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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prettiest Ring Contest in Detroit

Do you have an amazing ring? If so, we want to see it! Here at You’re The Bride we are conducting our first ever Prettiest Ring Contest. Here are the contest details:

  • ·      This contest is open to all women, engaged or married, that are LIKERS of the You’re The Bride Facebook page. 
  • ·       To enter simply send in a picture of your ring with your full name, wedding date and year to and you MUST LIKE our page to enter. This will be verified. Thank you!
  • ·     YTB will decide on our top 10 rings and post them in a Album called "Prettiest Ring Contest Finalists" on our Facebook page so you can share it with all of your friends to get votes!
  • ·      The top 3 pictures with the most votes/likes will win a prize based on their ranking 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
     All Shares and Likes that count as a vote must be done from and on the YTB Facebook page so we can track and will be verified during the cut-off dates below

o   1st- $25 Gift Card of your Choice,
o   2nd- $15 Target Gift Card and
o   3rd-$5 Subway Gift Card
  • ·      1 Like = 1 vote, 1 Share = 1 vote 
  • ·      Contest Dates:

o   Submissions: May  28th – June 7th
o   Top 10 Finalists Announced June 10th
o   Facebook Voting Period: June 10th- June 20th
o   3 Winners Announced June 24th

·      Please encourage all of your friends to like the You’re The Bride Facebook to get updates periodically of who’s winning the contest.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Marital Sweet Designs

A wedding cake can be one of the trickiest parts of a wedding. A bride has the option between a cake or cup cakes. If she wants a cake then she has to decide square or circle. Then the color of the cake, the cake topper and the design. 

Most brides do the traditional flowers, bride and groom cake topper, ribbon, diamonds and pearls. Here at You're The Bride we believe you can do an assortment of designs on your cake! 

Doilies are one of those objects that can be a hit or miss. When they are by themselves they are sometimes called "old" or "tacky". But when placed on a cake they can be a show stopper! If you are having a vintage themed wedding this is a great way to compliment the theme. If you are having an Indian wedding this design can make your cake look like there is henna on it. 

Animal print is a very popular style! So why not having an animal print wedding cake. The best part of animal print is you can mix and match. If you love both cheeta and zebra they both compliment each other like in the picture below. 

Ribbon is a very common style on wedding cakes. Normally you will see the ribbon wrapped around the sides of the cake. A bride can place the ribbon on top of the cake and have the ribbon cascading down, a unique twist on a common design. Plus this look can take place of a cake topper. In addition you can add flowers on top to make the cake more eye catching. 

Lastly, some other ideas for a bride could be to put insects on the cake. For example dragonflies or butterflies. If they tie into your theme this could be a really great idea! As well as animals!

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5 Secrets to Planning a Perfect Wedding

1.            Create a “Wants” and “Needs” List- this helps to distinguish what you need to have on your wedding day and what you would like to have. The needs are essential to making the day go smoothly. This way it is easier for you to budget your expenses

2.            Make Things Legal- make sure to have all of your vendors sign a contract, this will make sure you are getting everything you paid for if something goes wrong. Also make sure to have all legal documentation for the wedding and honeymoon taken care of before the day of the wedding.

3.            Know Your Exact Budget- budget is a huge and almost the main concern of any wedding. Even if your budget is large still try to cap it off at a certain point. This will help to keep vendors from overcharging you and keep you from overspending on items you may not need or really want. It also helps to do this almost immediately, before shopping for vendors or a dress because it keeps you from falling in love with something you can’t afford.

4.            Make Time to Plan- planning a wedding today is a huge undertaking, so make sure to give yourself ample time to plan. Cramming an entire years’ worth of planning into 2-3 months can be exhausting. This can also limit many things like venues, vendors, and even the dress selection! Not only is it limiting to you but it can take a really large physical and emotional toll on you. So make sure to plan accordingly!

5.            Hire a Professional- if you are planning a large wedding a professional wedding consultant is a huge help. They are well educated in the wedding industry and can help to relieve many of the stresses that come with planning a wedding. Plus they usually have tips you would never have thought of and usually help to save you money in the long run.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Color of the Year

Earlier in the year Pantone, the world leader on color, revealed the color of the year for 2013, Emerald. Emerald is lush and elegant, perfect for a wedding! Here are a few ways you can incorporate this beautiful color into your wedding day:

An easy way to add a little pop of color is with you shoes! Brides all over are adding a bit of flair to there look by choosing statement shoes and it looks fabulous. We’ve even seen it on one of our brides this season, already. So why not make your statement shoe Emerald and really make a statement with its bold color. 

Invitations are also a great way to add this color of the year to your wedding. It looks very elegant and striking on invitations.

Another great way to feature this color is on your wedding cake.  The bright emerald against clean white looks so sophisticated and timeless; everyone will be talking about how amazing it looks!

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Tune That Represents The Couple

Just imagine grabbing your partners hand and heading towards the dance floor. This is the first time as a couple where you and your partner embrace each other in an intimate moment. As your walking towards the dance floor what first dance song are you hearing in the background?

The first song you dance too as a couple is a very essential part of your wedding, and the rest of your lives together. When you and your partner walk on to the dance floor, this is the moment where your guests get to witness you two coming together and enjoying each other while dancing. Each guest stares at how happy you two are hoping this moment is all you want it to be and more.

