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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Wonderful World of Weddings

While we and all of the brides are busy planning weddings, You're The Bride is always taking time to research and explore new wedding ideas and locations.  We would like to take the time to share with you about a great trip that Tracie  fellow intern Brittany, and I were able to participate in to pursue these new venues.  We took part of a wedding tour provide by our friend Bill at Quintessential Events.  We were able tour wedding venues across the Metro Detroit area, network with fellow planners, and learn about new sites to share with our upcoming clients.  Take a look at all the great places we hope to work with in the future:

The Woodlands of Van Buren

The Inn at 234 Winder Street

The Belle Isle Casino

Bill our fabulous tour director!

Fountain Bistro at Campus Martuis Park

The Majestic Theatre

Tracie, Brittany and me!

For more information on wedding venues or assistance in planning your wedding, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

There's more to wedding day travel plans than having a corky send off of aluminum cans. We've got the 411 on getting you and your bridal party around that a transportation may not tell you:

  • Make early decisions: choosing your transportation begins with an assessment of who you have to take with you and the size of your bridal party.  If it's just you and two bridesmaids, a luxury sedan will get you there in style. If you've got a crowd, however, consider a stretch SUV or Hummer that up to 22 people can usually pile into. Try to save a seat for the photographer too.
  • Limo 101: limos are the most common choice for wedding day transportation.  Be sure toask for recommendations from recently married friends, the caterer, hotel concierge, or reception hall manager.
  • Play the Blushing Bride: ask about wedding packages. Some places will offer you complimentary champagne or upgrades just for asking; others will include a discount if you book for the bachelorette and bachelor parties too. 
  • Time It Right: most limos have to be hired for a three to four hour minimum. If your travel plans consist of one 15-minute trip to the church, you might want to go for a less expensive option, like a Lincoln Town Car, which is still technically a limo. If there are several legs to the trip, renting the car for the night may make more sense. 
  • Book Early: reserve your car at least six months in advance or more like nine if your wedding is in April, May, or June, which is prom season as well. Comparison shop to get a decent deal as prices (and quality) can vary wildly. (Hint: Limos that aren't white often cost less.) 
  • Check the Fine Print: read the contract word-for-word and ask for a statement detailing the costs of the deposit and balance due. Make sure the following is in writing: the date, hours, and pickup locations; amenities; the driver's name and attire; the make, model, and color of the car; plus cancellation and refund policies. 
  • Save Up Front: place the smallest possible deposit on the bill (20 to 25 percent) to minimize your loss if the service winds up being less than great. Plan on tipping 15 to 20 percent, but check the contract to find out if gratuity is already included. 
  • Drop in on the Car: make the final reservation in person, not over the phone. That way you can inspect the cars and ask which one you'll be getting. Most places won't guarantee a specific car, but you can get an idea of the fleet. 
  • Meet Your Chauffeur: have a conversation with your driver ahead of time. Make sure he knows not just where you're going but how to get there. Let him know if you have a special request or heads-up (you'll be bringing sparklers back into the car after the ceremony, for instance). 
  • Prepare to Pester: Be sure to get an after-hours phone number of someone at the limo company in case any emergencies come up.

For more information on selecting wedding transportation or assistance in planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy Planning!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Do You Heart Art?

For all of you Art lovers out there this blog is just for you! All of these gowns were created using non-cloth materials! Made from many types of supplies, it is a very different way of expressing your affinity for art!

             These gowns were created using paper materials! Newspaper, recycled paper, ect. There is no getting bored at this wedding! If you find yourself bored (unlikely) , just start reading the style section on your gown!

Gowns are also being made out of duct tape! Yes you heard right. Women are wearing duct tape gowns on their big days! This repair material is a great idea for the “handy” bride!


Wedding dresses are also being constructed using garbage. What? Oh yes indeed. These dresses are definitely reduced, reused, and recycled!

            Hungry for a snack? This dress is completely edible! Made from…..CHOCOLATE!!  This is a great dress for a bride who has constant cravings and can’t wait for the dinner to arrive!

Watch out for sharp edges! These brides are wearing balloon couture! Although they are very unique, these brides couldn’t sit down all night as they would risk popping their inflated dress!

 So don't be afraid to express your creative side! The best way to showcase it is on your wedding day!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something BLUE?

            These brides are putting a new twist on the old saying. They are incorporating blue into their wedding alright. They are wearing blue gowns! They range in a large variety of color palates and themes but yes they are wearing blue. We have all seen some brides wear red, pink, or even, black to their wedding but blue is a new trend beginning to take hold.
            These blue gowns are being seen in more romantically and soft color palate themes, often because the dress is in a powder or very light blue. However, a bride can use any shade of blue to incorporate this saying into their wedding, I mean it could even be the theme of the wedding!
            The color blue usually resembles calmness and loyalty. It is an inspiring color and is gorgeous as the color of a wedding gown. So if you are a unique individual who would love to change it up on your wedding day try a blue wedding gown and see if it’s the color for you!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Check Yes or No

Attention boys! While a girl dreams of her wedding day from a very young age, it's up to the perfect guy to let those ideas come to life.  The groom really jumpstarts it all and thats from the proposal.  These are always neat for brides or ladies in serious relationships to hear about too. Here are some different proposals on how you can propose to your future better half:
  1. In public - sky write it in the air or ask the dj for the mic at a dance club!
  2. At home - replace piece of jewelry she wears every day with the ring or turn off all the lights and create a path of candles.
  3. Foodie - create a personalized fortune cookie or ask the cook to write in chocolate sauce will you marry me on your favorite desert.
For more fun proposal ideas or assitance in planning your perfect wedding, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Go Figure

