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Friday, July 26, 2013

Colors You Can't Go Wrong With

27 Dresses is one of the most popular movies involving brides maids dresses. Through out the movie you see Katherine Heigel trying on some horrible brides maids dresses in weddings she has been in. Picking a brides maids dress can be as hard as picking your own wedding dress. As a bride you want to make sure your brides maids are happy and comfortable with what they are wearing. You want to pick a style that looks good on all women and color that matches.

Here at You're The Bride we are going to tell you four colors that look great on all women.

One color that looks great on all women is royal blue. This color can really make you shine.

Another great color is purple. Just like with any color there are many shades of purple. But this shade of purple looks great on everyone!

Of course red looks great on everyone we all knew that!

Blush pink, this one was most shocking to me but this one really brings out your natural beauty!

Congratulations on your engagement and happy crafting!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monograms Everywhere!

It's no secret that monograms are really in right now. You can find them all over Etsy and Pinterest. The great thing about monograms is that you can put them on almost anything and monograms make great gifts. Here are a few ways to add cute monograms to your wedding: 

These days you can get almost anything monogramed, even your napkins. While getting cloth napkns monogrammed is ridiculously expensive now you can get a monogram embosser for paper napkins for you appetizers. They are super cute and inexpensive.

Monograms can also be added to our cake for an elegant touch. Just ask the baker to put your and you fiancés first initials as the two initials on the side and your new last name in the middle.

For your bridal party there are an endless array of gifts that you could get monogrammed. My favorite site for all things monogramed is they offer bracelets, clutches, hats and even cufflinks that can be monogrammed and they are all super cute. 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Pick A Beach Wedding Dress

Something I have been hearing a lot lately is how do I pick a beach wedding dress without it being plain and boring. My advice is always its your day, pick what you want! But thinking about it further, I thought what styles can you pick from that match your perfect beach wedding.

Beach weddings are beautiful and simple. With a beach wedding the scenery is all you need. This is the perfect wedding where you can have a broche bouquet and white chairs. The white sand and blue water is the best way to have the prettiest wedding.

When choosing your dress you can have two lengths. Short and long dresses go great with this type of scenery. Another great look for a dress is layered. This look is perfect with a beach wedding. This look is light and whimsical.

Another look that looks great on anyone is the classic chiffon dress. This dress is light weight and perfect for a beach wedding. With a little bling this look can be dressed up for your perfect day!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Tiffany & Co.

While surfing the Pinterest wedding board the other day, I came across something unusual. It wasn't the what that was unusual it was the where. The what was Tiffany & Co. and the where was weddings. It seems the color tiffany blue is becoming more and more popular and many people are adding the color as well as the iconic boxes to their wedding theme. Below I will give you a few ideas I found from Pintrest on how to add Tiffany & Co. to your wedding day.

One way to add this color into your wedding is in your invitations, below is an awesome invite that uses the color and the iconic box incorporated into one, this look is classy and elegant and will get your guests attention immediately. You can even put your new last name into the theme, say if your fiancés name is Johnson it would be Johnson & Co. on the front of the invite.

How about making your something blue Tiffany & Co style. You can get some awesome tiffany blue shoes to make your feet pop and tie your look into the Tiffany & Co. theme. 

Another great way is with your deserts, all over Pinterest I see cakes or cupcakes styled after the fun boxes. This is a fun and unique way to add the iconic style and look to your special day. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wedding Vocabulary Part 2

Here is Part 2 of wedding vocabulary. To the left is another one of our former beautiful brides, Irma, You're The Bride 

A bloom-covered ball suspended from a ribbon. Ideal for child attendants.

Composed of one full flower and a flowering stem, often orchids, wired together to form a slender handle that can be held in one hand. Designed as either a full crescent -- a half circle with a central flower and blossoms emanating from two sides -- or a semi-crescent, which has only one trailing stem.

Taped and wired
Arranging technique for bouquets, boutonnieres, headpieces, and wreaths. The head of a flower is cut from the stem and attached to a wire, which is then wrapped with floral tape. Taped and wired flowers are more easily maneuvered into shapes and styles.

A handmade creation in which different petals or buds are wired together on a single stem to create the illusion of a giant flower.

Special foam used in flower arrangements. Oasis fits in a bouquet holder and retains water like a sponge, hydrating flowers for extended time periods.

