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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Guest Blogger: Nicola Joseph, 5 Great Wedding Apps That Will Help You Get Everything Right

I've talked about some apps that can help a bride make sure her wedding is fantastic, because there are a lot of things that need to be planned and all of these apps can help immensely.

Every bride-to-be wants their wedding to be the greatest day of their life, but in order for that to happen you need to get a lot of things right. There are tools out there that will make your job much easier and if you want to find them you should start by looking at these great apps.

Your big day can be a hundred times more beautiful if you choose the right color scheme, but trying to guess which colors go well together on your own can be hard. Pantone have developed an app specifically for big events that will take the guess work away by helping you come up with the best color scheme possible. You can share everything with your friends so they know what to wear on the day, plus you can also share your color scheme with your florist, caterer, and other companies your working with too.

One thing that makes any wedding stand out is the flowers you choose, because if you're having a big wedding there will be tons of flowers on display. They will be sitting on your tables, hanging from the walls, and people will even be wearing them on their clothing. Flowerwheel will help you pick certain flowers depending on how good they'll look together. Even if you're working with a florist you can tell them exactly what you want after picking out certain flowers using the app.

If you want to record your wedding journey from start to finish the Appy Couple app is a great place to do it. All the information about your wedding will be kept in one place and you can share all the details with your guests so they know what is going on at all times. They can even upload lots of photos they take during your wedding so everything is kept together. You can use it to save all your honeymoon details too so your travel plans are stored in one place.

A wedding can turn into a disaster if you don't get the seating arrangements right because you might accidentally sit two people together even though they hate each other. They might not want to spoil your big day, but who knows what will happen when everyone has a drink inside them? GuestPlanner will help you deal with the guest list and collect RSVPs then when you've got all the information you need you can use it to work out the seating arrangements.

I'm sure you'll want to make sure you choose the right engagement ring because it's something you'll wear for the rest of your life. These days a guy might ask you to choose your own diamond wedding ring because they're scared of messing up, so you should use this app to hunt for something you like before you start walking around the shops. You can even take a photo of your hand and superimpose a ring onto your finger so you'll know what it looks like when you're actually wearing it.

Author Bio:

Today’s feature writer, Nicola Joseph, is a part of the team at Buy Diamond Direct, providers of fine diamonds. She is a diligent worker and she enjoys spending time with her family whenever she gets free from work.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Selecting Your Wedding Style

In the age of Pinterest, bridal blogs, and magazines galore, there are so many sources of inspiration for you to draw from when planning your wedding day! With endless styles of weddings to choose from, often times a bride may have trouble determining what her vision is.

Maybe you are the goofy, charismatic bride who wants to show off your fun side at your wedding. Bright colors, streamers, paper lanterns, and windmills may be the perfect touch of personalization that you need to make your day unique.

Perhaps you are more of a modern bride who prides herself on her sophisticated elegance. Monograms, structured centerpieces, and a fashion-forward dress might help define your big day.


If you are a simple yet elegant kind of woman, then a vintage theme might be the style you choose. Some staples of rustic weddings are candles, pastel flowers, and burlap table runners. This style of wedding really conveys a romantic feel.

These are just three examples of “themes” you could adopt for your wedding. However, do not be afraid to combine multiple styles to create your own unique event! The important thing to keep in mind is that a wedding should be a representation of both the bride and groom. If you and your future spouse follow the “opposites attract” theory, let that aspect of your relationship shine on your big day! You could have cupcakes decorated with your opposing alma maters or have elements of your differing roots featuring elements of both city and country life. As long as your wedding reflects who you are as a couple, you are bound to have a one-of-a-kind day!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Guest Blogger: Mark H., There’s Nothing Like A live Wedding Band

You're prepared for the most important in your life and plan on celebrating your wedding reception with music. There's nothing like an all-live wedding band belting out your favouite hits. You expect your friends and guests to join you on the dance floor not just for the wedding march but to sustain a lively environment.

With technological advances taking over, you don't see a lot of live bands playing soul music or energetic foot-tapping music for that matter. Music players may help you plan music for the entire evening, but there’s a definite old world charm in watching a live band perform on stage. Live bands thoroughly enjoy the opportunities they to perform before an audience willing to participate, make requests, and dance the night through.

Live Bands Sustain The Program

Wedding bands consist of professionals with enough experience to overcome blunders committed in other areas of the planned agenda. It could be the Toastmaster forgetting to raise the toast at the appropriate time or the wedding march taking a wrong turn. The band simply changes beat and hints with subtle musical changes to bring things back on track. You just cannot expect the same perfect introductions to important junctures during the program. It could be a moment of silence to thank the Almighty for a sumptuous buffet, or it could be a drumbeat to notify guests of the wedding couple’s arrival.