It is important you pick a song both you and your partner will like, because this song will be your song for the rest of your lives together. When you hear it you will smile and think of the person you share this song with.

Important things you should remember when picking the song.

1) Make sure the song doesn't have any past memories linked to it. You want to make sure this song is something new for you are your partner.

2) Make sure the song is something both you and your partner enjoy. You don't want the song to bother  you in the future.

3) Make sure you can dance to the song. Don't pick something to fast where you can't keep up to the beat.

4) Make sure the song isn't to slow. Even though it is your day you don't want to bore your guests as you and your partner share this wedding moment.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Detroit May Couple of the Month: Gina + Terry, Royal Park Hotel

Gina and Terry both lived in Chicago’s exciting South Loop neighborhood at the time they met.  Three years ago, Gina and Terry were both at a nearby restaurant in the neighborhood having dinner and drinks with friends.  Later in the evening they caught each other’s eye. Terry asked Gina if she would like to have a drink with him.  Of course, she said yes, and the rest is history!

Their courtship has been nothing short of traditional and romantic.  For their first date, Terry dropped off flowers earlier that day to Gina’s building so she would have something to remind her about the fun night ahead.  Each week Terry continued to bring flowers and eventually a “Monday night Flowers” tradition was established.  Come rain or shine and even different cities or while on vacation, Terry faithfully brings flowers to Gina every week. 

Both Gina and Terry had never been to Europe.  So in April of 2012 Terry surprised Gina with a trip to Madrid, Spain and Paris, France.  While Gina was hoping that a proposal would somehow be incorporated she didn’t want to get her hopes up.  However, her dreams did come true atop the Eiffel Tower where Terry purposed. 

Gina and Terry will both live together in the South Loop and will enjoy being newlyweds in the city!  They love to spend time with each other’s friends and families and plan to travel more once they are married.

Gina currently works as a Project Manager for a General Contracting company in downtown Chicago.  She works on exciting and interesting building and transit construction projects within the City of Chicago. 

Terry is an attorney for the City of Chicago.  He is the in-house counsel for the Department of Procurement.

Gina really enjoys mixing old, new, expensive and inexpensive and drawing inspiration from all over… not really any one place or era. Her theme for her June 1st, 2013 wedding is Traditional, Vintage and Romantic (with just a hint of modern!) with the colors fuchsia and ivory. The wedding ceremony will be held at Academy of Sacred Heart with the reception to follow at the beautiful Royal Park Hotel in Rochester Hills, Mi. Gina’s Dress is Emmaline by Rivini By Rita Vinieris and her shoes are by Vigotti Metis. She will be accessorizing with a Vintage blue Cameo ring (something borrowed and blue) from Terry’s Mom, vintage beaded clutch that was my great grandmothers and simple pearl earrings.   

Gina’s cousins will be serving as her brides maids and Terry’s Brother will be the Best Man, his best friend Jerry and Gina’s brother Tony are his groomsmen. The bridesmaids will be wearing BCBG Khloe Lace Cocktail Dresses and Kelly and Katie Casilda Pumps.

Congratulations on your engagement and we wish them many happy memories!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Want a theme that will have guests talking about your wedding for years to come? Why not take some inspiration from the greatest party planner there is, Jay Gatsby! A Great Gatsby inspired wedding is full of lush elegance and lavishness, it's sure to turn some heads! The Glitz, the Glamour, New York and the Roarin 20's, what could be better?

Here are a few ways to incorporate Gatsby into your wedding:

The Great Gatsby and the 20’s are all about Art Deco, try to add some of this into the font and design of your escort and table numbers or your invitations.

The 20’s were all about extravagances and we know Jay Gatsby just loved to be over the top with his parties, so try to add some gold and maybe some feathers into your theme. One great way to do it is with your table settings.

A 1920’s inspired head piece is always a great way to add a little flair, try a birdcage or a feather headband to add a little Gatsby to your look. 

 Don't forget to check out our Great Gatsby Themed Pintrest board:

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to ask your Bridesmaids to be in your wedding

You’ve found your man, you’ve got the ring, so what’s missing? Your girls!

Bridesmaids are a vital part of your wedding as well as your wedding planning process. So why not make her feel special when popping the question every friend wants to hear: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Brides nowadays are getting more and more creative when it comes to proposing to their bridesmaids. Here are some cute ideas that are sure to impress your future bridesmaids and make them say, “I do”, too.


Beautiful handmade jewelry is the perfect way to tell your friends how much they mean to you while asking them to be a part of your wedding. Plus, all of your bridesmaids can wear their jewelry on your special day.

Message in an Egg

You’ve heard about a message in a bottle but how about an egg? These are so cute and original, not to mention super fun! They will most definitely impress your girls, and you can do it yourself. If that sounds like too much work, an Etsy Shop called Little Okins offers them for $20.

Give them a ring too!

Of the candy variety! Proposing to your bridesmaids with a ring pop in a box is a fun spin off of a real proposal. This idea is too sweet they won’t be able to say no, and it is sure to garner some laughs. Besides, what girl doesn’t love some good old fashion candy!

Care Package

Bridesmaid care packages are a fabulous way to ask your best friends to be in your wedding. The best part about them? You can put whatever you want in them. From necessities for the big day to your future bridesmaids favorite wine or mementos of your friendship, anything goes. It’s a unique way to tell your friends how much you want them to be apart of your special day.

Congratulations on your engagement and happy planning!

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