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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trash the Dress

One of the newest ideas that brides have come up with is to Trash the Dress, also known as Rock the Frock. There have been mixed reviews and it all depends on the bride. But for those of you out there who want to express your creative sides or just rebel it is a perfect canvas!

Trashing the dress is defined as the style of photography in which a very formal gown is in contrast with its surroundings. It is the art of deconstruction, and for brides it is the deconstruction of their dress to create new forms of art. These are displayed not only in pictures but some brides are keeping their dress after it has been “renewed”, and preserving them in frames and photo boxes to be displayed in their homes. This is great for those brides who would hate for their dress to end up in a box or in the closet for the next 30 or more years.
 Trash the dress can come in many different forms. Some examples are walking into the water, paint balling, throwing paint, dumpster diving, mud bogging, construction sites, changing tires, and many more! And don’t forget to include your groom!

  If you are worried that trashing your dress will ruin it that is not necessarily true. Depending on what you decide to do to your wedding gown, it can be cleaned and returned to its original beauty. It all depends on how far you go. If you decide to throw pen ink and wine all over it, you probably should just display it in a frame. 

Congratulations on your commitment to your loved one and stay creative!

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