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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Guest Blogger: Mark H., There’s Nothing Like A live Wedding Band

You're prepared for the most important in your life and plan on celebrating your wedding reception with music. There's nothing like an all-live wedding band belting out your favouite hits. You expect your friends and guests to join you on the dance floor not just for the wedding march but to sustain a lively environment.

With technological advances taking over, you don't see a lot of live bands playing soul music or energetic foot-tapping music for that matter. Music players may help you plan music for the entire evening, but there’s a definite old world charm in watching a live band perform on stage. Live bands thoroughly enjoy the opportunities they to perform before an audience willing to participate, make requests, and dance the night through.

Live Bands Sustain The Program

Wedding bands consist of professionals with enough experience to overcome blunders committed in other areas of the planned agenda. It could be the Toastmaster forgetting to raise the toast at the appropriate time or the wedding march taking a wrong turn. The band simply changes beat and hints with subtle musical changes to bring things back on track. You just cannot expect the same perfect introductions to important junctures during the program. It could be a moment of silence to thank the Almighty for a sumptuous buffet, or it could be a drumbeat to notify guests of the wedding couple’s arrival.

Choose Your Song List For The Evening

Live bands perform on different occasions and are totally prepared to shift gears when it comes to impromptu performances playing out latest numbers released over the weekend. They are musicians at heart and simply let music dictate their lives. Keeping in touch with different forms of music is one way of allowing themselves to establish a versatile approach, which is often expected from a wedding band.

They make the most of an important occasion like a wedding, irrespective of the number of people in attendance. The wedding couple expects a lively atmosphere to be set from the start, and band members easily set the tone for a lively evening by understanding the type of music guests expect over the entire evening.

Choosing A Local Wedding Band

By choosing a band from the area, you essentially allow guests to enjoy a familiar setup. It's just a matter of moving from one party to another for several guests. They are comfortable with music dished out by local wedding bands. A sense of total comfort is immediately transferred from lively performances to enthusiastic guests.

Another major advantage is the chance to meticulously plan the evening with easy access to local venues. A complete setup needs a stage and approximately an hour or two for technicians to set up the sound system. Carrying heavy equipment over longer distances does have its own limitations. Support staff synchronising the program with caterers and lighting technicians from a central location close to the venue. It allows them time to tide over breakdowns or include last minute changes.

Your wedding can be a memorable affair. Choosing a live wedding band  is likely to be the most important decision for the evening.

BIO: Mark is a soul music specialist and performs in his wedding band, Madison Heights. He is also a keen blogger and writes helpful posts about music and weddings.

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