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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Do Your Wedding Makeup

 Having trouble deciding on the style of your wedding makeup? You’re The Bride is on the way! We have narrowed down the top three wedding looks that brides want on their big day. Depending on how much makeup you normally wear it is best to stay within that look. For example, if you never wear makeup choose a look that just enhances your natural beauty without making you look fake, or if you tend to go all out every day stick with it! Your guests may not realize it’s you if you opt out of your normal look.

          At the top of our list is the ever famous smoky eye. Brides are making their eyes the main focus with this intense makeup. Because the smoky eye never goes out of style it is sure to be a winner every time. Remember to keep the rest of your makeup light, neutral lips and light blush will really make this look stand out.
Step 1:             start with applying the middle/lighter shade of the pallet to the entire eye. Then use a dark eyeliner or just use the darkest color in your pallet on the upper and lower eyelid. Also use this color on the outer edges of your eye and blend with lighter color.

Step 2:             using the lightest color in the pallet put a dab in the tear duct and along the underneath of your brow. This will highlight and brighten your eyes.

Step 3:             Finish with a dark mascara. Either dark brown or black depending on your natural color. VOILA!

            The second most popular look is big lips. Color is really coming back for 2013 and big lips are a perfect way to show them off. If you have smaller lips and want them to look fuller and bigger this is the perfect look for you! Remember that you should always concentrate on one feature and leave the rest to a natural look. This will make it look glam, not gaudy.

Step 1:             begin tracing the outline of your lip (in matching color of lipstick) with lip liner pencil. Begin at the center of your pout and go outwards. A great tip is to actually fill in your lips with the liner pencil because it acts as a great base coat for the lipstick!

Step 2:             apply your favorite lipstick shade starting at the center of your lips and follow its natural shape. To avoid over covering your lips and making them sticky, use your finger to blend the lipstick and liner together to create your perfect look.

TIP!!!              Need help finding your perfect shade? For fair skinned women try pinks, naturals, beiges, corals, and roses. Medium tone skin are best in plum, mauve, and berry! Dark skinned women are most exquisite in plum, brown, or a deep red. (for a free and easy way to determine what looks good on you the makeup counters at any mall or store are a great way to see what fits you!)

Our final look for brides to be is the cat eye. Everyone can do a natural look because it’s just about enhancing those natural features you already have, but the cat eye takes that look to the next level and adds a sex appeal you never knew you had!
Step 1:             use a liquid eyeliner (pen is best, you will have more control) begin at the inner eye and go outwards. The thicker the line the more dramatic your look will be.

Step 2:             create a thin line on the lower lash with the liner as well.

Step 3:             go to the upper lids outer corner and flick the pen upwards return to the outer corner of your lower lash line and connect the two
Step 4:             repeat for the second eye

Step 5:             finish the look with lengthening mascara or thickening mascara.

TIPS!!!                        If you love the look and want to take it to the next level add a deep red lipstick, this will ensure a very sexy look indeed!MEOW!

Keep in mind that hiring a professional on your big day is always your best bet to ensure you are getting the exact look you want. However, if you want to do your own be sure to practice your look at least a week before the wedding to guarantee you like the way you do it.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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