Your wedding day is all about you.  As a bride, all of the attention will be not only on yourself but just as much on your wedding dress.   This is one of highlights of the day and something every girl dreams of so it is best to look your finest.  Showing off your figure and flattering yourself in the best way possible is the best place to start Here are some tips in finding the perfect gown for your figure:
  • Pear shaped: look for A-line dresses.  Since they are A-Shaped it highlights your top half while flaring out towards the bottom
  • Busty: look for scooped neck lines.  This will give you the coverage you need but also highlight your face.
  • Plus size:  look for empire style dress.  This cinches in your waist and leaves the rest of the dress to cascade down.
  • Tall:  look for a simple silhouette.  This means nothing too pouffy and dramatic.  This will slim your body and not create to much excess dress.
  • Straight-lined:  look for something form fitting.  This will show off your body and its fit shape.  It will create curves that you thought you never had.

For more information on find your perfect dress and planning your big day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy Planning!
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Looking too add some more creativity to your wedding? Drinks are a great outlet to do so! Creating a signature drink is unique and will always be remembered by your guests.  It's a fun process as well.  Along with that there are other ways to incorporate different drink ideas, even with out alcohol.  Consider thinks like a coffee bar or a self-serve drink station.  There really are endless ideas and options into making drinks really stand out in your wedding while tying them into the rest of your look

For more information on wedding day beverages or assistance in planning your wedding, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fa La La

It may have just been Christmas in July but everywhere I go, I hear that business are already looking/hiring and preparing for the holidays! With that in my mind, how great would it be to have a holiday wedding? There are so many ways you can interpret this wedding theme even if it is a specific time frame.  From a Christmas theme to a New Years theme, the options are endless.  This type of theme will undoubtedly let you go all out with elaborate decor or vice versa with simple, crisp ideas. As the song goes, it is the most wonderful time of the year right?

For more information on holiday/winter themed weddings, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Find Inspiration For Your Wedding

            Need inspiration? Many times it’s hard to know where to start. Finding the perfect theme, color palate, venue, ect. for your big day is sometimes one of the hardest things to do. Often it is the first thing to do, besides agreeing on a budget.
            Inspiration for your wedding can come from just about anywhere, but the best places to look are in your own life. Think of things you, and your fiancé, love. Are you a couple who loves to sail, hike, go on trips, play sports, decorate, create art…the list goes on! This is a great place to start because it gives you a direction. Once you think of something you both have in common or are both passionate about it helps you to narrow down the possibilities. It is also a great way to add your own personal touch to the wedding.
            A second way to find inspiration is to think of the things you and/or your fiancé have accomplished during your lives. Are there any milestones you have passed? Great feats? These are great inspiring ideas and great stories to share with those you love on your big day.
            Thirdly, friends and family are always great! Pick apart their brains they may think of something you haven’t. You don’t have to use everything they say but there may be that one small idea you can incorporate or start from when planning your wedding.
            Lastly, of course the internet and magazines are great places to look for inspiration! Though they may not be from your own experiences there are hundreds of inspiring ideas out there for you to choose from! Even if you just see a color palate you love you can tweak it to fit you and your fiancé’s personalities for a perfect day! 

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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Ball in the Fall

            Dreaming of a fall wedding? Some of the most beautiful weddings are in autumn. The colors are so beautiful that outdoor pictures are a must! However, picking a unique color pallet for fall is sometimes difficult. You don’t want the same ol’ red, orange, and green. Don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional colors, especially if your theme is unique as well. One of our favorite websites,, has great inspiration boards and we would like to share the best ones for fall with you!

  • “Wheat Berry”. Perfect for an outdoor September- October wedding. This is a mix of Fig, Camel, Antique Gold, and White. These colors create a very warm atmosphere perfect for a harvest theme.
  •   ‘Rustic Romance”. Consisting of Brown, Latte, Mustard, Camel, and White. The name says it all. Early fall weddings are best for this palate.
  •   “Chocolate and Cream”. A simply elegant color palate that includes Chocolate Brown, Ivory, and White. Would be lovely for a romantic or even a chic wedding theme. It is a very formal palate, best for late fall.
  •   “Autumn Day”. Of course this palate is perfect for any fall wedding! Colors include Cranberry, Black, Latte, Mustard, and Grey. We love this palate; it is very unusual but gorgeous none-the-less.
  •   “Fall in Love”. A unique wedding palate choice for the bride who loves to use bright colors! The teal balances beautifully with those autumn colors. Great for a late fall wedding or very early winter. Colors include Teal, Chocolate, Copper, Latte, and Ivory.
  •   “Giveaway”.  With colors like Chocolate, Copper, Latte, Camel, and Ivory your wedding is sure to be a big hit. These play stunningly against the leafless trees, best for late fall.
  •   “Autumn Affair”. For a chic and high glamour fall wedding we love Autumn Affair. Black, Latte, Carmel, Ivory, and White give a very alluring vibe to your wedding atmosphere that everyone is sure to remember.
  •   “Festive Fall”. If you love the traditional fall colors but want a new twist then Festive Fall is for you. The palate includes Burnt Orange, Copper, Orange, Gold, Chocolate Brown, and Grey. A great palate for early-mid fall, right at the peak of the colors changing.
  •   “Autumn I Do’s”. This palate is very pretty. It fits a soft themed wedding best. Plum, Lavender, Copper, Camel, and White are included in this color palate and are great for any fall wedding.

               Congratulations on your engagement and have a ball in the fall!            

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