Blush and Copper Elegance Styled Shoot

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Everyone loves shots! Especially jello shots! So why not have them included in your wedding? These shots are unique and very tasty! A great way to include a personalized drink to your night! All of these shots can be made in your own home and are super easy! You take your favorite drink recipe and add plain gelatin! Be sure that you are melting the gelatin over heat before and then adding to your mixture and molds, we don't want any fires! (FYI 2 envelopes of gelatin make about 24 jello shots). Be creative and use unique shapes!

                 However, there are many venues that do not allow outside alcohol or allow shots so be sure to ask your venue coordinator before taking the time to make them!


           Just be sure to monitor the distribution of these tasty looking treats! Make sure to have alternate transportation available for guests who are drinking and Don’t Drink and Drive! Stay safe and party hard! 

Congratulations on your engagement!

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