble. You can also choose to go the charitable route in terms of sustainability. Brides Against Breast Cancer, for instance, allows you to buy or donate a dress, with all proceeds going to support women with breast cancer.

Keep it Local: Support your local economy and opt for locally-sourced materials whenever possible. When crafting your menu, try and seek out a caterer who provides regional, seasonal and organic entre├ęs. Not only are these options often healthier than your standard dish, but they also add an intimate, local touch you just can’t find anywhere else. For florals, consider hiring an organic florist or use farmers’ market finds to create your bouquet and centerpieces! The end result? Arrangements that are green-friendly and absolutely gorgeous!

Practical & Paperless: Do your part in saving the trees by considering alternatives for your invitations. For more casual or smaller weddings, try using Paperless Post or another service to create ‘e-vites’ for your guests. If you’d like to stick with tangible invitations, seek out stationery printed on recycled cotton. You can go this route with your ceremony programs, place cards and other paper products, or you may even just to go without these items, as well.

Reuse & Recycle: Speaking of recyclable materials...consider carrying that concept throughout your entire wedding. Select wedding shoes you can wear again and again, or donate reusable materials like burlap table runners to local artists. For your reception, consider using linen napkins, biodegradable plates and energy-efficient appliances when possible. And believe it or not, you can do this all without sacrificing your budget or penchant for dreamy details.

Fresh Favors: No matter how practical you might think your wedding favors are, the sad reality is that many guests throw them out after one or two uses. So, why not give them something they’ll use that also gives back to the environment? Potted succulents or herbs, seed packets and jars of your hometown’s local honey are all viable, eco-friendly options. You can also forgo favors all together and make a donation to your favorite charity on your guests’ behalf.

Tying the knot with your soulmate means investing in your love and relationship for the long-term. And by following our tips and applying a green thumb to each aspect of your wedding, you’ll also be investing in a sustainable lifestyle — and that’s definitely worthwhile!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bridal Gown Terminology: Necklines,Bodices, Sleeves, Straps

Thanks for coming back for round two of Bridal Gown Terminology. Last time we covered hemlines and shapes. This time we tackle the topics of necklines & bodices and sleeves & straps.

Necklines & Bodices

1. Blouson neckline: This is a loose bodice that blouses out instead of laying flat against the torso due to a cinched waist. This style is often accompanied by a belt or sash. 

2. Boat neck: This is a high neckline that cuts straight OR with a small scoop across the collarbone.

3. Cowl neck: This is a rounded neckline created from folds of draped fabric. 

4. Halter: This neckline has straps that cut straight OR with a small scoop across the collarbone.

5. Jewel: This is a high, slightly rounded neckline.

6. Portrait Collar: This has a wide neckline that ends with straps or sleeves which starts at the top outer edge of the shoulder.

7. Sabrina: This is a high neckline that starts at the inside edge of the neckline and has a slightly rounded scoop in the front and in the back.

8. Scoop: This is a low, wide, rounded neckline.

9. Square neck: This neckline is created by straps that extend straight down from the shoulders meeting a bust line.

10. Sweetheart: This is a scalloped neckline with its lowest point in the center of the bust, creating a heart shape.

11. V-neck: This is a neckline that comes to a point in the center front, creating a V shape.

Sleeves & Straps

1. Bell: This type of sleeve can be long or short, but either flares out toward the bottom.

2. Cap: These small sleeves just cover the shoulders, which offers extra support.

3. Drop Shoulder: This is a dress style featuring straps or lace sleeves worn off the shoulders and across the upper arm.

4. Dolman: This is a sleeve cut wide at the arm hole and tapering to the wrist.

5. Puff: This is a sleeve that is fitted at the top and bottom and widens OR "puffs" in the middle.

6. Spaghetti Straps: These are the thin straps that extend straight over the shoulder. Often this is able to be added to strapless dresses for additional support.

7. Strapless: This is a dress with no sleeves, straps, or other material connecting the front and back over the shoulders.

8. Three-Quarter Length: This is a sleeve that begins at the shoulder and ends below the elbow but above the wrist.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Reception Idea: Wedding Games!

If you take a look at our blog post from a few weeks ago and scroll down through the pictures you will see that Kirsten and Joe had custom made Cornhole boards for their guests to play with at their reception. I thought this was a great idea so I went on a search for other games couple's are incorporating into their weddings. Thinking of adding a game to your reception for you and your guests? Give some of these a try.

Bride & Groom Games

The Shoe Game (see picture above)

Never heard of it? Here is how it works:

This is a reception game so after dinner, drinks, and little dancing you clear the dance floor.
Place two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor for the bride and groom.
Remove both of your shoes and trade one shoe with your new spouse! (so you are holding one of each)
Have your guests (or a designated person) ask a series of questions about you and your relationship. For Instance, "who is the better driver?". 
After each question, each of you holds up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer to the question.

