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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Appetizing Appetizers

With fall here and winter fast approaching all of your final details are just about in order. But have you forgotten one small detail? Cocktail hour is best when you have great appetizers to go with! These small but very tasty treats are sure to get your guests prepared for a night of fancy and fun!
 Depending on your theme, if you have one, certain appetizers would be better suited but all are sure to taste amazing! I came up with a list of 10 tantalizing appetizers that would be perfect for both fall and winter season weddings!

First up is a delectable Pumpkin Soup! However, you don’t want to fill your guests’ bellies before dinner, so why not put the soup in mini pumpkins! It’s also a great decoration and fun for your guests to eat!
Second is my grandmother’s specialty, a Pumpkin Roll. What else is perfect for fall? If you have a sweet tooth and would like to include a sweet appetizer this is perfect! 

Third is a mouthwatering Apple Cheddar Crescent Roll. So easy to make and is great for a fall or winter wedding!

Fourth is perfect for winter, served wreath style. A Christmas Wreath Roll with cream cheese, vegetables, and your choice of meat! So yummy and goes great with any drink!

Fifth we have Apple Zucchini Crostini. It’s fun to say and fun to eat! A zesty sauté of apple and zucchini, crackers, pepper, and crème fraise. This pairs perfectly with a great glass of white wine.

 Number six is comfort food to the max! best for a cold fall or winter wedding, as your guests arrive inside they are welcomed by Homemade Thick Potato Chips and a Loaded Baked Potato Dip. Just reading it makes your mouth water! Your guests are sure to be in a great mood with this food!

Seven is a fun food to eat, Penguins! No you’re not actually going to eat a penguin, but they are olives, carrots and cream cheese cut and shaped like mini penguins. Your guests with have a good laugh with these tasty appetizers!

Number eight in the rankings are Bacon Wrapped Scallops. One word, delicious. These melt in your mouth minis are so good you will not be able to stop eating them! Great for fall or winter weddings.

Nine is a simple yet tasty selection, Tomato Bruschetta brushed with olive oil on small crostini’s and mozzarella. This is perfect for this time of the year. It goes great with almost any wine.

Our number ten is one for the charts! We all know when it starts to get cold out we crave warm, silky, tasty, comfort foods. How about one that brings you back to your childhood, I’m talking out Mini Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil Soup! Oh yes! Tomato soup in shot classes topped with a mini grilled cheese slice is just about irresistible! Your guests will be bringing make old memories for sure with this great dish.


I hope you have enjoyed our ten appetizing appetizers and wish you luck and all the happiness in the world!

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sweating for the Wedding

Lots of brides face many challenges when newly engaged, and for a lot of brides it is there weight. Every woman wants to look amazing on their wedding day, and making some simple changes can have you looking great in no time. The three principles it comes down to are Diet, Exercise and Discipline.

  • Diet: 
    • It is very important to eat a diet of lots of fruits and vegetables as well as making sure you reduce your calorie count. Weight loss is all about calorie in versus calorie out, which means you need to burn more calories than you consume. Simple diet tracking apps can help with this, MyFitnessPal is free on the app store and it uses a multitude of different aspects to determine the amount of calories you should be eating in a day. 
  • Exercise: 
    • Without exercise a diet plan would not be complete. This workout below is perfect to add to a cardio workout to help you lose the weight faster. 

  • Discipline:
    • No diet plan is successful without dedication and discipline. To reach your fitness goals you must fight for them, and the hard work is definitely worth the reward. 

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to buy the ring

For all of you men out there who are trying to find the perfect ring, or if you want to give your man a little nudge, send this ring buying guide their way this will break down some of the thing your need to know when buying the perfect ring.

The most important thing to do when buying a ring is to find a great jeweler, one way to do this is by asking family and friends who are recently engaged where they went and how their experience was.

Next you need to set a budget so you don't spend too much, it is suggested that men spend 2-3 months salary on a ring.

Third is knowing the lingo, the C's. While many people think there are only 4 C's when picking an engagement ring, there are really 5. They are Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut and Cost.

Carat: This is the weight of the diamond not the size.

Color: This is self explanatory, the color of the diamond is rated on a scale starting with D as colorless.

Clarity: This is how few or many imperfections are in the diamond. Better clarity means the diamond will "sparkle more" meaning it reflects more light. This is also rating on a specific scale seen below.

Cut: This is the shape of the diamond, how its cut impacts the way the light will reflect off the diamond.

Cost: This is the most important of the C's because this will determine what type of carat and clarity you can afford.

Lastly: Remember the person who will be receiving the ring, she will be wearing it forever and it is important to consider her tastes not just your own or the tastes of the people you take with you.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Songs to Put on Your Do Not Play List and Why

There are songs you love and then the songs you absolutely hate. But there are also some songs you wouldn't think about putting on your do not play list, here are some songs to add to the list and why they should never be played at your wedding.

Chicken Dance-
Flapping your arms like a chicken at a classy wedding? Need I say more?

Just because this song can be played at a plethora of occasions, doesn't mean it should be played at your formal wedding. Plus what does the song have to do with a wedding anyhow? 

Cha Cha Slide- Sure its catchy but step by step dance move songs are soooo overdone. Many couples are opting out of all organized songs all together these days.

Macarena-This song can make you wedding seem dated very fast, its an older song and peaked in the nineties. It's suggested that you opt out of this one.
Congratulations on your engagement!

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