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Monday, August 12, 2013

Vineyard Wedding

Vineyard themed weddings are all the rage right now, and whats not to love? Wine is classy, sophisticated and elegant. I know I am in love with the idea of having wine apart of a wedding theme and researched some great ways to add it to your wedding, below are some ideas to consider if this theme fits your fancy. 

Why start the theme with your reception? Wine can be incorporated in your ceremony! There is a very popular pin on pintrest that has been going around that fits this theme perfectly, it the First Fight Box. The idea behind the box is for the couple to put two love letters in the box with a bottle of wine, when the couple has their first big fight they open the box and remember why they fell in love. This is a special way to make you ceremony unique and incorporate your theme.

 Another great way to incorporate the theme is to have a wine tasting during appetizers, you can even accompany the appetizers with a card that lets guests know what wine goes with which foods. 

A cute idea alos found on pintrest is to make place card holders out of wine corks! This is super easy
looks darling along with the theme. 

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garland Resort Lewiston ~ Liz and Kenny 6/1/2013

It was a beautiful day for a wedding at the Garland Lodge Resort. Liz and Kenny were finally ready to tie the knot. We loved working with this couple! They chose our middle planning package and we had a blast planning this wedding!

            We began the day before the wedding at the Rehearsal, though there were a few knots to work out, that’s what rehearsals are for! They had a lovely barbeque after for dinner and then it was time to prepare for the day of the nuptials!

      We started at 11:00 AM on Saturday June 1, and we were in for a very long, but exciting day! We met up with all of the bridesmaids, mothers, and the bride to be in their villa where they had just come back from the salon and now were having makeup done. Looking fabulous, the ladies were ready for pre- wedding photos, taken by the very talented Amy Carroll Photography.  Then it was to the men for pre-wedding, and then Ken and Liz’s first look. From the photos you can just see how much they love each other. It was a perfect first look and we couldn’t be happier to see these wonderful candid photos.
            The ceremony began at 5:00 PM down by the water. There were beautiful decorations set up along the aisles, at the entrance, and of course on the pergola, done by our wonderful divas, Designed Sealed Delivered. The ceremony was beautiful, Liz looked stunning as she walked down the aisle with her father and the look on Kenny’s face said it all. My favorite part was when the minister, Crystal Yarlott, said “I now pronounce you man and wife” and Liz went in for the big kiss! By far one of my favorite pictures! I was in charge of post ceremony coordination and cleanup, while Tracie was busy busy busy heading up the reception hall, making sure that every last detail was ready for the guests and the newlyweds to party the night away!

            The cocktail hour was held immediately after the ceremony in the Great Room where beer, wine and appetizers were served on trays to the guests. Kenny and Liz mingled with their attendees and then it was to reception.
            The reception could not have been more beautiful, the ladies at Designed Sealed Delivered really pulled out all of the stops at this wedding. Everything was so beautiful and meshed perfectly. The couple couldn’t have been happier. 

            They had the grand entrance, toasts, and then to what everyone loves….the food. Provided by Garland Lodge Resort everyone had the choice of a Fish or Filet entrée and it was all delicious. Following dinner was the dessert bar, filled with mini cupcakes courtesy of Cupcake Station, and trail mixes, candy and so much more! Then it was to Liz and Kenny’s first dance, provided by Steve Miller. The look on their faces could bring a tear to anyone’s eye. So in love with each other that a smile could not leave their faces the whole night. 

            It was then to dancing and drinking! What a group of dancers it was! The floor was almost never empty and everyone was there to have a great time! At the end of the night I escorted the newlyweds to their penthouse and then everyone headed to the bar for some wedding party overtime! 

            We absolutely loved working with this couple! One of my favorite weddings so far and could not be happier for the newlyweds! We also could not have been happier to get to know Liz’s mother, Karen! We loved working with all of you in planning this beautiful, special, and spectacular wedding!


Minister:                                              Rev. Crystal Yarlott
Planner:                                               You’re The Bride, Brittany and Tracie
DJ:                                                       Steve Miller /Celebrity Weddings
Cupcakes:                                            Cupcake Station
Décor and Florist:                                 Designed Sealed Delivered
Ceremony:                                           Garland Lodge Resort
Reception:                                           Garland Lodge Resort
Food/ Beverage:                                  Garland Lodge Resort
Photography:                                       Amy Carroll Photography

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flats or Heels

On your wedding day you want to make sure you are stylish and comfortable. Many brides wear heels during the ceremony then change into flip flops or slippers during the reception. But why not pick a pair of shoes you will be comfortable in through out the whole night. There are so many ways you can make your perfect pair of shoes comfortable for your long day.

But You're The Bride says you can go with both heels or flats. Heels are the classic go to for weddings. They are the best for long dresses and make your legs look great! You can get high heels in every color and every design. High heels make every women feel confident and give women great posture.

Flats are your other option for shoes. The best qualities of flats are you don't have to buy two pairs of shoes. They are always comfortable. Also, you don't have to worry about tripping if you are clumsy. Plus they are super cute just like heels. 