Cherry on a String

This game requires one bride, one groom, and one cherry on a string held by someone in the bridal party. 

The goal of this game: 
Using only their mouths, the newlyweds must work together to eat the cherry. 
A lot of fun can be had if the designated string holder raises and lowers the cherry to make it a little harder to eat the cherry. 
The game ends when the cherry is gone.

A lot of brides who have Sunday brunch or afternoon receptions recommend using lawn games in lieu of dancing and a DJ.Since morning and mid-day weddings sometimes don't feel like a dancing affair this seems like sound advice. Even if you have an evening reception complete with a band or DJ sometimes guests just don't feel like dancing. 

Games for Everyone

Giant Games


Connect Four

Lawn Games

Ring Toss

Horse Shoes

 You can choose just one or have a variety of games for your guests to play. Just remember, its your wedding day so don't be afraid to join in on all the fun. 

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Couple of the Month ~ Jamie + Seggie, Detroit Masonic Temple

The Beginning...

Jamie and Seggie grew up in the same town and attended the same high school in Madison Heights, MI for one year before Seggie transferred to another school in Rochester Hills, MI. She was two years behind Seggie and they didn't exactly know each other at the time. It was during that one semester that they ended up in drama class together. They were asked to act out a scene where Jamie had to slap Seggie in the face. They even had to run the scene multiple times. Jamie wasn't a fan of doing this back then, but Seggie quips that he didn't think she would have a problem with it now. 

First Date...

12 year later Jamie was now living in Los Angeles and Seggie happened to be in town for a recording session with his a cappella group "Straight No Chaser". He decided to reach out to her on Facebook to see if she wanted to grab a drink and she accepted the invitation. They sat outside on the terrace at a lounge on Sunset Boulevard called Sunset Trocadero. Jamie had given herself a curfew of 11:45pm, so that she could catch the last train back home. Later, she disclosed that it was because she didn't think she was going to have a good time. Well Jamie was wrong; she had a great time and ended up missing the last train that night. Seggie sent her home in a cab sometime after 2am. They ended up hanging out every night until he had to leave town. 

The Proposal...

2 years later Seggie found himself trying to come up with a unique way to propose. "The beach in Malibu? Too cliche. During our upcoming vacation in Spain? Too obvious. I finally realized that I needed to keep it about us, and keep it simple." It was then that it came to him and he knew exactly what he was going to do.

Seggie was able to get in touch with the owner of the Sunset Trocadero. The owner agreed to let him stage the scene an hour before opening. 

"This was it. This was perfect. This is where it all started."
Saturday, July 6, 2013

Seggie's task that day was to get Jamie to the Sunset Trocadero at 6pm and to get there before her. 
He made up two cover stories to get her there and avoid suspicion. So he made up a story about friends from college being in town for a wedding and wanting to meet up for drinks before dinner. He got Jamie to wear something he knew she would be happy with later in the photos by hinting at how his friends might dress due to their plans later that evening. Seggie also told Jamie that he would be late due to a work meeting and that she should meet him after at the lounge. 

It was time...

Seggie arrived at the Sunset Trocadero an hour and a half before they opened to set up flowers, candles and champagne outside where they had their first date. The photographer and videographer met him there and everything was running smoothly. Jamie arrived at 6:15pm and he had made sure to have her meet him at the bar inside so that she didn't notice the setup on the terrace. She walked in, found Seggie at the bar alone and asked about his friends. He told her they were running late and suggested they go out on the terrace to have a drink while they waited. As Jamie followed Seggie outside she slowly started to realize what was going on. The photographer and videographer popped out from their hiding spots and the show was on! Seggie didn't waste any time and went right into the proposal.

"She had no idea it was coming. She was in complete shock. She said yes."

They popped the champagne and had a celebratory toast. As Jamie was soaking it all in, Seggie had another surprise for her. Almost immediately after they toasted, all of their closest Los Angeles friends arrived to join in the celebration. 

About the bride & Groom...
Jamie is a Casting Manager for a production company in Los Angeles, CA called Shed Media US.
Her casting experience has primarily been in reality-docu and competition/game show styles. A couple of recent airing programs Jamie has worked on are American Dream Builders on ABC and Rihanna's Styled to Rock on Bravo. Prior to working in casting, Jamie worked alongside Creative Director Rob Wagner on a long list of live events including the Grammy's, MTV Movie Awards, and Michael Jackson's This Is It Tour.

Seggie sings in a professional a cappella group called, Straight No Chaser, which originated in 1996 at Indiana University. In 2006, a 1998 video of "The 12 Days of Christmas" gained widespread popularity and subsequently led to a five-album record deal with Atlantic Records in 2008. In May of 2013 the group released its 4th album on Atlantic Records entitled "Under The Influence". The deluxe version of the album is 17 tracks, 8 of which feature guest artists; Sara Bareilles, Phil Collins, Elton John, Jason Mraz, Dolly Parton, Seal, Rob Thomas, Stevie Wonder. 