Flowers or foliage trimmed into geometric shapes, often resembling miniature trees or animals.

The centerpiece at the head table (where bride and groom are seated), which drapes to the front of the table for visual effect.

Centerpiece Cake
A specialty cake that takes the place of flowers as your table decorations.

Trompe L'oeil
Specialty cake made of square layers instead of round that can be decorated with ribbon and wrapping paper to make it look like a pile of gifts. The perfect Christmas cake!

Groom's Cake
A smaller version of the wedding cake or cake theme to the groom's interests. Usually served at the engagement party or the rehearsal dinner.

Back-Up Cake
An undecorated sheet cake of the same flavor as your wedding cake, kept in the kitchen and used to serve a very large guest list after your display cake is used up.

Torted Cakes
Cakes that are layered with mousse or fruit preserves.

Those Jews whose traditions and culture originate from Central and Eastern Europe. Compare to Sepahardim.

Shabbat (shah-BAHT)
The Hebrew word for "Sabbath."

Those Jews whose traditions and culture originate from the Mediteranean, including Spain and Portugal. Compare to Askenazic.

Torah (to-RAH)
The first five books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) portions of which are read every Shabbat. Traditionally, a reading of the entire Torah is complete in one year.

Chupah (hoo-PAH)
The wedding canopy. It is usually a fabric whose with four corners attached to four poles and stretched over the couple. Like many couples, we used a tallis. It is a sign of God's presence and symbolizes the couple's new home.

Ketubah (k'too-BAH)
Marriage contract.

A gift; endowment. The money, goods, or estate, which a woman brings to her husband in marriage; a bride's portion on her marriage.

French, from Old French, diminutive of trousse bundle. The personal possessions of a bride usually including clothes, accessories, and household linens and wares.

Matron of Honor
A married woman who stands by the bride's side.

An Italian term for "favors" which are passed out to wedding guests as a keepsake in appreciation of their attendance.

The part of the veil that covers the bride's face.

Trunk Show
Usually held at a local bridal shop, a trunk show allows a bridal gown designer to "show off" her/his latest designs to the shop's customers.

Queen Anne Neckline
High on sides and back; open bodice in sweetheart shape.

Trumpet Skirt
Tapers close to legs, flares at or below knee; think mermaid.

Bishop Sleeve
Full sleeve that ends in gathered band at wrist.

Antebellum Waist
Dress has natural waistline that dips two inches to a point in the center front.

Drooping fullness in fabric from bodice to waist; gathered at or below waist.

Cathedral train
Material extends three yards from waist.

Formal coat; short in front, extends to two tails in back.

Broad neck scarf looped under chin; fastened with tie tack or stick pin. Should be worn with wing collar shirt.

Dinner Jacket
Cut similar to tuxedo; has shawl collar.

Spencer Coat
Open coat without buttons; cut right at waistline.

Four In Hand Tie
Knotted tie; hangs vertically, similar to business suit tie. Can be fastened with tie tack; should be worn with spread collar. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Vocabulary Part 1

Are you struggling with what some of the wedding words you're reading in bridal magazines mean ? well here is a list that we put together that will help ! Beautiful Former Bride Sarah to the right.

