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Monday, April 28, 2014

Selecting Your Wedding Style

In the age of Pinterest, bridal blogs, and magazines galore, there are so many sources of inspiration for you to draw from when planning your wedding day! With endless styles of weddings to choose from, often times a bride may have trouble determining what her vision is.

Maybe you are the goofy, charismatic bride who wants to show off your fun side at your wedding. Bright colors, streamers, paper lanterns, and windmills may be the perfect touch of personalization that you need to make your day unique.

Perhaps you are more of a modern bride who prides herself on her sophisticated elegance. Monograms, structured centerpieces, and a fashion-forward dress might help define your big day.


If you are a simple yet elegant kind of woman, then a vintage theme might be the style you choose. Some staples of rustic weddings are candles, pastel flowers, and burlap table runners. This style of wedding really conveys a romantic feel.

These are just three examples of “themes” you could adopt for your wedding. However, do not be afraid to combine multiple styles to create your own unique event! The important thing to keep in mind is that a wedding should be a representation of both the bride and groom. If you and your future spouse follow the “opposites attract” theory, let that aspect of your relationship shine on your big day! You could have cupcakes decorated with your opposing alma maters or have elements of your differing roots featuring elements of both city and country life. As long as your wedding reflects who you are as a couple, you are bound to have a one-of-a-kind day!

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