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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Create a Memorable Wedding With Fun Photos!

Most of us are familiar with the classic wedding photos, but how can you make your wedding stand out? In the age of unique weddings (and sharing on social media), showing off your incredible day in a collection of fun wedding photos can make all the difference.

To stray from the typical photos of the bridal party standing in a straight line, ask your photographer to try some of these different poses:

With the bride standing in front, form two lines behind her: the bridesmaids and groomsmen. One line should lean right, while the other leans left, creating a great bride-centered photo.

Does your wedding venue have a beautiful staircase you want to showcase? Pose the bride and groom on the first step, with the rest of the bridal party separated into couples on different levels.

Try a different point of view, such as a candid aerial shot of the bridal party standing below.

Experiment with silhouettes at sunset, or shadows against a wall.

Instead of bouquets, try using different props, like parasols (for the women).

Do you want to break the mold and have even more fun with your wedding photos? Try some of these slightly more outrageous poses:

Capture ridiculous personality shots of each member of the bridal party and assemble them in a silly collage.

Ask bridesmaids to pose as groomsmen, and vice versa. (Ask the men to pose as if they are women—and just found out their best friend has been engaged!)

We all know the cheesy photos of someone trying to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or other famous landmarks. Use this same technique and ask the bride to “step on” the groomsmen. Pose the groomsmen in the background, and the bride in the foreground.

Don’t corrupt the flower girl! Place the flower girl in the center, with the bride covering her eyes. Each bridesmaid should do something outrageous—perhaps with a bottle of wine in hand.

Remember to take wedding photos that will continue to make everyone smile ten years down the road, whether they are purely silly or stunningly beautiful. Be creative and put your own twist on these suggestions! Find more ideas in this gallery by

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