Wedding Details...
Jamie and Seggie will have their ceremony and reception on August 23, 2014 at the Masonic Temple of Detroit, MI. They describe their wedding as having taken on a unique vintage inspired theme combined with each family's different cultural traditions. The wedding will have added elements of fun including two strolling magicians and a visit from the famous Detroit Tigers' Baseball Team Mascot Paws. Jamie's favorite part of planning has been picking out beautiful floral arrangements in ivory, plum, and greyed jade. Seggie's favorite part has been planning the 22 night honeymoon to France and Italy. 

Thank You so much to Seggie and Jamie for providing us with all these wonderful, romantic stories and photos to share. 
You're The Bride is very excited to be a part of your special day. 

Congratulations Jamie and Seggie! 

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bridal Gown Terminology: Hemlines & Shapes

Shopping for a wedding dress can be pretty daunting at times, especially when it seems like the bridal consultants are speaking another language. What I called a "princess" or "poofy" dress for a long time, turns out is actually appropriately called a "ballgown". Even though in casual conversation I still refer to it as a "poofy" dress (shhh!). Going to a dress appointment can be a lot easier if you learn all the insider terminology ahead of time. My next few blogs will get you started on some key bridal gown terms so you can describe your dream gown perfectly at your next-or first-dress appointment. Be sure to check back for other bridal dress terminology. Up first are hemlines and shapes.


1. Asymmetrical: This hemline is shorter in the front and longer in the back. This dress shows a little bit of legs while still allowing you to have a traditional look (if you want).

2. Ballerina: A full skirt hemline that ends just above the ankle.

3. Floor OR Floor-length: This hemline reaches the ground. It is considered a formal length hemline.

4. Mini: This hemline stops above the knee. Traditionally, a miniskirt reached mid-thigh or a maximum of four inches above the rear.

5. Street: This hemline ends just below the knees.

6. Tea: This hemline falls between the mid and lower calf.


1. A-Line: A-line dresses are shaped like the letter A, thus their name. These are smaller at the waistline and angle outward to a fuller hem.

2. Ball Gown: A dramatic, wide, full skirt. This is considered the most formal shape.

3. Drop Waist: This dress has a waistline that falls at mid hip or lower.

4. Empire: This waistline falls just under the bust and connects to a flowing skirt.

5. Fit and Flare: This style is fitted through the bodice with a skirt that flares away from the body just past the hips. 

6. Mermaid: This dress is fitted through the bodice, waist, and hips then flares out from the knees. 

7. Sheath: This is a straight, form fitting silhouette. It is also known as a column.

8. Trumpet: This shape is fitted through the upper body and flares out from mid-thigh.

9. Tulip: This is a short skirt made of overlapping, draped fabric which resembles a closed tulip.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Wedding Planning: Mother-in-laws

A wedding is the joining of two families. A great way for a bride to start off her new family on the right foot is to get close-or closer-to her future mother-in-law. What better way than to get her involved in the pre-wedding festivities? Traditionally, the Mother-of-the-Groom doesn't have a large role on the big day, but just because its tradition doesn't mean you have to follow it. Get the MOG involved in the excitement right away by inviting her out with you and your mom; maybe to lunch or maybe just to coffee. You can start brainstorming ideas and its a great chance for the three of you to bond. Here are a few ways to consider getting your future MIL in on all the wedding planning action:

Ask her for help with major decisions

The bride usually relies on her mother for help with most of the wedding details. That doesn't mean that she is the only one who can help choose the wedding gown, invitations or flowers. When you are ready to start tackling all of these appointments with your mother and maid of honor in tow, simply ask the groom's mother to join you. Let her know that you value her opinion and she is part of the select few that you trust enough to take with you on these monumental occasions. Looking for the perfect dress is a special moment that your mom might not want to share. You can always reserve the first appointment for you to try on dresses with your mom solo and invite others to later appointments. This is also a great chance for the moms to discuss what they will wear to your wedding to make sure there are no surprises on the big day. I recently saw an episode of Say Yes to the Dress where the bride had lost both of her parents, so naturally she was missing her mother during the planning process. Her future mother-in-law was there to lend as much support as the bride wanted. It was an amazing bonding experience and the bride was happy that she shared these special moments with her.

Let her DIY

With everyone on Pinterest nowadays odds are your future MIL has seen some fabulous DIY decorations that would fit perfect with your centerpieces. And lucky you, she is great with a glue stick and a pair of scissors. Utilize her talents; it will make her happy to be contributing and you can point out how fabulous those table numbers look to all your guests while giving credit where credit is due. In fact, "You're The Bride" has a client now whose future mother-in-law is going to address the invitation envelopes with her beautiful calligraphy. She is putting her own personal touch on the wedding and helping to cut costs for the bride and groom. Its a Win-Win.