Choose Your Song List For The Evening

Live bands perform on different occasions and are totally prepared to shift gears when it comes to impromptu performances playing out latest numbers released over the weekend. They are musicians at heart and simply let music dictate their lives. Keeping in touch with different forms of music is one way of allowing themselves to establish a versatile approach, which is often expected from a wedding band.

They make the most of an important occasion like a wedding, irrespective of the number of people in attendance. The wedding couple expects a lively atmosphere to be set from the start, and band members easily set the tone for a lively evening by understanding the type of music guests expect over the entire evening.

Choosing A Local Wedding Band

By choosing a band from the area, you essentially allow guests to enjoy a familiar setup. It's just a matter of moving from one party to another for several guests. They are comfortable with music dished out by local wedding bands. A sense of total comfort is immediately transferred from lively performances to enthusiastic guests.

Another major advantage is the chance to meticulously plan the evening with easy access to local venues. A complete setup needs a stage and approximately an hour or two for technicians to set up the sound system. Carrying heavy equipment over longer distances does have its own limitations. Support staff synchronising the program with caterers and lighting technicians from a central location close to the venue. It allows them time to tide over breakdowns or include last minute changes.

Your wedding can be a memorable affair. Choosing a live wedding band  is likely to be the most important decision for the evening.

BIO: Mark is a soul music specialist and performs in his wedding band, Madison Heights. He is also a keen blogger and writes helpful posts about music and weddings.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Guest Blogger: Nicola Joseph, 3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Pre-Wedding Spa Package

 Booking a spa package is the perfect way to prepare for your wedding. Spa treatments can help anyone wind down, de-stress and feel at their best before their big day. Whether you want to treat your friends to a relaxing time or take some ‘me-time’ on your own, choosing the right spa package is key. So what should you look out for when booking a pre-wedding spa package? Here are three little-known factors to look for. How many had you considered?

#3. Price And Service Don’t Always Go Hand In Hand

If you are looking for the most luxurious spa experience money can buy, booking a spa package at a swanky downtown hotel may not be your best bet. High prices don’t equal high service. While a spa package at a luxury hotel may command a price tag of $500 or more, the majority of the cost will go towards overheads such as rent or commission to the hotel. The National Association of Massage Therapists (NAMT) point out that a spa in a cheaper location may be able to provide the same level of service for much less due solely to lower overheads. This is clearly something to bear in mind when choosing a pre-wedding spa package. Every penny helps!

#2. Alcohol Isn’t Always On The Cards
For some people, having a glass of champagne is the ultimate in relaxation, especially for a pre-wedding spa package. The second little-known factor that could affect your wedding preparation is that not all spa packages include alcohol. In fact, it surprises most brides-to-be that in some spas, alcohol is strictly forbidden. This gets quite confusing. While most spas serve champagne with either fruit or chocolate as part of their spa packages, others will insist that guests pay extra for private rooms in which alcohol can be consumed. Some spas include alcohol as an optional extra. This advice applies equally to people who don’t want alcohol and want to book their package somewhere where they won’t be surrounded by people drinking.

#1. Indoor And Outdoor Packages Are Radically Different
Most brides are aware that an increasing number of spas are starting to offer outdoor massage packages. If you haven’t been to a spa in a while, you would be forgiven for thinking that a massage on a rooftop patio is exactly the same as an indoor spa. However, the luxury of being stretched out on a lounger, enjoying the city skyline actually entails an entirely different spa experience compared with having an indoor treatment. Many spas convert their rooftops into heated, shaded hideaways for spa packages including outdoor fires, heated tables and glowing rocks. This could see you having a completely different set of options to what you were expecting such as a hot stone massage.


So, there you go – three little known factors that could affect your pre-wedding spa package. If you are planning on treating yourself to a spa package in downtown Vancouver before your wedding, bear these three factors in mind. They could help you choose the perfect venue to unwind in style!

The author of this post is Nicola Joseph, a freelance blogger. She’s an avid reader and enjoys cooking for her family.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Great Oaks Country Club Rochester ~ Bethany + Scott 12/27/13

Bethany and Scott booked us for Day-of Coordination to help with setup and keep everything running smooth on their special day.

My Assistant Samantha and I started our day at St. Anastasia Church in Troy pinning bouts on the guys, helping organize the processional and sending our beautiful bride down to her handsome groom. Before the ceremony we loaded my van with items for the reception that we needed to setup.

