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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Vocabulary Part 1

Are you struggling with what some of the wedding words you're reading in bridal magazines mean ? well here is a list that we put together that will help ! Beautiful Former Bride Sarah to the right.

1.            Hors d’oeuvres- small appetizers that can be served hot or cold
2.            Pintuck- tuck or fold or pleat that is sewn in place
3.            Crushed linens- linens that are not pressed but are relaxed looks like it has a lot of folds and creases
4.            Demi-glace- rich brown sauce in French cuisine, can be used alone or as a base
5.            Satin- smooth glossy fabric that is typically made of silk
6.            Chavari Chairs- light but elegant chair design by Giuseppi Descalzi in Italy. Can be made of many different materials and many different colors.
7.            Organza- thin stiff transparent fabric made of silk or yarn
8.            Fingertip Veil- a tier of veiling that is approx. 29”-42” inches in length. Will reach to fingertips
9.            Biedermeier- tightly wound cluster of flowers arranged in connecting circles and each circle contains 1 type of color. Usually looks like a target
10.         Butler Service- waiters pass hors d’oeuvres from trays.
11.         Ganache- sweet rich chocolate icing/filling made of heavy cream and dark semi-sweet chocolate. It is denser than mousse but not more than fudge.
12.         Nosegay- small bouquet of flowers also known as poesy. Usually dome shaped
13.         Tussy Mussy- alt. to be carried by the flower girl. Small bouquet of flowers in a metal vase with a handle. Can also have a stand so that it can act as a centerpiece in the reception
14.         Peplum- short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a dress, jacket, or blouse. Accentuates the curves and makes a smaller waistline
15.         Cornelli- form of piping that creates a 3 dimensional pattern of lace and squiggles
16.         Dragees- decorative silver coated balls of sugar
17.         Marzipan- hardened almond paste and sugar, makes realistic cake toppers
18.         Corkage Fee- caterers charge this to open bottles at receptions for those who bring their own alcohol. Usually from $5-$10.
19.         Crudités- appetizer of raw vegetables sliced and served with dip
20.         Prelude- quiet gentle background music as guests arrive
21.         Interlude- song played during the lighting of the candle ect..
22.         Processional- bridal party walks down the aisle, and the bride usually has a separate song
23.         Recessional- upbeat music celebrating the nuptials as the Bride and Groom exit the ceremony
24.         Postlude- music that is played until all guests have left the ceremony area
25.         Off the Rack- dresses that can be purchased right after you try them on, no alterations, usually much cheaper
26.         Open Stock- sale of china and dinnerware, guests can purchase these components separately or individually
27.         Place Setting- china patterns are in 5 pieces, Dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, bread and butter plate, cup, and saucer.
28.         Completer Set- items not included in the place setting but can be coordinated. Salt and pepper shaker, platters, servers, ect.
29.         Jack and Jill- shower for bride and groom where both male and female guests are invited. Usually a cocktail party, club, picnic, or barbq.
30.         Trousseau- old fashioned term for new linens, lingerie, and clothing for the bride in honor of the upcoming nuptials
31.         Cascade- blossoms are woven into a waterfall effect and it flows below the waist
32.         Chuppa- temp. structure of 4 poles w/ canopy covering them, can be decorated with flowers or linens. Is the centerpiece for Jewish weddings
33.         English Garden Arrangement- fluffy and full with lots of color. Traditional but not romantic look
34.         Freeze Dried Petals- retain the color and texture of the petals for guest to throw after ceremony
35.         Pomander- round ball of flowers suspended from a ribbon handle. Use as alt to bouquet or decorations
36.         Beveled Edge- slanted edge usually on heavy cardstock or inside embossed panels
37.         Cotton Rag- rich and creamy paper made from cotton fibers. Top quality invitations
38.         Debossed- like embossing but images are depressed than raised
39.         Dekle Edge- rough uneven edges on paper to give the “old world” look. Unfinished
40.         Die Cut- precision cut to create windows to text or images, lasers are now used
41.         Dingbat- decorative motif on stationary, is a topographical term to personalize them (birds, trees, flowers…ect)
42.         Color-processed Color- produces ultra-saturated colors very striking especially for outdoors pictures
43.         Hand tinted- vintage technique where color is applied to black and white photos
44.         Dais- raised platform for head table
45.         Gobos- lighting technique. Die cut stencil is loaded into a projector and casts image onto ground/ wall
46.         Pin Spotting- narrow field of light used to pick out and highlight an item, will draw attention to special elements
47.         Swaging- 2 tablecloths are layer and top one is extremely gathered and draped in soft areas
48.         Sweetheart Table- small, romantic 2 person table for bride and groom
49.         Damask- a pattern with raised patterns woven into it
50.         Dowry- a gift or endowment the woman brings to her husband in marriage

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