Request help with seating charts and out of town guests

Organizing seating charts can be a huge headache for a bride and groom. Who better to help seat your groom's family than his mom? She is most likely clued-in with in all the juicy family gossip and will know not to sit the rebellious cousin with the no-nonsense out-of-state uncle. Speaking of out of town guests, appoint the MOG as the point of contact for out of town guests with questions regarding travel and wedding itinerary information. This will keep her involved and alleviate a lot of phone calls to your groom.

Assist with the Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is the responsibility of the groom's parents. This is your chance to make planning a bit easier on your future in-laws. Find out what their budget is for the evening and give them a few suggestions on where they might host the rehearsal dinner. Ask your maid of honor to help your future mother-in-law with any decorating and provide her with a list of guests you want to be sure are invited.

Be sure to include the mother-son dance

The traditional mother-son dance is the perfect way for you and your groom to honor his mother on your wedding day. The three of you should get together to discuss song choices over dinner. Make a night of listening to her favorite songs. I don't know about you, but my mom has a special song for me and my siblings and it would be perfect for a mother-son dance. Does your groom's mom have a special song for him? Whether the song is a classic slow-jam or upbeat swing number, it will definitely create a lovely memory that none of you will ever forget.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Trend Alert: Mismatched Bridesmaids

Here is a trend that I can really get behind: Brides are loosening the reigns and letting their bridal party pick their own dresses. And why not? Each girl has their own individual style and while you may be the bride you still want your girls to look and feel their best while standing beside you on your special day. Here are some different ways to pull off this trend beautifully.

1. One color/different styles
Like the picture above and the one below, you can give your bridesmaids a specific color and then let them choose the particular style of dress they want to wear. Even though the dresses may be very different, the color is the cohesive element that ties it all together.

2. One color/different shades
When you use the same color in different shades it gives the mismatched trend a more unified look.

3. Different color/same style
This one is a little bit of a cheat. If you want to follow the mismatched trend, but still want to pick out the dresses you can choose one style and pick a different color for each girl. Make it fun by choosing the color that best matches each bridesmaid's personality.

4. Same dress/different accessories
So you've already found the perfect dresses for your girls? Great! They can still have fun choosing their mismatched accessories to go with the fabulous dress you picked for them. Earrings, heels, necklaces-there are so many ways for each girl to put their own spin on the same dress.

5. The Freestyle
You think your bridesmaids have amazing personal style and you trust them enough to give them guidance and let them wear whatever they want. Good for you!

There are so many ways to play with the mismatched trend. You can experiment with different lengths of dresses. My personal favorite is the "rainbow bridesmaids".

Are you loving the mismatched trend as much as I am? The best part about this trend is that everyone's mismatch is unique and you can never go wrong with something you love. Happy Shopping!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Wedding Guest Spotlight: Dietary Restrictions

There are so many details a bride and groom must consider when planning their wedding day. One topic that causes so much undue stress is dealing with the dietary needs of guests. It may seem rather daunting when you consider how many restrictions are out there. Some of the more popular requests I have seen at weddings are: Gluten free, peanut allergies, Kosher and Halal meals, vegetarian, vegan, etc. So how do you accommodate the needs of your guests who may have a plethora of dietary restrictions?

RSVP Cards:

RSVP cards are used to provide guests with their dining options at your wedding. Common choices will include beef, chicken, or fish and a vegetarian option. This can also be a place for your guests to provide any details about their dietary issues, such as a food allergy. Be cautious about what terms you use when asking guests for dietary information. For example the terms “dietary restrictions” should be used instead of “food preferences” to ensure you don’t have guests asking for different foods without a legitimate need for a special meal. Another option is to exclude this line altogether. Most people with legitimate needs are used to informing others and will most likely state their concerns without being prompted to do so.

Do your homework:

You may have guests that request a vegan meal or gluten-free food. Do your homework so you know exactly what those terms mean. As always, do not be afraid to ask any questions your guests will appreciate that you are taking the time to make sure you fully understand what your guests can and cannot eat. There may be a way for your caterer to make a dish without allergy-causing ingredient, but sometimes it’s better to just have a different dish made for those guests with allergies.

Express Concern:
Sometimes you may be unable to accommodate a certain dietary restriction. Make sure you let your guest know that you are sincerely concerned with their needs and are grateful that they want to celebrate your special day with you.

Those little Extras:

If you already know of guests that have a certain dietary restriction you may want to consider it as an option for everyone. Even though pasta is a popular vegetarian option, guests with gluten intolerance might not appreciate a pasta dish. Use this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. If all else fails, your guests can always inform a server at the reception that they have special needs. I have seen many servers go out of their way to take care of guests with dietary needs. 

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