Among the things we setup we these really extra large wine bottles with sharpies for the guest's to
sign instead of the traditional guest book.

The room looked amazing with red roses submerged in water and in cylinder vases along with a second look the couple choose of more red roses, white flowers and greens on eiffel tower vases.  The special touches of the uplighting really helped transform the space into a nice atmosphere.

They treated the guests to a fun photobooth with lots of cool props. This is always a big hit! Great memories were made and presented in a album given to the bride and groom at the end of the evening.

Since the florist was not contracted to come back that evening Samantha and I were there to tear down all of the centerpieces, packed them up in their boxes and loaded them into Bethany's parents vehicle.  We sent home arrangements with special guests so the flowers would not go to waste.

It was a very cold night but the couple braved the cold and headed outside to do a couple of pictures with the photographer. They turned out beautiful.

Here is a photo montage that A Thousand Words Photography put together as a bonus for the couple!

Tracie and Samantha

Hotel-                           Hilton Auburn Hills  
Church-                        St. Anastasia , Troy 
Hall -                            Great Oaks Country Club, Rochester                                   
Photo                            A Thousand Words Photography
Video-                          Family / Friend James Spray
Florist                          Cardwell Florist, Livonia
            Baker-                          Christine’s Bakery, Shelby Twp.                                       
                                                Day of Coordinator-       You’re The Bride, Tracie and Samantha
Officiant-                                  Officiant-                       Father JJ
            DJ-                               Sean, All Night DJ’s 248-879-3706
Lighting-                       Encore  Event Group
PhotoBooth-                 Encore Event Group
Limo-                           Somerset Limousine, Troy 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guest Blogger: Blake Daniels, How to Breeze Through Your Best Man Duties

My little brother (well, I guess he’s not little any more) just announced his engagement. I couldn’t be prouder of him – his bride-to-be is a spectacular woman, and they’re an absolutely lovely couple. I’m also honored that he asked me to be his best man. But I have to say I’m a little nervous, since I want everything to go smoothly on my brother’s big day, and I’ve never been a best man before. After a little research, I’ve uncovered a few extremely helpful tips. With these ideas in mind, the best man’s duties look a little less intimidating.

Ace the Speech

First and foremost, the best man is responsible for making a toast. I’m not much of a public speaker, so this part is a bit challenging. The solution is simple: practice. Of course, this requires preparation well in advance – it’s not a good idea to “wing it” at the reception. The first step is composing the toast, and this speech infographic is a huge help when it comes to the writing process. Key hints are to keep the speech relaxed and succinct, as well as personal. Keep in mind, a well-written speech doesn’t equal a well-delivered speech. Don’t read from a notecard, and don’t let memorization lead to a robotic inflection. Practice your toast in the mirror, on your way to work, in the shower. By the time the wedding rolls around, you’ll know it better than the alphabet.

Show Your Appreciation

As the best man, you’re going to be the groom’s right-hand man through the wedding prep process. In addition to that, you’ve probably been chosen for this role because you already mean a lot to the happy couple. Because of this special relationship, it’s crucial to pick the right wedding gift. If you’re choosing from a registry, make your purchase early, or you may end up with few options. The set of potholders left at the end of the list probably isn’t the best choice. But also consider buying something that’s not on the registry, especially if you want to put extra thought and creativity into the gift. Moreover, as a key member of the wedding party, you’ll also need to think of groomsmen’s gifts. This doesn’t have to involve cufflinks or ties. In fact, there are a lot of great DIY options, such as these creativedrink boxes. I like that you can give each box a personal spin, which shows you’ve given thought to the individual groomsmen. The overall goal for gift-giving is finding options that are thoughtful, heartfelt, and inventive.

Plan the Right Party

Another important best man duty is planning the bachelor party. Traditionally, this involves things the groom won’t be able to do after marriage, such as excessive drinking, limos, etc. However, before you pencil in the local strip club, think carefully about the groom’s personality, as well as the various groomsmen and other attendees. Some may be more conservative or laid back. If there’s any question of insecurity when it comes to wilder activities, plan something a little different. This might be as simple as bar hopping or touring breweries, or as crazy as skydiving. Use your imagination, and the groom will be surprised and impressed.

Ideas like these help simplify the various duties of a best man. The role doesn’t have to be intimidating at all. Instead, I look at it as an opportunity to bond with my brother, as well as show my camaraderie. With the right planning and attitude, it’s bound to be a truly wonderful experience.