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Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh The Places You'll Go!

Your wedding venue is a crucial part of your big day.  It sets the mood and creates the atmosphere for your guests.  It is the place they are enjoying your day and continuously surrounded by.  No one one wants there wedding at a dull, drab same-old hall so we've come up with a list of eight new trending venue locations around metro Detroit.  Ranging from restaurants to museums, these modern new sites will guarantee a different and special feel to your wedding. Check 'em out!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Be Our Guest

Escort cards are a great way to incorporate some fun in your wedding.  There are many creative avenues you can take to assign your guests seats that deviate from the traditional name and table numbers or place cards.  Think of personal stories, places, or events that occurred while you were dating.  You can use these as ways to assign your guests to tables things such as street names, special dates, etc. will allow your guests to learn more about you plus make your wedding much more interesting.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ooo La La

After the wedding is all over, no bride and groom want more to spend time with just one another alone. Pre-honeymoon, brides want to look and feel their best.  To look and feel fabulous for your groom, most brides opt for something special like lingerie.  Brands like Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood are always a popular option amongst women.  These companies typically have options tailored to bride. Nothing fancy is required but going all out is always fun too; when else will this happen again! Needless to say, your future husband will love you for who you are and this is just another way to ignite that even further.

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Lets Hear It For The Boys!

The focus on your wedding should clearly be you, the bride.  With no groom, however, there would be no bride to look at.  So it is key that your man and groomsmen look just as great.  There have been several clear trends in wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses along with trends for the guys.  Here are some popular color and outfit combinations for the boys:

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Testing, Attention Please!

It's time to plan your ceremony and reception you've got roles with big shoes to fill.  People to do readings, toasts, announcements, and speeches. These are all great ways to incorporate those special people into your wedding.  The wedding party is a great way to do that but a Mom as a bridesmaid just isn't a typical option.  Consider your friends and family members reciting things they wrote, others wrote, or celebrity words to make them feel special.  This will also take great notice and respect amongst your guests.  Speeches are some of the most treasured and memorable parts of a wedding and really need great attention.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Made of Honor

            So you have been given the best honor the bride can give someone, you are the Maid/Matron of Honor. Of course you accept, but what are your duties? What do you need to do? Are you helping to plan the actual wedding? All of these questions are great ones that you need to get answers to. Many maid/matrons of honor have no clue where to start or what to do.
            Some brides are proactive and will explain to you up front what you will need to do during your time as the maid of honor. Some may even have a list of duties for you already made up, but what if they don’t? You need to ask the bride specifically what she would like you to do. Do not be pushy and start planning her wedding like it’s yours, keep in mind that you are there to help her with her special day, not make it all about you. The maid/matron of honor is there to support, help, and respect the bride all through the planning process.
            So to help all of you “new” maid/matrons of honor here are some things that you may need to for your bride, just make sure to ask the bride before doing anything. You don’t want to disappoint!

·         Planning the bachelorette and bridal parties
·         Venue location shopping
·         Invitation/Stationary selection
·         Dress shopping
·         Wedding registration
·         Seating arrangements
·         Contact with other bridesmaids
·         Cake selection and Tasting!
·         Be the messenger
·         Helping bride dress for wedding
·         Holding the bride’s bouquet and, if applicable, gloves at the ceremony
·         Adjusting the bride’s veil and train before the processional and recessional, and during the ceremony
·         Signing as a witness to marriage license
·         Holding the groom’s wedding ring
·         Participating in the receiving line
·         Giving speech at the reception
·         Making sure the bride has packed everything she needs for the honeymoon
·         Helping the bride change into her traveling clothes after the reception, if the bride a groom will be leaving directly for the honeymoon
·         Informing the bride’s parents when the couple is ready to leave the reception

Though this list may seem long you are really there as a support system as most brides just need to be reassured they are doing things correctly and effectively! You are there for the times the bride is about to freak out, and just reassure her that everything will be perfect on her wedding day. Just be as supportive as possible and remember that planning a wedding is fun!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tying The Knot in Detroit

A couple months back, Tracie and I were invited to the annual Knot + Bump event industry party.  The Knot and The Bump are nationally published magazines that are geared towards brides and expecting mothers.  At this event, we were able to catch up with great friends and peers in the industry.  Along with this, we were able to network with new companies and businesses to further our potential clients in the area.  This event was packed with great music and especially food! Fox Hills was a beautiful venue in it's self and provided the best site for this get together.  Take a look at some pictures from this fabulous event:

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Happy planning!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hustle and Bustle

Bustling is a very old and popular way of gathering the train. It was created to help the bride walk easier and get around at the reception without ruining her train. Created in the 1870’s, the original bustle was created to make the waist look smaller by creating fullness at the hips and down the back of the dress. Then catching on quickly, bustling was altered to fit different types of dresses and trains. There are two different types of bustle to choose from and each is unique in its own way.
The first is underbustling. Usually harder to do and more costly. However it creates a stunning look. The dress is fastened underneath the dress so that you cannot see the lines. Creates a cleaner and more overall look.
The second is overbustling. Much easier to do and can be as simple as fastening a button or tying a ribbon. Each type of bustling can be attached at the hip, knee, wrist, or even shoulder.
Every type of gown can be bustled, but not every gown looks good in a bustle. However the longer the train the more space it will require to bustle so just be sure to try the bustle before you purchase the dress in case you don’t like the look of it.
In the end a bustle can create a gorgeous look and creates elegance in the gown.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's All In Your Head

So we all know the attention on your wedding day is the bride!  That means you definitely need a statement and bold way to stand out.  The dress is an obvious way to do that but have you ever thought of any other ways? Well look no further! Headwear is a great way that will have all eyes attracted to you as you walk down aisle.  Aside from the traditional veil, there are several other options including a bird cage, head bands, and barrettes to accent your hair and attire.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Minty Fresh!

One of the hottest colors for 2013 is mint! First seen in homes and décor , mint is all the rage for next season. It is a very soft and inviting color. It can be used on just about everything! Invitations, décor, bridesmaid’s dresses, and much more! Mint is also a great flavor! Incorporate it into your appetizer menu or even a signature drink!

During the 1940’s and 1950’s mint was huge, it was seen in almost any home. As we have seen this past 2 years, many of the old color palates from those era’s are being reinvented and modernized. For weddings it is a great color for most seasons, including winter, spring, and summer. It is best paired with yellow, black, white, silver, pink, peach, and tan. This is sure to freshen up any bride’s big day!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shark Week!

Oh yes sharks are involved in this crazy wedding! Though it’s not an all week long blog, this quirky couple did recite their vows in the presence of sharks!
            Bride, April Pignataro and Groom, Michael Curry hail from the great city of New York. As experienced divers they decided that they wanted to get married in the most unusual way, in a shark cage! In June of 2010 at the Atlantis Marine World, located in Riverhead, New York, April and Michael jumped into their white and black wetsuits and climbed into a 120,000 gallon shark enclosure. While protected from the nurse sharks, sand sharks, eels, and groupers by the cage, they recited their vows into mikes so that the Officiant, friends, and family could hear them outside. 

What an exciting and unforgettable experience! Congratulations to April and Michael on your union!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lets Cake It Up!

            Cake selecting is a very fun and exciting part of the wedding experience. There are so many things from, tasting, style, design, flavor, shape, and so much more! But how do brides know what to select? How do they go about it in the first place? We at You’re The Bride know how to help!
            To start you need to know the theme, date, guest count, and location of your wedding before heading to the baker. After you have all of these details then you are ready to start cake shopping! Be sure to pick your cake at least 6 months in advance to be sure your date is available for delivery.
            Depending on the shape of cake you want will determine the serving amount. Check the chart below, keep in mind these are averages and to double check with your baker upon ordering.


ROUND- 10”
ROUND- 12”


 When you have decided on the type and amount of cake you want then choose the style, colors, toppers, and accessories desired. Be sure to schedule a tasting before placing an order so you know what you’re getting!
            When ready to order be prepared to put down a deposit of about half the total charge for the cake. Bakers may take off the charge for the tasting if you book your cake with them.

Congratulations on your engagement and go taste some cake!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012


No that’s not a typo. There is a groom named Xiao Wang who resides in Chongqing, China that spent a whopping entire years’ salary on 99,999 roses to surprise his beautiful bride, Liu, on their wedding day. In central China the number 999 is considered to be a very lucky number and he had decided that he wanted all the luck he could get! This feat required that 30 cars be lined in a row with all 99,999 roses taped to them. Liu was so surprised! She loved that he had remembered she wanted a very romantic wedding. All of the flowers had to be flown in from the other side of the country due to the fact that they were a specific genus of rose. The vehicles were those of people who had answered his advertisement online to help him pull off this wonderful surprise. As an added act of goodwill 20% of cost for the roses went to a charity of Xiao’s choice.
Congratulations to Xiao and Liu!

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