1.            Hors d’oeuvres- small appetizers that can be served hot or cold
2.            Pintuck- tuck or fold or pleat that is sewn in place
3.            Crushed linens- linens that are not pressed but are relaxed looks like it has a lot of folds and creases
4.            Demi-glace- rich brown sauce in French cuisine, can be used alone or as a base
5.            Satin- smooth glossy fabric that is typically made of silk
6.            Chavari Chairs- light but elegant chair design by Giuseppi Descalzi in Italy. Can be made of many different materials and many different colors.
7.            Organza- thin stiff transparent fabric made of silk or yarn
8.            Fingertip Veil- a tier of veiling that is approx. 29”-42” inches in length. Will reach to fingertips
9.            Biedermeier- tightly wound cluster of flowers arranged in connecting circles and each circle contains 1 type of color. Usually looks like a target
10.         Butler Service- waiters pass hors d’oeuvres from trays.
11.         Ganache- sweet rich chocolate icing/filling made of heavy cream and dark semi-sweet chocolate. It is denser than mousse but not more than fudge.
12.         Nosegay- small bouquet of flowers also known as poesy. Usually dome shaped
13.         Tussy Mussy- alt. to be carried by the flower girl. Small bouquet of flowers in a metal vase with a handle. Can also have a stand so that it can act as a centerpiece in the reception
14.         Peplum- short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a dress, jacket, or blouse. Accentuates the curves and makes a smaller waistline
15.         Cornelli- form of piping that creates a 3 dimensional pattern of lace and squiggles
16.         Dragees- decorative silver coated balls of sugar
17.         Marzipan- hardened almond paste and sugar, makes realistic cake toppers
18.         Corkage Fee- caterers charge this to open bottles at receptions for those who bring their own alcohol. Usually from $5-$10.
19.         Crudités- appetizer of raw vegetables sliced and served with dip
20.         Prelude- quiet gentle background music as guests arrive
21.         Interlude- song played during the lighting of the candle ect..
22.         Processional- bridal party walks down the aisle, and the bride usually has a separate song
23.         Recessional- upbeat music celebrating the nuptials as the Bride and Groom exit the ceremony
24.         Postlude- music that is played until all guests have left the ceremony area
25.         Off the Rack- dresses that can be purchased right after you try them on, no alterations, usually much cheaper
26.         Open Stock- sale of china and dinnerware, guests can purchase these components separately or individually
27.         Place Setting- china patterns are in 5 pieces, Dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, bread and butter plate, cup, and saucer.
28.         Completer Set- items not included in the place setting but can be coordinated. Salt and pepper shaker, platters, servers, ect.
29.         Jack and Jill- shower for bride and groom where both male and female guests are invited. Usually a cocktail party, club, picnic, or barbq.
30.         Trousseau- old fashioned term for new linens, lingerie, and clothing for the bride in honor of the upcoming nuptials
31.         Cascade- blossoms are woven into a waterfall effect and it flows below the waist
32.         Chuppa- temp. structure of 4 poles w/ canopy covering them, can be decorated with flowers or linens. Is the centerpiece for Jewish weddings
33.         English Garden Arrangement- fluffy and full with lots of color. Traditional but not romantic look
34.         Freeze Dried Petals- retain the color and texture of the petals for guest to throw after ceremony
35.         Pomander- round ball of flowers suspended from a ribbon handle. Use as alt to bouquet or decorations
36.         Beveled Edge- slanted edge usually on heavy cardstock or inside embossed panels
37.         Cotton Rag- rich and creamy paper made from cotton fibers. Top quality invitations
38.         Debossed- like embossing but images are depressed than raised
39.         Dekle Edge- rough uneven edges on paper to give the “old world” look. Unfinished
40.         Die Cut- precision cut to create windows to text or images, lasers are now used
41.         Dingbat- decorative motif on stationary, is a topographical term to personalize them (birds, trees, flowers…ect)
42.         Color-processed Color- produces ultra-saturated colors very striking especially for outdoors pictures
43.         Hand tinted- vintage technique where color is applied to black and white photos
44.         Dais- raised platform for head table
45.         Gobos- lighting technique. Die cut stencil is loaded into a projector and casts image onto ground/ wall
46.         Pin Spotting- narrow field of light used to pick out and highlight an item, will draw attention to special elements
47.         Swaging- 2 tablecloths are layer and top one is extremely gathered and draped in soft areas
48.         Sweetheart Table- small, romantic 2 person table for bride and groom
49.         Damask- a pattern with raised patterns woven into it
50.         Dowry- a gift or endowment the woman brings to her husband in marriage

Monday, July 8, 2013

How To: Custom Wire Hangers

We have quite a few blogs here at You're The Bride that talk about the beautiful custom hangers you can buy off etsy for you or your bridesmaids, the only problem is they can get a little pricey, below is a tutorial on how to make these beautiful hangers for a fraction of the price that you would see them off Etsy. 

What you'll need: 

-Wooden hanger 
-Wire cutters
-Anything else you want to decorate with

Step 1: 
Shape the letters with the pliers, making sure to leave enough pace to attach it to the hanger. Use the hanger as a sizing guide for your letter so they will all fit. 

Step 2: 
Figure out where you want your name to be attached to the hanger and mark it with the marker. Clip extra wire off as needed to make the wire fit where you want. 

Step 3: 
Drill a hole where your markings are making sure to not drill all the way through the hanger, make sure to use a small drill bit so you don't make the hole too large!