Congratulations on your engagement and happy crafting!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dates, Times and Wedding Costs

We all know how expensive weddings can be, and how overwhelming the finances may seem when you look at the final total. The average wedding today cost the couple around $28,000. Ouch! There are many ways to cut the costs of a wedding and make it more affordable, one great way is to consider the location, date and time of your wedding. Below is an amazing little template made by the people at that gives you oodles of information on how these factors change the price of your wedding, so that you can be informed and make a cost effective decision for when and where you have your wedding.

Congratulations on your engagement and happy planning!
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Monday, August 5, 2013

August Couple of the Month ~ Stephanie + Nick, Arnaldo's Banquet Center

My name is Stephanie Hindman and I can't wait to marry my best friend Nicholas. Nick works for a crane company in Toledo, OH as a Crane technician and I am a full time Nanny in Northville, MI. Nick and I kind of met through my younger brother Kris (Nick is 2.5 years younger than I am). What had happened was I was living with my parents at the time with my three brothers and my youngest brother Kris was having a get together of friends in the basement with music. I had gone down stairs to tell my brother to turn down the music, as I was making my way back to the stairs, some "kid" jumped in front of me and says "Hi!!" (Nick) and I was irritated at the time because of my brother so I just gave him a disgusted look and walked around him and continued my way upstairs. Well thanks to social media and Facebook Nick was able to connect with me and introduce himself a little better than a quick unconventional "Hi!!" in my parents basement. 3 months later we went on our 1st date and have been inseparable since, almost 3 years later and going strong. 

After a year of dating Nick and I took a trip to Playa Del Carman Mexico where he proposed to me in front of our resort in the middle of these glowing fountains, it was pretty awesome and saying "Yes!" has been the best decision of my life. Planning our wedding has been somewhat a good mixture of stressful, fun, and overwhelming all rolled into one but we decided on a Rustic wedding theme with manzanita branches, mason jars, and wood slab centerpieces. We'll be having our Ceremony at the Taylor Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Taylor, MI and our wedding Reception will be held at Arnalado's Banquet Center in Riverview, MI. Our wedding colors are brown, orange and green and we'll each be having 10 members of the bridal party (5 Bridesmaids and 5 Groomsman). It's hard to believe our big day is coming up so fast on September 21 but it's something I'll waited my whole life for, I can't wait to marry the person I want to spend my whole life with. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

How Much Do I Tip at Detroit Weddings?

It can sometimes be hard to know how to tip in normal life situations, make the situation your wedding and it can be downright stressful. Below is a guide to the vendors you should tip as well as how much is acceptable:


-A donation to their place of worship is customary. $100-500 is the normal range.

Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Nail Techs 
-15 percent to 20 percent

Church Musicians
-If no fee is included the tip is generally from $25 to $40 per person.

-If your DJ kept everyone dancing and kept the party going all night, 15 percent to 20 percent of their fee is a good tip.

-Normally there will be a service charge to your bar bill. If there isn't a service charge, 10 percent of the bill is customary. 

Catering/Venue Manager/Serving Staff
-If there is no gratuity included stick to 15-20%.

-Most photographers don't expect tips, but if you feel that you would like to tip stick around $20 and $30. Or you can order a lot of prints too. 

Wedding Planner
-Normally wedding planners don't expect a tip, but 10% of the fee they charge is acceptable. 

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Joy Manor Livonia ~ Melissa and Chris 5/11/13

May 11th was surely a day the families of Chris Jones and Melissa Jarman would remember forever as well as the You’re The Bride Team. Everyone who meets these two can see the love and excitement they exude, and we are so happy we got to be a part or their special day.

The team arrived at the Faith Redemption Center Church in Detroit, MI to start setting up for the ceremony.  The church looked beautiful, with hand made bows lining the aisle made by Melissa bridesmaids. The colors were Lilac and Passion purple, which was shown through the beautiful bridesmaids dresses, the flowers and even Melissa’s shoes!

Chris’s father Elder Clyde Jones preformed the ceremony and Melissa’s brother walked her down the aisle. It was so touching to see the family coming together as one during their ceremony. After the ceremony was finished the bridal party headed to downtown Detroit to take picture and our team headed to Joy Manor to finish with last minute setup. 

The hall was nothing short of beautiful and when the bridal party arrived the party really started. Even the ring bearer got in on the action and was dancing like no other child we had ever see, and he was surely a crowd pleaser. It was truly a magical day.

You're The Bride wishes Melissa and Chris all the happiness in the world! We had a great time helping with your wedding!


Hotel-                 Comfort Inn Hotel Livonia MI (734-458-7111)
Florist-               Viviano Flower 800-848-4266
Chair Covers -              Joy Manor
Photographer-             11-4 Productions, Plymouth MI (248-522-6019) Sunshine
Videographer-             11-4 Productions, Plymouth MI (248-522-6019)
Baker-                          Almeena Bakery Berkley MI 48231 (248-399-6794)
Planner-                       You’re The Bride, Tracie, Rachel, Karoline (248-408-4602)
Officiant-                      Elder Clyde Jones (FOG) 313-207-4702
DJ-                               Melodic Sound Entertainment (248-808-1902) Todd
Ceremony Musician-    Go 4 Barouqe Canton, MI (734-397-8953
Ceremony Venue-        Faith Redemption Center Church Detroit, MI. (313) 836-0229
Reception Venue-        Joy Manor Westland MI  (734-525-0960)        
Limo-                          Dream Limo 586-463-7326