Step 4: 

Add glue to the end of the wire and a little bit in the hole and insert the wire, the glue will insure that the wire stays securely in the hole. Wipe off any excess glue and let dry overnight 

Step 5: 
Decorate the rest of the hanger any way you want, and VOILA, you're done! You now have a beautiful custom hanger you made all by yourself for way cheaper than anything on Etsy. 

Congratulations on your engagement and happy crafting!

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dream Honey Moon

Have you heard of This is a new and free website that will help you set up a registry. This website takes you step by step of how to build your registry. Each tab is built to help you navigate your way to get the perfect honey moon.

The first tab explains what HoneyFund is. The next tab shows you what you can add to your registry. Items like champagne for two and a down payment on your new home! Plus more items you can choose from. 

The next tab allows you to send your registry to your friends. You can send them an email, word of mouth or inserts. The next tab shows you how you can check up on your registry and see if anyone has donated money to your amazing honey moon. The last tab allows you to keep track of the thank you notes that you sent out and manage your wedding gifts. 

This website is the new way to keep you organized and on track of your honey moon. I know when I get married I will be using this fantastic tool to help me plan my perfect vacation! 

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Wedding Invitation Timeline

When I think about wedding invitations my brain normally goes to the production process and what they look like, never do I jump to thinking about the logistics of the wedding invitation. There are so many things that go into making sure that your guests receive their invitation and send back their responses that women don't normally think about. One factor is the timing of when you send your save the dates and invitations out.

You don't want to send invitations out too early or guests will forget about them and not respond, but you don't want to send them to late or they won't be able to have enough time to respond. So how do you know when the time is right? Well, the great people at Crane & Co. have come up with a Wedding Stationary Timeline that tells you when that right time is. Below is the timeline to help easy your invitation woes:

Don't forget to check out our discount Invitations up to 40% off at

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

St. Mary's Cultural Center Livonia ~ Shelby + Alex 5/25/13

Shelby and Alex's wedding was one not to forget. From the moment we met them to the moment they left their reception I knew they were going to live happily ever after. They were a unique couple who truly enjoyed the life they have together. Two big fans or beer brought together to spend this day with one another. 

The afternoon started at Greenmead Village in Livonia. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Every where you looked there was a smile on this day. The bride rode up with her father in a old classic car and headed straight down the aisle to Alex. Both Alex and Shelby decided they wanted to have a rope tying ceremony. This part of the ceremony ties the bride and the groom together by their wrists. This is a symbol of the couple being bond together for an eternity.

Shelby was a very unique and creative bride. Her colors were pink and white. She was a true DIY bride! Her flowers, programs, menus, center pieces and more were all hand made! Her flowers were truly breath taking. White roses made out of paper looked like they were just picked off of the bush! 

Their ceremony started with a bang! The venue looked beautiful! Tracie, Karoline and Rachel worked all afternoon decorating the hall making sure Shelby and Alex's day was everything they wanted and more. Their cake was the most unique one You're The Bride has seen this summer. The flavor of the cake was a bit of stout and on top of the cake sat two beer mugs with Shelby and Alex's names engraved on them. 

You're The Bride wishes Alex and Shelby all the happiness in the world! We had a great time helping with your wedding!


Hotel-             Best Western  and  Holiday Inn
Caterer-             St. Mary’s Cultural Center 
Photographer-                         Parker Photographic (Chris) 248.232.2932
Videographer-                         You Bet I Do, Mark
Baker-            Cakes By Stephanie (734) 240-2253
Planner-                         You’re The Bride, Tracie, Rachel and Karoline (248-408-4602)
Officiant-                         Denise Tucker (734-673-8857)
DJ-                                       Panache 
Ceremony Musician-             Panache
Ceremony Venue-             Greenmead Village   ( Maureen) (248) 477-7375)
Reception Venue-             St. Mary’s Cultural Center (734-421-9220) 
Chair Rental-                         S&B Tent and Party Rental (248-789-0945)
Makeup                Shalonda A. 

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wedding Poses

Booking the right photographer for your wedding is essential. You want to make sure you book a photographer that captures your special moments through out your wedding. Moments like walking down the aisle You also want to make sure you capture those cute creative moments as well. A bride always wants their wedding to be the most unique. They want to have unique theme, party favor, menu, venue and most importantly poses while being photographed.

Here at You're The Bride we want to make sure you have the best wedding and most unique wedding. Here are some creative photograph poses you may want to consider for your wedding in the future.



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